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The sapphire glass on my SS Watch is sensational. Nearly four months of ownership, I've banged it around, yet not even the slightest nick or scratch!
AI's "automated slave"* must have a cold...  *Anyone else do a double-take at that phrase? Maybe I am getting too PC in my old age...
I think he was purely joking (right, Spam?).... a little edgy, I know....
Of course it is.That's exactly consistent with what I am saying, so it's not clear to me why you're disagreeing.
This is a problem, in part, of Apple's own making. Being tight-lipped has been a huge part of its DNA, and not always for the better.The problem with the type of response we've seen here is, the next time Apple does not say anything about a rumor concerning a product or a service, people will logically assume that the rumor was true. Either have the diiscipline to be totally tight-lipped, or say a lot (see, e.g., Google, Amazon).
Sad, sad, sad. And panicked.
It is an utter POS website at this point. They seem desperate to become another Buzzfeed or HuffPo, but without the panache.
In addition to all that, they carry a HUGE inventory risk, in all likelihood.
Some day, you'll figure out what the Watch does and does not do.Until then, please shut up and move along, troll.
Well, they have it there. Don't they.
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