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This was based on the economics of an actual project that I had seen implemented in Big Island in Hawaii: ~20¢/kWh. That included the cost of generation and distribution. However, following up your question I checked a number of sources. Even the credible ones (USDoE, NRDC) say that the generation cost in good geothermal locations is 3.5¢ - 6.5¢ range (not sure if that includes amortization for capital expenses; but it certainly does not include distribution). In any...
You haven't been keeping up with the news: just search for 'Tesla Model 3'.
Geothermal power is economically viable in very few places around the globe, such as Iceland, Japan, and Hawaii, and is closely associated with volcanic activity-intensive regions. And even in those regions, it is expensive.
Not cheap. (But Tim is going to Israel).
The biggest downside with IC is fossil fuels consumption and the resultant emissions. As India and China -- 2.5B people, not counting the ones that that will arrive in the next few decades -- grow their per-capita automobile ownership towards Western levels, all bets are off.
Interesting -- indeed, they do say they have no interest in manufacturing. I had missed that. Thanks. But we'll see.... with something like the current iCar rumor mill, things could change. Like, I am guessing, in the next few weeks, if the rumors persist.
Not at all. You can borrow against it, or you can write (sell) options on it. Both are quite easy to do. All you need is an investor account.
Generation is already quite competitive in the US. You can buy your power from multiple providers in most states in the US. The problem is the aging distribution (grid), and in the US we have run into a Commons problem there since the power generators have got rid of them. No one wants to invest in it. Micro-grids at the home level are far from efficient (or from reality).
Except that there's a risk of explosions?
Of course it's not. No one said it was. I was simply making a factual point.
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