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Yes, it does.
Why should OSX -- as opposed to iOS -- on a tablet double it's price (larger RAM notwithstanding)?
If you're going to be creating a premise for your arguments based on what you think iCahn thought -- as opposed to what we know he filed with the SEC, what he proselytized for months on end, about which he met with Tim Cook twice (and Cook had to provide public responses), etc -- I have no idea how anyone can counter-argue.
I have zero intererest in trying to teach you anything, leave alone on the topic of how you like your eggs.
Battery life on a 'smart' watch is a problem that I think has not been solved yet.    I am content to wait and see, and not get too excited.
LOL. Spot on. A lot of them have also migrated to the tech sections of NYT and WSJ. The latter is particularly infested.
He did not say how many he bought. If he's going to be buying, then selling, and then buying again every few weeks, the transaction costs will pile up, and the returns will be lower. Not as much as with having to pay taxes.
Nothing wrong at all with financing a repurchase with a reasonable amount of debt (as, indeed, Apple has done). My question was different: whether that would mean, taken to the extreme, that iCahn's aggressive $150B repurchase proposal -- which Apple rejected -- made sense (to the person to whom I was asking the question).My larger point, in the original reply to SS's post -- about which some people (not SS!) seemed to get super thin-skinned -- was really that such...
It is far from my place to try and give you any investment advice whatsoever, but you should perhaps think about the tax and transaction cost implications of getting in and out (and hoping to get back in) so quickly.
You may wish to reread his post a couple of more times to try and understand it. Especially the "theoretically" and "supply and demand" parts.As an aside, and just so that you are 'theoretically' consistent, I assume you were a fan of iCahn's arrogant assault on Apple, where he went after Apple to not only use up all its cash, but even borrow money, to fund its buybacks?(Buybacks are obviously more tax-efficient, but taxes are irrelevant to this discussion).
New Posts  All Forums: