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Anyone (other the Swiss, perhaps) surprised by this?   I am not.
WTF... this is a rethread... I mean retread thread? No wonder people kept referring to "beta."
Yup. That's why I've been calling the one I ordered "my copper iPhone" from Day 0.
Why, thank you for noticing! I do enjoy being snarky to the trolly types here.
Huh!? I do, and it was an outstanding and innovative product. There was nothing much like it, and it was followed up with a whole slew of cheap -- and I mean cheap, including Roku, Google, and Amazon -- imitators.If anything, it's that the subsequent versions (i.e., the post-1.0 versions) did not offer all that much more except for a reduction in size.
'Strike 2'? Groan....Pretty much most of your posts here are not much more than snarky crap. Except when you're trolling...
Seems to me that Apple could easily have put out a more informative pop-up message then. No?
Ok. Bad attempt at sardonic comment.
You're right that Tesla can go for more equity given its currently high-priced stock, and probably will. But they need a lot of new capital, and some point the dam will break. Equity issuances are always the diceiest source of capital, and market sentiment can turn on a dime.They will have to start to turn a profit at some point soon.
Bad joke.
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