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 Why don't you go back and edit your post then? (Just click on the pencil icon on the bottom left).
It's a gorgeous bloody phone. I'll take two.
I think he may have meant going from downtown to midtown. You New Yorkers.... ;-)
What a dreadfully sad attempt to look/sound/be hip...   I wonder if it's meant to be a joke.
The stock has been on a tear -- witness today's move, for instance -- in large part based on this rumor. I hope Sep 9 does not disappoint: if no watch (or some other new product category), there could be a pretty hard landing.....
Wallet at the ready....
Is there a cost of financing the installment payment? (Just checked, and it's 0% APR -- i.e., the monthly payment is simply the upfront cost of the unlocked phone divided by 12 or 18, as the case may be. That's impressive).
Call me old-fashioned, but given all the security goings-on, I am loathe to leave my debit card details with anyone, let alone a startup. (The only place where I leave even my credit card on file is with Apple.) If there was a way for them to allow me to do this as a 'guest' or by creating a temporary transfer mechanism where I could transfer the required sum on to some sort of Square 'holding account', I would sign up.
Sheesh.... guys like you are the reason that internet forums get a bum rap sometimes....
New Posts  All Forums: