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Legal and proper. To me. Stuff happens. The manager might have been dealing with an emergency. OTOH, if the manager is the type that takes pleasure in making employees wait needlessly, that sounds like a terrible manager, one who's bad for employee morale, and should be fired outright. Again, I doubt that many Apple Retail (or many retail) managers behave that way.
Your example is not a good one. Most companies like Apple have specific allowances for employee sick days, leave days, maternity days, family emergency days, etc., so it's somewhat moot. But if Apple's management fired Annie (I don't know what being a janitor has to do with it) for attending her mother's funeral, I'd say they were a bunch of a$$holes. OTOH, if Annie had gone over all her available paid dates of all kinds (leave, sick, family etc) to take off and was docked...
I think the larger point you may be missing is, what else next becomes up for grabs in terms of employee behavior that Apple must pay for? And what about the aggregate costs when the equivalent of Apple's is multiplied by millions of businesses?
Let me ask you again (and hope @SolipsismY does not again take up the cudgels on your behalf), if something is legal why would it be incorrect to assume -- by default -- that it wouldn't be 'proper'? For example, would it be proper to charge employees for parking spots? If so, what is different about lockers? And what specific scenarios did you have in mind where it might, indeed, be proper?
I did not even know about this one. In that response to which you refer, I simply cut and pasted the one you used in your post with the hope that the larger size might make it more obvious.... In fact, I'd been wondering where you got your larger font size (I would sometimes select the "ᵢ" and make it a larger font within the AI editing system to make it something like "ᵢ". I stopped doing so since I thought it just made my posts look awkward. In fact -- trust me when I...
There is no evidence to conclude that was the case in this instance. Also, I think that in these types of employee class action suits, the average payouts are higher than what you get in a typical consumer class action suit where millions of people are involved, and the average check is much smaller. Employee classes run in the thousands rather than the millions. Also, if it the court found that Apple owed them for their time, that would have to be compensated as well, on...
Huh? Verified what? I used exactly what I had used in the sentence of mine you quoted where you had selectively -- and deceptively -- edited out (which I highlighted in red so that no one could miss it). It was exactly the same "Latin Subscript Small Letter i" shown in your screenshot above.(Btw, did the word "subscript" in your screenshot miss your "verification"?) This is getting quite childish. 
What are you talking about? Seriously? Edit my post? When? Where?   I think may be confusing your repeated selective quotation with my editing. Put away that drink (or whatever it is).... or please come back when you can pull yourself together in a more sober way, instead of spouting paranoid-sounding delusions.
1) Whoa. @SolipsismY, please stop with your ludicrous assertions. I did no such thing as "gotcha" or "use the smallest possible font" -- I simply used the one I always have on AI, from the Character Viewer on my Mac's OSX. See my "most recently used" character set, and set right next to your (utterly silly) post. You're really going off the deep end here, man. Chill. I thought that being deceptive was a new low for you..... wow, not any more. 2) You're going to tell me...
Not at all. I provided the key points I made prior so as to make my post self-contained (to the average person reading it), and more importantly, because you had completely ignored it in your response. I was specifically pointing out that you had again selectively (and in my view, deceptively) sliced/diced and selectively responded to or quoted my posts.
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