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I remember seeing a picture (or reading) somewhere that Kim Jong Whatever is a Mac user. Can anyone confirm this?
Ah, petty and demeaning indeed. Perhaps you should read your own post above.Reread the original post. I was not seeking a clarification. It was meant to be a tongue-in-cheek comment about posters here who are often against the government regulating corporations, and yet ironically, against the government helping corporations. I guess the implied sarcasm did not come though. My bad.Also, please stop sounding so high and mighty about not wanting to get into an exchange, when...
See this: http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/debating-north-koreas-involvement-sony-hack/ I am curious: do you have a link to a story from a reasonably credible outlet that says Sony's security is worse than average?
I know what it means. Thanks. I am not sure that you know what a 'corporation' means. (As an aside, if you do not wish to get into an exchange, perhaps it's best not to post.)
On a broader topic, does anyone else have trouble believing that N Korea -- a podunk, IT-challenged country with perhaps no more than a 1,000 IP addresses -- was able to do something like this?   And, if it was indeed the case that they were able to pull off something of this magnitude, that we're really doomed in more ways than we could possibly imagine?
You mean the companies that gave us currency swaps as hedging tools, central power stations and light bulbs, and 747s?Sure I am aware. Are you?
Read Ayn Rand when I was a teenager, and thought it was ok. (You've not read her, I take it).I can see that you're sarcasm-challenged, on top of it.
I am always confused by statements like these. Is our government corporatist when it's not busy being too hard on corporations, shackling them with all kinds of onerous regulations?Which is it?
Isn't it fairly obvious?!
With the exception of Cook, that's a rather mediocre shortlist. Whitman is pretty much killing off whatever's not yet dead at HP; Chen is presiding over a carcass that's starting to smell; Buffalo Wings..... well... just smell.
New Posts  All Forums: