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 This was widely reported. There were Congressional hearing in the US, and if I recall right, all government agencies (and contractors) are now banned from doing business with Huawei. Will see if I can dig up a link.Add: Not sure if a ban is in place, but here's the report of the Intelligence Committee (the exec summary is an easy, quick read): https://intelligence.house.gov/sites/intelligence.house.gov/files/documents/Huawei-ZTE%20Investigative%20Report%20(FINAL).pdf
Exactly, and rightly so. Their corporate tax strategy saves money for shareholders, as it should. This sort of thing saves money for consumers, as it should.
Back on topic. It's perfectly fine for Russia to ask. And for Apple to say 'no' (I expect they will). If I recall right, Blackberry often handed out its backdoor secrets to governments, including many repressive ones. Other governments will ask too, mark my words.   The NSA spying scandal -- and thank you, Edward Snowden -- has a lot of the world on its edge. Like it or not, it will have a huge and unfortunate ripple effect on some of the brightest spots of the US...
Tell us more.....? I assume you're able to Airplay it? Which brand/odel would you recommend?
Funniest post of the day!
Luddites leaving potential additional money on the table (from people who might be willing to pay some nominal sum per view).   Also, the sign up process with Comcast from within AppleTV is so cumbersome and time-consuming that, even though I have a cable subscription, I do not even bother with these "you-need-to-sign-in-to-view-us" channels.
You may be right on that picky little point. It may be Maestri who said it, I do not recall. I do not have the time or inclination to go back and look now. I had read the transcript soon after it came out, and subsequently relied on how websites were reporting it.That does not, in any way, matter for the larger point we are trying to make here about Apple's double digit growth not being just in the US.
If we follow that to its logical conclusion, Apple would be doing business nowhere on earth -- including the US, where it's getting screwed over by the DoJ.
I don't know about you, when I wreak, it's usually havoc; otoh, if it's desperation, I reek of it.....
In fairness, the economies of the 'PIGS' countries did go down the toilet, and for almost entirely their own reasons. The US crisis may have nudged it along. That said, many economies in the EU are doing at least as well as, if not better than, the US: Germany (21% of EU economy), UK (15%), Italy (which has come roaring back, 14%), Scandinavia (7%), most of the Baltic countries.
New Posts  All Forums: