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Um... that's the deal with stocks. If you own them, that's part and parcel of the risk you bear.
Do you seriously think that was a realistic proposal? In CA?
If Apple was aware, perhaps. And if Apple was not aware, so what. These sorts of outcomes happen in business all the time, and even in the worst case, this is a trivial one for Apple. You cannot (and US corporate governance and laws do not) hold managers responsible for things that go wrong ex-post. Under the 'business judgment' rule, if it is shown that Apple's managers exercised the appropriate duty of loyalty, duty of care, diligence, etc., there is absolutely no...
This is nonsense. You have absolutely no clue what Apple already got (and the potential IP it has, or things it has learnt about sapphire) for its investment. Moreover, even if it's completely down the toilet, it's the equivalent of about ¢9 per Apple share. If you think that businesses invest only in things that are ex-post successful you must live in lala-land.
Yes, it trades under the ticker LQMT. While LQMT has no debt, it does, worryingly, have liabilities > assets, and therefore, negative equity. Unless Apple does something with them soon, who knows...... (although, I am guessing that'll only happen the day after I sell my holdings of LQMT)
Other than for garden variety 'restructuring' moves such as layoffs, divestitures, and split-offs -- which any uninspired CEO could do -- what exactly has Ms. Whitman achieved since 2012? In other words, what are the new product or service innovations, if any, at HP? Have they moved the needle? Will they? I heard her on CNBC this morning, and I am sorry to say, the CEO sounded like a grab-bag of business cliches.
LOL. What a moronic piece. The Comments get him good, though. Thanks for the link.
Agreed. And they gave it away for free.... (although, given how it has evolved, that's a fair price today).
I am assuming the "/s" was implied?
What's a 'Nokia'? Is it a European camera?
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