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I think SolipsismY is right about this. More generally, it could also lead to Apple getting into a spat with FedEx.Good luck to you and your friend.
Hah, 16 blocked? That's nothing. A few weeks ago, I was getting numbers blocked in the mid-60s on AI! (I posted about it then.) Anyone else experience that? I thought that it was beyond egregious.
I've never heard of this Marco guy that lots of people are hyperventilating about. (Frankly his tactics around the app -- making it available and then pulling it in a couple of days -- sound shady). Given that iOS 9 is all of a couple of days old, I'd say give it a few weeks. I am betting that there'll be many more ad blockers available that allow whitelisting. I think I'll wait for Ghostery for the iOS.
I think that most reasonable people will happily settle for a quid pro quo and truce if these same online publishers didn't swamp us with the crappy, creepy (as in tracking us), Flashy, in-your-face, intrusive ads that recipients are paying for via the receiver-pays data plans in countries like the U.S. You reap what you sow. Add: What are the recommendations for ad blockers for iOS?
The number you're quoting is in Euros.
You're probably right about that. The CAN$ is probably being impacted by the plunge in oil prices since Canada is too dependent on oil exports (which, ironically, helps sell more cars)!
Yikes. Did you forget your meds today? Why such vehement anger? 
I agree. Southern US.
Also, the getting the regulation related to liabilities and insurance in place will take many, many more years than people think.
I own an ICE BMW, and love it. I totally agree with you about the i3. I've never understood the need to make something look cutesy or overly tech-y or the gaudy colors just because it's electric or hybrid. Especially given that they've been able to design and sell something like the i8 -- electric + hybrid -- that is utterly gorgeous.
New Posts  All Forums: