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I notice that you avoided a couple of key questions that I asked. Whatever..... (didn't expect anything different). We're supposed to be impressed that you've working with supercomputing since you're 19? Big f'in deal. There are a lot of equally -- if not more -- accomplished people here. Incidentally, Apple has arguably mattered more to the world on just about any attribute you'd like to articulate, compared to all the supercomputers put together. Most of them have been...
I watch CNBC -- well, I have it on in the background, occasionally paying it glancing attention -- a lot when at home. I think the Fox News analogy is quite apt. A lot of agenda-driven, stream-of-consciousness nonsense. Much of the US news media is pretty sad and shallow, but Fox and CNBC lead that race. No trolling there, I am afraid.
6. The Watch is doomed because Apple is doomed™.7. The Watch is doomed because, well, if it's not, it should be. 
3. The Watch is doomed because I don't/can't/won't want it.4. The Watch is doomed because, of the 200 people I know who own iPhones, only two have it.
I am speaking from personal experience from owning one. Are you? More specifically, I mentioned four attributes. Did you ask your two friends if it was delicate, unobtrusive, classy and/or technologically advanced? What did they say to each?
For you, pulling out your iPhone out of your pocket every time you get a notification or an alert is not a big deal. For others, it is inconvenient to do so. Especially if your phone is in another room in the house, or when at work and its in the office and you're in the cafeteria, when you're in a meeting, when you want to send quick reply back to a text, etc etc. For women, it's particularly convenient, since their phone is often in a purse, and their clothes tend not to...
Not one, I'll bet. Likely couldn't afford one, I'll bet.It is truly a marvel. A fabulously delicate, unobtrusive, classy, technologically advanced marvel.
Seer alert! Seer alert! Wow, we have a trendspotting seer in our midst!Hallelujah!!
It's like Apple created the perfect device.... then decided to add a flaw to it, you know, just because.
Force Touch (which I've got quite used to on the Watch), while nice, by itself is not a must-have for me. Now, if only Apple would put the on/off button back where it originally was....
New Posts  All Forums: