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All @Watch models -- Sport, '  ', and Edition -- will control the existing @TV (and I assume, the new one -- if that were in the cards).
I hope you don't consider this a racist thing to say, but the Japanese generally don't shoot people.
Heh heh, I am guessing this is a prelude to their grand announcement of a 'smartwatch partnership' with Nokia/Microsoft in a couple of weeks....
Did I somehow miss the news of a rush of high-end Swiss watch makers announcing price cuts?
Of all the cars my wife and I have owned, my BMW has been, by far, the most reliable and hassle-free. No other car I've owned, for example, has a recommended oil change only every 15,000 miles (most recommend an oil change every 5,000 miles).Btw, the standard BMW warranty in the US is for four years.
1) It's a 2013 535xiGT. The screen is the largest that BMW puts out. The iDrive software has barely changed since I bought it (as evidenced by the ones you showed). 2) The question was really about iDrive and the controller, not about how you can get Siri to work if you plug in your iPhone, or what you can do with the iPod, etc (which I talk about in post anyway). Any moron can do that, and you don't need iDrive or the controller for that. If you're satisfied with the...
I think the phrase "desperate partnership" just about captures it. Next we'll hear about how all the copies of Apple's innovations floating around were obvious from the get-go. After-the-fact. It won't be too long before Apple's in court trying to protect the IP for its Digital Crown....
The article specifically mentions Google. Please admit that you have simply no clue how this partnership is or will be structured. Is that so hard to do?
Except that you/we have no idea if it will continue to look "beefy"/"manly" after Google and Android have had their go at it.
Tag Heuer announced some major price reductions today (http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/03/18/lvmh-watches-tagheuer-idUSFWN0WJ01H20150318) blaming the Swiss Franc.   Coincidence? I think not.
New Posts  All Forums: