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I am very happy for you that you enjoy and derive value from the current B&O products as much as you do/did the earlier ones. But I am sure our tastes are very different. Vive la différence! Oh, I don't buy my stuff -- other than stocks -- for their resale value.
That's the appropriate response. There's not much more to be said.
Can people please ignore this insufferable [you-know-who-I'm-talking about].   Please, people, please?
Yeah, $4000 for a 40-inch set. Pathetically ridiculous and out-of-touch. Moreover, as a long-time B&O user (lots of their audio products all around my home) who used to absolutely **love**, even evangelize, their products, their new designs, connectivity options, levels of technological advancement, and most sadly, customer service, have all become quite sucky. Their remotes are an embarrassment. It's too bad really. I don't think I'd go near one of their products ever again.
Ah, ok. Nothing much to see here. His usual knee-jerk points. And the valuation of $203? Let's charitably say, nuts.
If that's the case, he has plenty of company: Page/Brin/Schmidt, Zuckerberg/Sanders and Nadella, for starters. Read the story. Apple is far from the only one. This is an issue that SV as a whole has had to address, for better or worse. It comes with the territory.  A lot of you on this board are sounding like a bunch of threatened WMs. You may not like it -- and I am not saying that I like all of it either -- but, times they're a'changing. You're going to have to get on...
Let's say that it exactly mirrors the proportion of, say, women that now work at Apple. What would that tell you?
Of course Apple should. I have no doubt that Apple will. After all, it's in the company's self-interest to do so. But the point is, are there things they can do to tap into the broader talent pool by casting a wider net across gender and ethnicities? It sometimes requires pro-active effort. Are there things they can do to make their corporate cultures or work habits a little more welcoming? (Silicon Valley culture is quite famous, rightly or wrongly, for its frat-nerd-boy...
Superficial? So, should we hide their names too? E.g., John v. Joan v. Jamal v. Jorge v. Jaganwala? What about their education -- e.g., Ivy League school v. community college? Or where they went to college, e.g., Broward County, FL v. New Haven, CT v. Warangal, India? And, while we're at it, why not hide the fact that they may be a member of an LGBT club or co-majored in African-American Studies or Women's and Gender (yeah, 'gender,' not 'sex' since the latter could also...
  You guys may not like rich, egocentric people driven by hubris, but that has nothing at all to do with whether he has something intelligent or useful to say tomorrow. Why not wait until tomorrow to form a judgment about (i) whether what he says is smart or stupid, and (ii) whether/how it is connected to his wealth and/or hubris?
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