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It was not addressed to you. What an arrogant, twitty post.
Might have been honest, but it was a dumb opinion. You deserved the spanking you got. Move along.And we honestly could care less about the stocks or Apple products you own.
Absolute claptrap from Bloomberg. The story makes no sense whatsoever.
I am still adapting to the iPhone-like changes to Safari on iPad with iOS8. Quite apart from the extra step required to get to the navigation, new webpage, etc. buttons, I am still getting used to the those buttons being on the top on the iPad (as opposed to the bottom, on the iPhone), and constantly pulling down Notifications by accident....   Not a huge fan of it yet.
What are the odds that s 12" iPad will be announced?
Today's New York Times has an interesting piece on ApplePay. It's actually complimentary to Apple. Consequently, Samsungers and Androiders are out in force, with their inferiority complex and anti-Apple vitriol in full display. It's worth checking out just for that.
When we give up our right to privacy, we give up the right to free expression, freedom of religion, right to peaceful assembly, and right to not self-incriminate. We even give up (the one that I am not entirely a fan of, but it is what it is) our second amendment rights.
What an idiotic post. You could at least do a simple search before making silly assertions like this.
British body language is quite different from American. Get over it.
Can't wait to ditch PayPal. Trashy site, trashy iOS app. The only reason I've kept them on is that they can act as a buffer between my financial data and many retail websites, especially non-US ones, that I do not really know well. The only credit card I have on there is one I do not use anywhere else. Let's hope ApplePay proves to be everything it promises to be and more. And quickly. I hate to say this, but given the history of some of Apple's less-than-stellar...
New Posts  All Forums: