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Oh c'mon. You're smarter than that.
I was in Singapore this past week, and during some spare time, I was at a nice watch store -- selling watches mostly in the $100 - $1000 range -- to get a watch battery replaced. While his employee was working on it, I asked the owner what he thought of the AppleWatch. First, he said he'll be buying one. Second, with a sardonic smile, he said that he expects to be put out of business in a couple of years. I know it's one data point, but nevertheless....
Sorry, I meant AppleTV, not iTunes.
LOL. Really? Because Nokia had created some 'communicator' thingy that was a pathetic little product that no one used? Who else, by when, had made it 'become a handheld computer'?Please enlighten us further with your amazing tech history knowledge. While you're at it, do also tell us -- if you have the remotest clue -- how long you think Apple worked on a phone before introducing the iPhone to the public in January 2007. And whether mobile phones were handheld computers...
Agreed. But at a much smaller level, it is interesting that no one called super thin gold MacBook (at least, not that I recall).
Maybe, but iTunes is also your Airplay, radio, and multimedia (i.e., music, photos, and videos) device.
Not wanting to be left behind, I am told there's now a long line of lieutenants at Samsung wanting to donate various body parts to The Great Leader there.
Are you a real Doc, or just playing one on the internet?
Enough already. I'd really like the next announcement from Apple (and the next story in AI) on this topic to be: which carmaker, which model, when.   The rest is recycled fluff.
The plot surely thickens.....
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