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  You guys are making too much of it... we were just having some fun with the Swiss.  Wonderful people, great country.
Actually, I think their cars are b*tt ugly too.... they scream 'senior citizen transport'.
New LV product intros are often accompanied by lines from the "general population" in the various cities too (esp. Asia). In fact, you see this phenomenon outside some trendy fashion stores in cities like Manhattan when some totally new, cool fashion item is being introduced.
He can post whatever he wants, however often he wants, as long as he's being polite about it. Of course, he should also the expect the inevitable pushback. But your posts are tantamount to the suggestion that someone should not post about something unless they plan to buy it (at least, that's the way I interpreted it).
Because this is standard troll meme -- and one that has been repeatedly and thoroughly discredited -- when it comes to Apple products. Heard the derisive phrase "Apple Tax"?
Apparently, you've never been to Paris. There are always dozens of (typically Japanese) tourists lined up around the block from the flagship LV store on Champs Elysses: http://m8.i.pbase.com/g4/25/480025/2/133264428.lK7Q8c07.jpg In fact, in other cities too, like Hong Kong and Shanghai.
C'mon sog35. Cool down. Are you seriously saying someone should post about something related to an Apple product on AI only if they actually plan to buy it or have already bought it? For example, I have absolutely no plans to buy the new MacBook. Does that mean I don't (or shouldn't) have an opinion on it?
Do you seriously believe Apple has not considered this? And that, if they decided not to do so, there wasn't a legitimate reason for it?
Who/what is an 'Android Wear'?
My wife has been a Mac user since 1984, has never owned a 'white MacBook' and would be offended by juvenile postings like yours that refer to women as 'chicks.' Grow up.
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