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LOL. This is too sad.   But I'll bet the stock went up. /s
This is an excellent point. I recall when we used to make fun of Microsoft for this type of intrusiveness (I am forgetting the version of Windows OS that drove users nuts with regular deny/allow intrusions -- it was spoofed in the Mac v. PC ads).
Stuff like this was simple for Apple to do from the start. Glad it's finally here, though.   I don't know if this question has been definitively answered, but I'll ask anyway: is iCloud protected against 'brute force' password hack attacks?
Same here.Posting on AI has become a mess too.
At this point, the retina MBP15 is just about the most perfect computer that human beings have created. I can't see any possibility that changes in the next few years could be more than incremental (i.e., speed, weight, memory, price).
We might. But I am not sure it will help us put things into context (e.g., proportion of iOS users using PB, trends in proportion of sales to iOS users from establishments partnering with PB, etc). It's equally possible that the current approach to PB will be jettisoned since, after all, we'd need hundreds of 'apps' on our phone to be able to access the PB-related features of every establishment to which we make payments -- clearly not a smart solution. I can see it being...
You '....stand by [your] statement 110%'? That's not logically possible. An idiotic assertion like that pretty much sums up the style and substance of your posts.
See above. Perhaps not wanting to embarrass yourself will make you 'STFU'?
Groan. You obviously have not used it a great deal, or don't get around much. There are a total of 42 'apps' more than a year after Passbook's intro. 'Every major airline'? Try finding on Passbook (just naming some of the bigger international ones, FYI) KLM/Air France, Southwest, Emirates, Singapore Airlines, Japan Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Virgin Airlines, LAN-TAM, Qantas, Korean Air, Are Lingus, Ryanair, China Air, SAS.... 'Top retailers'? Here is the list of the top 20...
 "Majority of people'? What a ridiculous statement. You know this how? Shut up, please. No I don't work for Wall Street. Again, your statement that "anal-ysts" (how original!) have been saying "every Apple product has been DOA" is plainly stupid. And incorrect.Um... thanks for the advice. I've been here a while. I have a reasonable handle on what works. And 'STFU' yourself.
New Posts  All Forums: