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Then why not just use the cash instead? Unless there is some potential regulatory arbitrage here to pursue: i.e., use the euro-denominated bond funds to finance activities in the US, and use the non-US funds to pay the coupon and principal.I am not sure whether that would fly with the IRS, however.I am very curious to see what Apple has to say about this.
(I notice you added to your original post). He isn't the best when it comes to succinct-ery. For me, that's his charm.
Not entirely. I believe DED is spot on 99.97% of the time. 
Couldn't agree more. (Although, PED should be a little more discerning on the financial front..... sometimes his judgments in that area are less than well-informed).
Hmmm.... apparently, yes.... 
Curious: what are some of those faults?And to say it's 'decent' does not sound like praise to me.
Cannibalizing one tiny slice of the product line is not the same as potentially -- and unnecessarily -- jeopardizing the whole line.As to Cook's comment, I don't expect him to say anything else (similar to how Jobs used to talk about iPods vis-a-vis iPhones).
I agree. I believe it will not happen since Apple will not let it happen: after all, it would kill off the sales of the MBAir.  MSFT's partners do not realize (yet) that the Surface Whatever-Model could kill of a lot of PC sales. At least, I am sure that's MSFT's wink-wink business model here. They can have it.
ApplePay at the ready.
He should have stuck to running.... Oh wait, that job's been taken by an Indian!
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