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I think it stands for "Free On Board"? (Edit: Added a link ;-))
And, typically, a physical key that slides out.
Well, because you keep referring to something that doesn't exist, and along with a few others here, keep talking about that thing -- which doesn't exist -- as being some master plan to destroy the internet and stifle our speech, and keep asking for a link to that thing which doesn't exist, and don't seem to understand that one cannot provide a link to something that doesn't exist. What else does that sound like, if not a conspiracy theory? Btw, can you provide us the link...
Yes, I am. There can only be a link if there's a document to link to, no?  
No, you put up, or shut up. What is this 300-page document you keep referring to? Where or what is it supposed to be? Who says it's there? Again, as I asked SS above, are you sure you're not confusing it with a WH document that Ajit Pai (the rightwing nut on the panel) refers to?
You got it. There isn't one. You may be confusing it with a 317-page White House whatever-the-heck-it-was: read Ajit Pai's hysterical conspiracy-laden dissent (although, he sounds like he forgot to take his meds). What is this "300-page" document you (and a lot of right-wing conspiracy theorists) keep referring to? Honestly?
Yeah sure, I'll try: so, do you think you accepted his premise when you said, "people stopped... because..."?
Y'all keep saying this. But I gave you a link to the text of what was actually voted on.
What's a Mobile World Congress?
People have stopped wearing watches? How do you then explain that 1.2B watches were sold last year (as melgross posted -- and cited -- the other day)?
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