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Tesla's sales for all of 2014 was $3.198B. Consensus analyst estimates for all of 2015 sales is $5.76B. Not sure why you're multiplying by 4.BMW's financials, including market cap, are in euros, not dollars. Granted, that number has fallen because of the 25% depreciation of the euro in the past year, but it's higher than $60B.
I've had six iPads of various stripes (including the one I am posting from now). Not one has vibrated.I guess my data point is at least as relevant as yours?
Mini, Air, 2, 3, 4.... I am kind of losing track of what is what, tbh (even though I own most of them!).
In principle, yes. But they've also been one of the holdouts among major luxury manufacturers when it comes to something as simple and obvious as CarPlay (considering how their multimedia system is quite poor).I vaguely recall seeing news reports saying that BMW engineers are/were not particularly interested in working with Apple.
I should have clarified. They cannot use the foreign subsidiary's cash flows to service the foreign currency debt, but rather, have to use cash flows generated in the U.S. It is the use of the foreign subsidiary's cash flows that would be considered deemed repatriation.Mea culpa.(Props to Dickprinter for his post; unable to do multiple quotes on my iPad, for some reason).
No, you cannot do that either. Dividends are similar to repurchases in the way IRS views deemed repatriations: they are both seen as ways to return money to shareholders.PLEASE stop making up stuff. I realize that anything goes on the Internet, but it really would be good if we can stick to facts, or if opinions, reasoned opinions here on AI.
No, it's not complicated. The IRS is not that stupid. To repeat, you CANNOT issue debt abroad to finance a repurchase in the U.S. when there's unrepatriated cash sitting around. Period.And the rest of your post lost me. I cannot make sense of it.
Agreed. It wouldn't be anywhere near enough to move the needle. The Watch revenues alone in the first four quarters could equal or exceed Teslas revenues for the equivalent four quarters!
Yikes, for the last time (see my post above), you CANNOT do that by borrowing money abroad. The IRS will go after you for a 'deemed repatriation.' If this wa so simple to do, Apple would be issuing all of its bonds abroad. Heck, every company would be doing it.Please at least take the trouble to read the thread before posting wrong information. It is not a very long thread.
It's a bit ambiguously/awkwardly worded. It could also be read to mean 'two notes totaling £750M'.
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