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Do Apple's competitors (not some niche players) in this sphere offer losslessly compressed streaming? If so, who?
Kudos to cadillac!   I wish more models from more European automakers offered CarPlay for 2016 US models. The only one I am aware of that is fully committed is Volvo's new XC90. Audi's website says that "Audi has indicated that CarPlay will be available on some all-new Audi models arriving in U.S. showrooms by 2016." BMW has nothing in its 2016 lineup, afaik. I've been unable to find any concrete information in either the Jaguar or Mercedes websites.   The rollout is a...
AAPL sinking, per usual.   Might pick up some call options if the trend persists....
Hmm... no Watch numbers...?
Yikes... the live feed is frozen....
One, it often goes down when the keynote starts. Two, hardware could be announced, but not available, today.
There's really nothing to tell you. I totally get it. Insane.
What is that word (m-o-r-a-l) meant to imply? That it does't matter, or matters less? I am not getting your point.
I have too. The lack of ethnic diversity -- leave alone gender diversity -- has surprised me a bit as well, especially when Silicon Valley is full of Asians (including Indians), and are often seen and prominently featured in public presentations made by other large companies (Google, Microsoft, Adobe...). I am not remotely suggesting it's wrong to have had only white males or that one should have quotas for race, gender, etc., but Apple does stick out on this score. I have...
Ahrendts is in charge of Apple's retail stores. Yes, she did come from the fashion industry, but afaik, she has nothing to do with AppleWatch and its focus on fashion. Unless, of course, you know something that we don't. If so, please provide a cite or a link or a source. Otherwise, do the decent thing, and shut up.
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