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This is the kind of activity that can easily, cheaply be outsourced (ensuring excellent quality control).
Oh, I was being charitable when I said "irksome issues." Also, my standard for comparison in making that statement is not what "software" does in general, but what Apple's software has been capable of. (Sarcasm noted.)
Do you really think that they can't cross-reference something for its accuracy!?  C'mon...
 My street name has been mis-spelled since the start of Apple Maps. (It's a non-trivial issue since the street does not show up if you search for it using the correct spelling). I have reported the problem a half-dozen times, and it still has not been changed. I just tried again. Let's see if there's a response this time. Apple's software offerings -- networking products, iWork, Maps, iTunes U, iTunes -- have had lots of little irksome issues in the past couple of years....
Really, with 75,000 employees, and $150B in the bank to buy the best available global talent?
About time. Let's see what they do with it. I am surprised by how mediocre and basic iTunes U currently is. It lacks all sorts of pedestrian functionalities that any semi-decent learning management system should have. Doesn't Apple realize that education is one of the biggest markets out there, and there's a lot of digital innovation happening!?
This may be a totally dumb question, but I'll ask it anyway. Does liquidmetal have the problem that it is dull in appearance? If so, is Apple perhaps working on trying to make it look more vibrant before considering it as material for external casing of its devices?
Really?Can you use VAG in a sentence so that we can understand why?
 Yes, I knew that. But they have not announced anything specific for 2015 models (I called them just a couple of days ago, and there's still no specific info). I will be in the market for a new vehicle in early 2015. The orders for 2015 start in early Fall 2014, so there's still a possibility.
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