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What is the 'corporate image' that Apple needs to 'control'? That Jobs was a tough guy, could be heartless, and a control freak? You think no one really knows that?What an utterly moronic comment.
Oh, I've seen the rose gold Watch too. We're good then.
There's no way you could have seen one in the wild, so your assessment is moot. I'll let you know on Saturday. That aside, if it's 'pink', so be it. My manhood will not feel threatened.... 
My copper-gold 128GB is on its way, as promised, on Sept 25....
Wow, that's a lot of words to avoid every substantive point that was brought up in response to your post.Three points. First, you should learn to read a table. What matters TODAY is the investment you make TODAY for stuff that will come on stream 5-7 years from now. Hence the need to focus on Table A5. What is coming on stream today is investment made five years ago, and that's a sunk cost. You can't go back and change it. Second, if you think levelized cost of energy...
Oh, I think we're getting bit too worked up about this. Look at the bright side. First, if someone is stupid enough to not be able to tell the difference, it's their problem. Second, it says that there is still a lot of demand for Apple retail in China, giving that segment room to grow there. Third, I'd rather this 'problem' were Apple's than its competitors' (who can only dream about something like this).
This is exactly right. Apple, like many other companies, relies on something called the 'contract for differences' model with utilities (i.e., fixed price contract whereby, if price per kWh rises above a certain level you pay for the difference, or below a certain level you receive the difference).
Even if one accepts your numbers -- which I don't, since, according to the DOE (which calculates the LCOE for various types of energy generation and transmission), the LCOE for Advanced Nuclear falls squarely in the middle of different types of natural gas options (see Table A5, p. 10) -- your premise is flawed. Energy needs of countries like India not only need to be relatively low-cost, but they will need to be relatively clean (coal is simply not an option for the...
Looks cheap. Like a $25 watch.   But I realize that's totally subjective.
New Posts  All Forums: