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This is a somewhat puzzlingly designed app from Apple. Too many swipes back and forth required to get to relevant info. I wish there was a simple way to toggle between screens (distance, bpm, time elapsed, calories, etc) -- e.g., a double-tap. I am not sure I trust the numbers it puts out. I noticed that that the number of calories are about half those shown by the (fairly) high end treadmill at my gym. Then I saw what the problem was: The Watch records about half the...
My AppleWatch has been consistently showing 25%-30% at the end of a typical 17- to 18-hour day. I've noticed that it has actually got better in the past ten days! Weird.
Your post is mostly spot on.Except one small detail: when a company is taken private, the shareholders are usually the private equity (PE) firm that takes them private, and in a vast majority of the cases, senior management and many mid-level managers of the company are given an equity stake in the business. Public shareholders are gone (since the company is delisted).The ridiculousness of the private equity argument for a company the size of Apple is fairly obvious....
The subtext in many of the posts is simply scary. I sometimes wonder about the type of people I associate with in this forum.
You're surely not suggesting that only taxpayers should have this privilege, are you? If so, what does a 'taxpayer' look like? Or better yet, how do the police identify a non-taxpayer?
Remain quiet.
Yes, they all use the same 'revenue recognition' principles for what counts as a 'sale' for the purposes of the Income Statement. But that is not the actual amount sold to the consumer. Apple is the only company in this space for which we can figure out that number.
I am not at all interested in a Ford. But what's being reported in this instance -- carmakers balking on CarPlay except as an addendum or a subsidiary product to their own utterly crappy interfaces -- seems to be pretty much what's been achieved so far.   Somewhat disappointing.
Apple reports 'shipments' (standard industry practice) plus additional information -- usually during the conference calls -- on beginning g and ending channel inventory. If you put that together, you can infer actual sales (which, btw, run quite close to the shipment numbers).No one else does this: they only report shipments. My guess is that Samsung does not do this because they are embarrassed to reveal their actual sales (as opposed to shipments).
And just to add to that carefully worded sentence, others -- including Samsung -- do not do that.
New Posts  All Forums: