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Looks like you've posted 20+ times on just this one thread, so far...
I don't recall that phone costing less than the previous ones....
Yep. It'll be that obvious. And, three years from now, when everyone's moved in Apple's direction, we'll be dissing each other on how everybody knew it was obvious.
Much as I have deep admiration for what Bill Gates is currently doing, he (and Microsoft) had simply run out of ideas (assuming they even had much). It did not seem like there was much else for him to contribute by the late 1990s. In fact, he was even badly behind the curve on something as basic as the emergence on the internet. In the meantime, SJ had so much left to do to make our lives better. Despite the iMac, OSX, iPod, iPhone, iPad, @TV, iWatch (I think it started...
Saw Isaacson this morning on CNBC. I'd say it's not just the book that needs a good flushing....  
Name one Apple product where this has been true: i.e., where the software has not changed for a given hardware.
The readers. Not a Russell's Paradox-equivalent at all.
You really could have stopped right there. Says all we need to know, i.e., that the rest of the post was pure twaddle.
Let's assume that turns out to be true. So what?
A proud graduate of the Mike Daisey School of Filmmaking.   'Nuff said.
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