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I never cease to be amazed by how low expectations can be sometimes.... 
I guess each of us has a different definition of, and threshold for, what constitutes corporate bullshit.
Sure. I thought I had trashed it, but apparently not."Hi XYZ,This email is an automated notification from Dropbox that your Public links have been temporarily suspended for generating excessive traffic. Your Dropbox will continue to function normally with the exception of Public links.For more information on suspended links, please visit the Help Center. If this is your first suspension, you may remove the suspension by visiting your account page.- The Dropbox Team"What...
I think that 'getting Coted' should be added to the US English vocabulary (it means something along the lines of getting Borked, except that getting Coted refers to the do-er rather than the do-ee).
Whatever. Don't particularly care at this point. I've moved on.Perhaps, at a minimum, they should hire someone with better communication skills.
Google, the innovator. /s
I have soured on Dropbox (I used to be a rather big evangelist). The reason? I had one of their low-tier plans, and I had uploaded approximately 1GB worth of photos from an event (my daughter's play) that I had sent to the number of people at that event. (Space was a non issue.). Soon thereafter, I got a couple of nasty, arrogant-sounding emails from DB saying that that there was too much download activity on my account. I promptly deleted my DB account, after moving...
This is decency. What goes around comes around.
That would be a start. And I said nothing about Windows.
1) What's the big deal about throwing in an Apple-created encased 'enclave' in an Apple laptop/desktop? It probably takes up no more than speck of space. (Your previous point about security implications is probably not terribly valid, since there will be obviously some type of OTA communication between the iPhone and the AppleWatch as well). 2) PC sales may be stalling, but something like 300+ million are still sold every year. That's many more than tablets. Apple's share...
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