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I am not at all interested in a Ford. But what's being reported in this instance -- carmakers balking on CarPlay except as an addendum or a subsidiary product to their own utterly crappy interfaces -- seems to be pretty much what's been achieved so far.   Somewhat disappointing.
Apple reports 'shipments' (standard industry practice) plus additional information -- usually during the conference calls -- on beginning g and ending channel inventory. If you put that together, you can infer actual sales (which, btw, run quite close to the shipment numbers).No one else does this: they only report shipments. My guess is that Samsung does not do this because they are embarrassed to reveal their actual sales (as opposed to shipments).
And just to add to that carefully worded sentence, others -- including Samsung -- do not do that.
One, it's his money, not yours. Two, the purchase will cost him less that the rose gold AppleWatch. Three, perhaps you have a valuation model that can explain to us why it makes no 'sense'? Four, what made it sound like he was 'bragging'?(Edited)
And we've all been swatted down in various ways when were guilty of that.We suck it up, and move on. (It's uninterrsting to continue with this, so feel free to have the last word.)
I am not excusing the name-calling in the least, but the original poster was making a bald assertion, rather than asking a question or expressing wonderment. Big difference.
(Deleted; a few others have schooled this poster).
I have a very small wrist. The 38 looks perfect on it. However, I did also try out a 42, and surprisingly, that did not seem too large either! So, if you have a normal-sized wrist, my unambiguous recommendation would be to go for the 42.
Churlish, shallow review. Most of the negatives listed are minor quibbles, fixed with software updates. These sorts of silly assessments have become the norm at AI lately (witness the utterly dumb article we saw recently on the new MacBook). My own assessment of the Watch after four days with it (38-SS-ML)? 5.0 for ambition, 5.0 for hardware, 4.8 for thoughtfulness in design, 4.5 for Apple software, 3.0 for third-party software (all of which I have got rid of). Overall...
I am sorry, but what does speaking well -- or should I say 'speaking good' -- have to do with analysts!?Your point is totally lost on me!
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