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Bullsh1t. You know nothing about Apple."Apple fan..." Sure.
Seems like an obvious suggestion, until you realize that they're a chaebol.So, zero chance of that happening.
'.... diversify beyond its reliance on smartphones...' Into what? Smarttoasters? Their TV business is sinking, their semiconductor business would be DOA if not for Apple, they are getting killed in the low end by Xiaomi and the high end by Apple, their wearables are a disaster, and Tizen is a non-starter. What do they have left to pursue that can turn profits around dramatically?
Heh heh. The truth has a nasty habit of catching up.
Buy a treasury bond the next time.
 Me please, me please!!!!!! It's like the foregone time I could have gainfully spent picking my nose with my eyes closed instead of reading your posts...
I am betting on 'or at all'...
I hope so. Soon, please. Can't wait for you to spare us the hyperventilated crap.
Yeah, and what if the sky were to fall? What is it about ¢9 per share (worst-case) you have trouble comprehending? That's leaving aside the fact that you have absolutely no clue what Apple has already got in return (not to forget a brilliantly implemented TouchID system). Unless you know something we don't: in which case, tell us. If not, please do us a favor and shut up about this already.
So, you're a corporate criminal lawyer too, with perfect information and perfect foresight? Calm down. Breathe.
New Posts  All Forums: