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I don't at all object to the contrarian conclusion, but what I thoroughly failed to see was his supposed argument.I must be feeling quite dense, or his subtlety is well.... too subtle.Why does he/do you think it's unlikely?
That's why I was confused.... Like I said, perhaps he was trying to be funny. Or cute. I felt like he wasted my time reading the piece.What gives him the imprimatur of being "brilliant, well rounded and having a balanced view of technology"? Coming from you, that's high praise. Any examples you can offer?
Really? That's what he's saying? It was such rambling, stream-of-consciousness blather that I could honestly not figure out. Or perhaps he was trying to be humorous (but I could not see the humor).In any event, who's this person? Some sort of Apple expert? Industry seer?
I have little doubt that Jony Ive pronounces it similarly to Lowe, so Cook quite likely knows what is 'proper.'
Yes, there is the functionality aspect to a car -- just as there is with a PC when it comes to computing -- but surely, culture and sociology across the world is replete with way more when it comes to the role of an automobile in people's lives. In fact, very few -- if any -- other products come close in terms of cultural and social impact. It's everything from the sound of the engine, to the feel of the road, to the 'handling', to the plushness and design of the interior,...
I absolutely disagree. They're, in general, a pleasure to drive compared to the non-fancy ones.
I think that's in Euros. It's slightly more in USD terms.... 14% more, to be exact. (Although it's weird to think that it was 40% more, just six months go!)
I agree with you. The market will finally wake up to this one-trick pony (search ads) with an inflated PE.
Yikes. I've been wondering why I haven't seen many posts from you lately, and if everything was alright.Good luck, sir.
Boom. Take that, Google. And if this happens, Tesla is toast. (A couple of days ago, Musk made this laughable statement about how the company could be worth the same as Apple -- $700B -- in ten years' time (or something to that effect)).
New Posts  All Forums: