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I own a reasonably high-end BMW. It's the shittiest most embarrassing UI. Not something I would hold up as an example.It's a wonder more people don't have accidents trying to navigate this sad little effort.
What an idiotic post.'No use' for YOU =/= 'no use' for me.
Because Apple has said so in an analyst conference call? You know, the law, that type of thing?
Wow. Kara Swisher? John Fort? Really? You don't say...
Isn't that the equivalent of a thief saying, "I only stole a small sum of money, so it doesn't matter."
You've got to be kidding me.....   An utterly shameless company.
Sorry for the pithiness, then. I'll spell it out, since it really was intended to mean quite the opposite. By calling the US 'justice system' an oxymoron (i.e., a self-contradiction in terms), I was bemoaning the fact that Apple will be getting only $400M out of this utter travesty of a trial as well as the appeals process.
What's a Surface Pro? Is it something that people actually use?
Um... who said they're not? I was commenting about this measly $400 million, and a genuine opportunity to shame Samsung.
1) The phrase 'justice system' in the U.S. is an oxymoron. 2) Apple should donate the money to a S. Korean charity, and visibly so.
New Posts  All Forums: