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What a silly comment. You don't need to be privy to inside documents to have an informed discussion based on a reasonable judgment. If yours were the criterion, well over 50% of the opinions expressed here would amount to a hill of beans. Moreover, most such tax breaks from states are for local taxes due from production, profits, or actual use of property (once in production or making profits), none of which kicks in if the plant does not end up operating. No?
If so, I truly hope it relies on some other software than iTunes for music and apps.
'Responsibility'? Zero, zip, zilch. Stuff goes wrong in business all the time. States should not be handing sweeteners like they do with taxpayer money, whether it's Apple, Mercedes-Benz, or football stadiums. OTOH, given Apple's scale and its reputation of trying to do the right thing, is this the decent thing to do? Yes, absolutely.
They do. The word has made a major comeback.
Go buy a fat pc and leave us alone.
Very glad the volatility worked out in your favor, but best not to confuse luck with skill.
Oh, spare me the sarcasm. The VERY SERIOUS issue of driver distraction is completely separate from this idiotic, poorly-done, biased, click-bait study. I guess I was right after all, with my comment....
This report is by idiots, of idiots, for idiots.
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