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This has not been a problem for me. (I have the Milanese Loop). I did notice, however, that in the Workout app, the BPM takes a few minutes to settle into the correct number. One it does that, it seems to adjust real-time.
I don't follow. It monitors your heart rate regularly (and therefore, activities that increase your heart rate -- relative to the resting rate -- should be reflected). What exactly is the problem? Can you be more specific?
With the exception of Accessibility (which I've had no issues with), all the rest are welcome and needed changes. They were lacking a bit. I am deeply impressed by how quickly it has been rolled out.   Can't wait to install the update.   (Add: Weird that I did not get a notification about this; wouldn't have known about this update unless I happened to be browsing AI).
I was responding to your point about "2016 can't come fast enough". You're obviously implying that a new President might be different/better on this front. I am simply saying history suggests that your hope is misplaced.
So, who's done a great job on that? (Please don't say Reagan).
I've said this before, and I'll say it again: if we don't have the right to privacy, we can't really have 1st, 2nd, 4th, or 5th amendment rights.
His argument is not too difficult to deconstruct. I'll round off numbers for simplicity. Apple forward PE (incl. cash) is 13.6x. On a market cap of $750B, that implies next year's earnings of 55B. But cash will account for $1B-$2B at most, so the earnings from operating assets is $53B, say. But the market cap of Apple excluding ~$190B in cash (assuming all of it is used to buy back shares) is $560B. Thus, the PE of earnings from operating assets of 560/53 = 10.6x (close...
Janet Yellen has no more predictive power about the course of the market than you or I do. If you want to believe otherwise, you're certainly welcome to do so. But you should not then attribute that belief to "institutions". (Fixed typo).
"If everything goes as Icahn says"?! What special predictive power or crystal ball does Carl Icahn have that others don't? More importantly, that the market as a whole doesn't?
It really depends on when you bought what, and held for how long, doesn't it?
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