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First, you ≠ all retirees with portfolios. And, your portfolio of Apple as retirement ≠ retirement portfolios of millions of Americans. Second, it is not my job to give you any investment advice, but if your 1,000 shares of Apple are what you're counting for retirement, all I can say is that you're violating every basic rule on how to build a sensible retirement portfolio. If you choose to be undiversified, that's your problem, not the market's. And to blame some phantom...
This is the dumbest canard -- always fact-free -- that is thrown around regularly in these forums. If you know this to be the case, give us evidence. And no, anecdotes ('Madoff') don't count. Incidentally, the millions of Americans who have their retirement money in Apple have it through institutional investors, apparently the very same that you think are 'manipulators.'  You can't have it both ways.
A bunch of whiners out in full force, I see. Wonderful OS, wonderful update. Go with it and enjoy it, or switch. It's not like your whining is going to get you anywhere.
It's probably both. Be happy.
Super cool.
I don't think so.
I am going to wait at least a week before trying it out.   The last time Apple issued an AppleTV update, both of mine got completely bricked. Took way too much time and effort to get it all going again.
One minor, weird thing that is a bit jarring: the bottom tray (with the gray background) on the home screen now has black lettering on my 5S (all else it white).   However, on a 4 that I simultaneously updated, the text stays white (btw, it's quite amazing how much faster the 5S is compared to the 4).   Anyone else have this issue?   Add: Other than that, I am loving the update. I have switched to the lady with the English accent. She seems to pronounce my name...
You certainly don't sound like it in your posts.
.... and less than 17 from that for you to -- ever so faithfully and predictably -- point it out.  
New Posts  All Forums: