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Heh heh. There was a time, long ago, when the saying went "What's good for General Motors is good for our country."   I think we can substitute the company's name now.
The Amex app works beautifully with TouchID! Kudos, Amex.   This is the future.
We can always find something somewhere at any given time to justify any up, down, or sideways move on any heavily traded stock.   This is all just noise if one's investing horizon is longer than a few days.
Uh, OK... 
The sloth, sloppiness, and sheer stupidity of the US justice system is beyond belief, when it comes to tech. It is a damn embarrassment.
Ah, you may have partially answered my question. Please elaborate....?
Good stuff. One issue that I've been thinking about on the ApplePay front. What happens to a phone that is lost or stolen, on which Find My iPhone is not turned on (thus not making it possible to do a remote erase)? How would one erase the credit card data? I wonder, could there be an iCloud workaround to that issue?
Meh... The Egyptians were putting together things like the Pyarmids and the Sphinx then....
I was going to say, "fair enough", but going to also point out that you said: "...maybe the easiest way to put it into perspective is to view the stock market as legalized gambling." This is, in my view, is an incredible overgeneralization about a phenomenon (the stock market) whose value is driven primarily by fundamentals. Fads and momentum can certainly matter in the short run, but there is an intrinsic value to the assets that constitute the stock market. Then, above,...
Perhaps the most overrated actor out there today.
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