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Fair enough. But I don't fully understand the original decision to not reveal either (although sog35's point about not wanting to reveal too much to the competition may stand to reason, especially after the way those lowlifes ripped off the last two major product introductions).
You've been here since 2011.If you've got to ask such a silly question about an issue that has been discussed ad nauseam, you haven't been paying attention, and it's really not worthy of an answer.
I think I laid out my argument, definitions, and consequences quite clearly in Post #97 (sorry to have to refer you to Page #3 of this thread!).Anything more I have to say on this would simply be attempting to say the same thing. Differently.
I am not upset in the least.  
The great tech seer Brian X. Chen of the New York Times now wanders into investing psychoanalysis territory: "While the quarter’s phone sales were one-third higher than a year ago, they fell short of analysts’ estimates, and the stock fell." http://nyti.ms/1TOWUK1
That's just standard contrarian investing mantra. What does that have to do with rationality (or efficiency)? I like -- and agree a lot with -- Buffet, btw.
Um... no. I gave you a link from Robert Shiller, who won a Nobel Prize for his ideas on rational expectations and market efficiency. But you're certainly welcome to think that all links are the same. I can't stop that.
Maybe. I still find it odd that he had to be so coy about it. What possible reason could there be, especially when your stock just lost somewhere between $50B-$60B in market cap?!
It's not a credible link, since it's written by someone who has no expertise in financial markets. He's a health policy guy. I think you're conflating the term 'rational expectations' (which has to with market efficiency, and is a term derived from macroeconomics, due to well-known academics like Muth, Barro et. al) with 'rationality.' A common mistake. Btw, markets can certainly be inefficient, especially in the short run, and there is a whole school of financial...
I know exactly what 'efficient' markets are. I was looking for your definition of 'rational' markets. (Add: Incidentally, the 'Incidental Economist' that you link to is a heath policy blog. I have absolutely no idea what that has to do with financial, esp. stock, markets),
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