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Nothing. It has been on crutches for a while....
That is absolutely not what I stated above. I said that some people can't. I find it to be a particular affliction on the Right. (Btw, Stockman is nowhere close to being a serious economist. Next thing, you'll be telling me that Art Laffer is....)
At least you're honest enough to admit that your economics cannot be separated from politics.  I tend to go with facts, and try to keep the two separate (knowing that it's not always possible).
That is so wide off the mark, that it's perhaps better not to get started....
 Huh? Europe had a 'stimulus'?Who knew....
Nicely done images on the plane! I like it.   As an aside, I pretty much use SWA now for US domestic flights whenever/wherever I can. I am totally done chasing points/platinum level etc. with the atavistic majors. As I grow older, I've come to the conclusion that the two most important things to me in short haul flights are: (i) flights that take off on time, and (ii) employees who actually seem happy that you're flying with them.
Not to mention that we have the highest corporate tax rate among the leading industrialized countries in the world today (incl. China), and a territorial worldwide taxation system. (Sheesh, my brain feels like molasses today..... )
But then it's puzzling that they're issuing variable rate notes. You'd think they'd want to lock in the historically low fixed rates. Scratch that. Only the first two tranches seem to be variable rate. The fact that there is a "%" against the next four suggests they're likely fixed rate.
I think you're right about that. Afaik, the call is not public.
I am sorry, but I am not following your statement: "...use domestic cash only". For what exactly? What do you think I was referring to?
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