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 Both your views are correct, broadly-speaking, but rather backward-looking. Perhaps it reflects your experiences in doing business (or travels) there from a different generation. Yes, India has a lot of challenges for Western manufacturing; yes, most cell phones in use are lower-quality; yes, corruption is a problem. (Btw, people said the same things about China ten years ago). But all that is changing quite dramatically. There are very few places left where manufacturing...
You forgot to add: The [insert product name] will, however, be delayed for shipping because of [insert favorite supply chain bottleneck] and sell only [insert X%] more than the prior version, thereby making it an utter [insert favorite synonym for failure], and make Apple's stock [insert favorite synonym for decline].
Of course I've been rash before. If I realize have been, I man up and apologize for it. Not call the other guy rash.
If I had a law degree, I'd love to have been Apple's lawyer.That aside, your post is inherently fraudulent and hypocritical: after all, the computer you used to belt out your vapid nonsense was produced by a mulinational. I'll take being childish over that any day (but I recognize your value system may be different).
You sounds like an incredibly childish man. Grow up.
You post is full of the usual, pathetic litany of whines about Apple, many of which are outright lies or exaggerations. These have been repeatedly pointed out, addressed, debated, clarified, and processed in these forums, ad nauseam. I'd consider it a waste of time to get into an argument with you.As to Apple's profits, heck, that is what successful, profit-making companies in democratic capitalist societies do. Since I assume no one's holding a gun to your head forcing...
'Spot on' about what? Did you forget the '/sarcasm' tag or are you mindlessly trolling?
Think before you speak, Mr. Sorkin. You may have shot your own foot with that thoughtless, stupid, untrue remark about one of the greatest companies of modern times, and arguably, one of the finest CEOs out there. Apple fans may not show up to see your movie. There was no equivalency between what you said and Tim Cooks' remarks. Back off like a gentleman, not like a weasel.
Cue the class warriors, the quality-whiners.... Yikes...
What is the 'corporate image' that Apple needs to 'control'? That Jobs was a tough guy, could be heartless, and a control freak? You think no one really knows that?What an utterly moronic comment.
New Posts  All Forums: