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Wow, talk about a thin skin, AI.   From the sound of it, he was far from 'criticizing' Apple. If anything, he seemed to be faintly praising the company for its modesty, saying that it was just sticking to its culture of secrecy.
Nonsensical product in search of a problem to solve. Changing its appearance will amount to a hill of beans.
That website is by idiots, for idiots.
I've been to Switzerland many times. Lovely country, great people.No offense, but I'll take the chaos, creativity, culture, rambunctiousness, craziness, influence, wit, wisdom, stupidity, breadth, depth, and freedoms of the USA compared to the bucolic, pastoral sterility and derivative culture of Switzerland any day. It's a state-of-mind thing.
Good for you.On the flip side, you have to live in Switzerland. We get to live in the USA!
Artificial muscle + liquidmetal.... wow, we could be on our way to an interesting future....
I don't think the non-Ad supported streams, or the ones not backed by corporate deep pockets who can give it away as loss leaders, will.
I know the cynics will be out in force. So let me say upfront: It's fantastic to see a phone company actually trying push the envelope.
Not in this day, no.
You should see the New York Times comments section.... It's a lambasting. I feel bad for Bezos.Yikes, to think I thought that they (NYT readers) were the vanguard of the anti-Apple brigade.....
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