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Conservation Fund is about as credible as an NGO gets. They are widely used by companies as a major source of external verification of environmental efforts. Your point about recycling well-taken, but the problem is, only about one-third of the fiber needed by paper companies comes from recycled material (even though recycling has come a long way in the US -- over 55% of the paper in the US now recycled). I think that experiments such as the one Apple is getting involved...
I've been saying for a while that Apple should create something that is the equivalent of Bell Labs to further cutting-edge corporate innovation. While not quite in the same league, it is becoming more and  more apparent that environmental sustainability is the area in which Apple has decided to make a significant innovation push.   A company of Apple's size and resources can make a significant dent in this arena for (relatively) small commitments.    Kudos, Mr. Cook,...
What kind of files would you want to transfer to a watch? Why?
It's nice if the prediction comes true, but how does he come up with this number? There is no methodology (even the broad contours of one) provided. I had predicted 2 million a few weeks ago, but I know how where that came from. How do we know Kuo did not produce it from the same place?
Meh.   A little too much of the fasionista stuff for my taste....
Actually, I think it's about both.
Ah, cue the "why-do-we-need-gender-race-etc-etc-diversity-when-young-white-men-can-do-it-and-there-are-plenty-available" crowd....   Another useless shouting match in the making.
Yikes. I actually thought that you might have a quasi-cogent response. My mistake.
Ok, 'forced.' So what? That was the quid pro quo.Incidentally, what is solution that you would have proposed for the 'bad mistake'?
Apparently, you don't see that your first sentence and second sentence are connected! The reason for this quid pro quo is because many of the incumbent carriers were quasi-(local) monopolies. Moreover, they got much of their legacy bandwidth assets for basically free (now they do have to bid for it), and were asked to share a bit of it.
New Posts  All Forums: