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I will say this for what it's worth. Neither of my teenage kids (19 and 16) had heard of "Apple Music", 24 hours later. They were surprised to hear that this was a potential competitor to Spotify. They have not seen or heard about it on any of the social media sites they both frequent, and not one of their friends had mentioned it either. I realize that this is only two data points, but it is possibly problematic for Apple if more broadly true.
Well, well, well. I recall that a number of people poured scorn when I suggested a few months ago (in relation to story on how the new Apple campus was coming along) that 2015/16 seemed way too optimistic.   What did I base it on? Just casual empirical observation: in the US, we seem to be utterly incapable of building anything big or ambitious within budget and on time. Doesn't matter if it's Apple or the US government. It is a lost art.
You do have a point. But Apple might be hauled up for 'predatory pricing'...
Your experience with run-flats is somewhat anecdotal. For instance, the last two cars I've owned are BMWs with run-flats. Never had an issue, and pretty much every tire service fixes run flats. In the last three decades of car ownership, I've had a flat exactly once. So it is most certainly not a reason to not choose a European vehicle (btw, many of which are now made in the US). But all that's anecdotal too.
Give me a break.
Newsflash, guys: If something doesn't suit your taste or work for you, go consume something else. Is that so hard?!
Why does he have to be kidding? You've got to be kidding...
Do Apple's competitors (not some niche players) in this sphere offer losslessly compressed streaming? If so, who?
Kudos to cadillac!   I wish more models from more European automakers offered CarPlay for 2016 US models. The only one I am aware of that is fully committed is Volvo's new XC90. Audi's website says that "Audi has indicated that CarPlay will be available on some all-new Audi models arriving in U.S. showrooms by 2016." BMW has nothing in its 2016 lineup, afaik. I've been unable to find any concrete information in either the Jaguar or Mercedes websites.   The rollout is a...
AAPL sinking, per usual.   Might pick up some call options if the trend persists....
New Posts  All Forums: