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I know tastes vary, and this is better stuff than Britney and Justin, but 'discerning'?
I don't think that's true. It's perpetual, as I recall.(Pipped by VL-Tone).
Get your facts straight. Since (at least) 2011, companies that sell only one brand -- e.g., Nike, Polo -- have been allowed to set up shop in India with 100% foreign ownership.
Nonsense. It's the taxes and the local distributor markups.
Yes, yes, you're always correct. With your regular, passive-aggressive, anti-Apple, concern-troll posts in an Apple forum. Nearly 12,500 of them.
'Yes', and 'immediately' (in part, also since it's not all that expensive). In decreasing order:1) Time/date.2) Texts; Weather3) Phone calls.4) ApplePay; Activity.5) Email.6) AppleTV.7) Stocks.(Third party apps -- incl. NYT, Twitter, calculators, Google News -- suck). I look at my iPhone a fraction of the time compared to how often I used to. You're seriously underestimating the importance of convenience and connectivity. Add: Oh, and it's quite beautiful. A fabulous thing...
I did as you asked. I found no survey evidence. I must have missed it.
I've owned one for nearly two months now, and I can tell you from personal experience that your post is plain bullshit.
Hmmm.... have you come across lots of examples of 'mixed reactions from fashionistas'? I thought -- anecdotally, of course, and from reading Apple fan sites -- that a vast majority of the reactions were actually positive? Before you post some random links (per usual), did someone do a survey of fashionistas?
But, according to your general philosophy, finding someone to do the same job at the same quality at a lower cost should be a no-brainier for a company, no? Regardless of whether they're domestic or 'imported?'
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