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Of course, there will be, Mr. Smart Guy. Why don't you, as "an attorney who practices administrative law for a living" tell us what that "cacophony of unexpected consequences" will be, instead of making a platitudinous statement? Or is it just a "beware of the boogeyman" comment?
Interesting. Thanks. (Although I think that Ron Paul some very good ideas and is one of the more principled guys in politics, other ideas of his are still extreme or ill-formed, imho -- as a result, I find it difficult to support him).
When close to a fifth of Apple's revenues and it's fastest growth, by far, is coming from that country, it seems a bit odd to suggest that the company is 'getting hurt'.PS: 'Untied' States is perhaps not a bad description!
Not to beat it to death at all, but I honestly do wonder sometimes about what exactly it is that we're 'securing' if and when we give up on some of our basic values. Perhaps it's a naive view.
Yes, then devil made me do it, so it's his fault./s
Yeah, but they're also not thumping their chests boasting about all the great values of freedom and liberty that they espouse. Some would say that they're less hypocritical.
Interesting question. I am guessing mostly the latter. We know that, as of a couple of years ago, only about 40% of our electricity came from coal (20% from nuclear, 10% from renewables incl hydro, 30% from natural gas). Given the dramatic drop in in NG prices in the past couple of years, that proportion has fallen even further.
The emissions equivalent of fossil fuels in electric car charging in the US is about one quarter to one-third of that used by the average IC engine. Not perfect, but pretty darn good.
Almost all 'mergers' are sales (or more precisely, acquistions).
Much better spent, compared to the $4M that companies were spending for a 30-second Super Bowl ad. Moreover, this one will get a ton of free publicity everywhere, so tens of millions of non-Vogue readers will get to see it.Very smart move on Apple's part.
New Posts  All Forums: