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Is that a camera thing-y on the bottom right of the home screen!?
The correct headline should be "'Others' continue to pace global smartphone market as Xiaomi jumps into top 6 or 7..... or something".
I honestly don't wish to beat this to death -- I'll stop on this issue after this post! -- but a couple of observations. Amazon does get slammed during Black Fridays and what they did a couple of weeks ago (I forget what they called it). Companies like Alibaba have it even worse with Singles Day and such. Also, if Apple can't build out its servers fast enough, it should outsource. That's what everyone else does.
Those are poor excuses.
What's up with Apple's servers -- whether during product intros, keynotes, or stuff like this -- during peak times? I realize that a lot of companies (esp. gaming companies when announcing new games) have these issues, but they are far from the largest market cap company in the world with a s***-load of cash.   Surely, there must be some smarter way for Apple to deal with such episodes of peak demand? Electric utilities do it. Telecom companies do it. Amazon seems to do...
Yes, I do. And fwiw, despite his left-wing politics, Krugman is more data-driven, empirical research-based, analytical, smarter and more prescient than a whole bunch of right-wing economists put together.
To be fair, I read the NYT more than any other newspaper. Their political and international reporting are outstanding, as are their travel, cooking, arts, movies, and education sections.Their tech reporting is quite poor. I used to like Pogue a lot, but he's gone some place that I never visit any more.
Groan... NYT. Apple. 'Nuff said
Not exactly the A-list of innovators in the past decade (or more).
Of course, you are.And as a fellow-AI poster, I am entitled to wonder (aloud) in which parallel universe your opinion makes sense.
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