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1) The phrase 'justice system' in the U.S. is an oxymoron. 2) Apple should donate the money to a S. Korean charity, and visibly so.
I agree with this (implied) assessment.
I think Apple should have got into the business of this hardware.
'Not so intutive' is such nicespeak for 'utter bs and a waste-of-time.' One in 10,000 users will even bother.I have my doubts about whether AM will be successful at all in its current form. Possible, but not a given.
At this point, I am going to wait for iOS 9. Or maybe even 9.0.1.
They were apparently making 56 models last year. So, if they've cut it to 36, that progress!  
I wasn't trying to be contentious at all. I was wondering how that was possible in Airdrop, that's all.(I did not read the linked article, since I do not like/trust/read BBC, especially when it comes to anything related to tech. Too agenda-driven, sort of like Fox News of the Left).
How is such 'flashing' possible? Don't you have to 'accept' the incoming file (and the source is always revealed) before it downloads to your device? That's certainly what Airdrop does for me.
AirDrop has to be one of the great underachievers in Apple's portfolio of innovations. While it works wonderfully between Macs, it rarely works between my iOS devices or between my Macs and iOS devices (it sometimes does if I restart everything). Another brilliant creation that someone at Apple seems to have forgotten about. Let's hope it gets more serious attention going forward.
This is just generalized nonsense-speak.If you have any evidence that Apple has done something like this, tell us. Otherwise, stop. And chill out yourself.
New Posts  All Forums: