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 Could care less about Chromebooks. I was talking about the Surface.
 'Don't pay much attention'?! They're idiots, then. LOL. Have you checked to see if the Microsoft Surface keyboards are free? And if not, what they cost? /groan I have a similar superbly designed one for my iPad Mini, from Logitech. $80.
You're aware that hundreds of models of fully functional, very reasonably priced keyboards are available for the iPad, right? /roll-eyes (And, sorry to nitpick, but "...should of had"?)
I wish these people would wait until they have an actual product or service.   Getting Googled (⇒ overpromised + underdelivered) by tech seems to be the new norm.
Who gives a damn about their share. Androiders should be far more concerned about stuff like this: http://nyti.ms/1oZdnPE
 I have to agree. I took a look at their Twitter feed page. Mostly juvenile/adolescent stuff.
 I tried it on my iPad (since it is presumably an iOS app).
rob35 is correct to point this out. Try finding the app in the App Store.
 While I agree that there is 'no natural PE' and that 'appropriate' PEs can vary by industry, it is far from an ad hoc formula. Indeed, it has a rather precise meaning, couched in two specific fundamentals: the return expected from the stock (which is based on its risk), and the expected long-run growth rate in earnings. Let me explain with some simple algebra. (I will make some simplifying assumptions without any loss of generality). Assume that the Earnings (E) of a...
 You've got to be kidding me. Seriously. It's a wonder there was no fatwah against that other cubist, Ernő.... (Aargh.... what's up with the damn formatting on AI....)
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