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You should see the New York Times comments section.... It's a lambasting. I feel bad for Bezos.Yikes, to think I thought that they (NYT readers) were the vanguard of the anti-Apple brigade.....
You may not like it, but history of smartphone introductions suggests that these two -- and the many more to come -- will be correct with very high probability.
Sorry to point out, but you really must be quite arrogant -- not to mention completely out to lunch -- if you think that Apple couldn't do or hasn't done an analysis of the trade-offs between price and quantity, controlling for phycological factors, for a product that they've been producing and selling apparently quite successfully for the past 16 years.
Yet another nonsensical, overdrawn inference from you. There isn't much point in continuing this.
Nonsense. Using that argument, plenty more will buy it you reduced it even further. Why not lower it by another $400? Is it because you think you cannot (or you think people you know cannot) afford it that leads you to that conclusion? So what's that optimal point? You think you know that better than Apple does?  Moreover, don't you think that maintaining profit margins is one heck of an important goal for Apple? As long as they've existed? When have they sold a core...
I don't think her/her ludicrous posts are worthy of a serious or considered response.
Ah, nice to see that we're back to whining about Apple products on AI..... Wow, you guys/gals are out in force!
Sounds like alumaximium misspelled......
I agree. It likely would have to be something that Apple would need to create.
I am sorry, but your response is a bit confusing and opaque: how does SMART (or any other app) allow one to write/notate on top of, say, a Keynote slide? When/how did Apple start allowing two apps to be open simultaneously, layered on top of each other (in this case, SMART on top of Keynote)?
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