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Most reasonable people would argue that a cable connection is an essential service too. This is how people get on the internet, receive and send information, receive and make phone calls, access their work and educational services, etc. The fact that you own the pipe should not enable you to control in any way what is being sent through it. In fact, that is precisely what the FCC is currently doing with its net neutrality rules.
Whatever the reason for its existence, it would be silly for anyone to suggest that Comcast is not a monopoly in a vast region in which it operates. So what if it's the federal or local government that granted or enabled it? What the government gives, it can take away. Sauce for the goose.... etc...
Which one do you like less?
Ah. Never used those.
What's a 'store club card'?
I find targeted ads (like the ones that seem to jump up based on my prior website visits, on sites such as AI) utterly creepy. Hope Apple never goes that route. I go in and manage my cookies actively, at least once a week. 
So what? All that might imply is cable companies, Netflix and Amazon want to monetize info on their user base directly, while Apple has no direct interest in doing so: TV streaming will be merely a part of its ecosystem so that it can sell more hardware.
No, it's not. Now you're adding ignorance to your unethicality.
Unless you live in a renegade country like N. Korea, IP protection is the norm in every civilized country of the world. Educate yourself, and learn about the World Intellectual Property Protection Organization, an arm of the WTO: http://www.wipo.int/treaties/en/ Here's the list of countries where IP is protected: http://www.wipo.int/members/en/ Where do you live? 
There's absolutely wrong with sharing aggregate viewership data. It provides valuable feedback to content creators and providers, leading to provision of more types of content that people like and less that people don't.   That said, I wonder how Apple will navigate 'public service' requirements such as C-SPAN and PBS-type channels.
New Posts  All Forums: