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'Morality is private?'I am sure that every dictator, butcher, and despot in history thought so.
Laughable nonsense -- and a total falsehood -- to compare anything that Google 'introduces' to the AppleWatch. The product that was demo'ed last September is nearly all that will be introduced in April. Apple was merely ramping up the manufacturing and getting in gear the marketing and the buzz. Please tell us what major feature you think the Watch will have that was not demo'ed in the September '14 event.
Oh, they have that one covered: it'll be a 'beta.'
Does this company have a strategy? If so, someone please enlighten me on what it is...
What if he could have spent it instead on, say, buying a plot of land and erecting a giant 50-foot statue of himself in gold with an inscription in the base that said "Built the most valuable company on earth"? Do you think that a donating to charity -- even if after death -- would be a more selfless act?
All forms of energy have subsidies of some sort in them. How come you never felt unhappy before, when just fossil fuels were being used?
That's certainly a better answer than presenting us with bogus numbers...
LOL. If you think comparison of cost-per-unit capacity is how you make a rational financial decision, then: 1) Duh, to you. 2) Duh, to the industry. Add: Also, you do not seem to understand that Apple's $840 investment million buys it 45% of the power produced by this facility for the next 15 years, and if this report is to be believed, 100% of the power from years 16-25 (which we did not know before). It is, therefore, utterly stupid to think that this just buys 'capacity.'
The life cycle carbon impacts for solar are substantially less than that for fossil fuels. http://www.nrel.gov/analysis/sustain_lca_results.html (Nuclear does best on that score, though.)
Nonsense. See above.
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