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1) If you're using an NFC terminal that does not have an ApplePay logo on it, then the process is no different from that of using  a regular credit card (e.g., zip code input or not; sign or not). The use of ApplePay in that situation really only offers the benefit of substantial added security. That matters to a lot of people, including me. So, if you only primarily use cash instead of credit cards, then the use of the iPhone or the Watch to pay is not for you. 2) If...
Are people using 3D Touch a lot? Along with Live Photo, I expected I would, but surprisingly (or sadly), I've rarely used either very much. I wonder if there's some major use-case I am missing.
What are you talking about? During the period Feb - Jul of this year (i.e., 2015), AAPL steadily held $129 - $132 per share, i.e., $903 - $924 pre-split.
It has been frustratingly slow, indeed. Just last week, according to a BMW newsletter I received, one of their senior VPs finally sent a blog about CarPlay (and Android whatever) being available starting with 2017 models. We'll see. I have also been lustily eyeing the Jaguar XF, but no mention of CarPlay there. I will not be buying my next car unless CarPlay comes standard with it.
Um... what? You're rambling.
As expected, your posts have descended from lies to blather. Not only did I read the NPR link you cited, but I thought I would spare you the embarrassment of your own overblown bs (look at your post in #78, where you blithely claim Clinton did something illegal -- in response to which I asked you for a cite). All that the NPR link says is that some Republicans (e.g., Chuck Grassley) have claimed that what she did is "illegal." Since you insist, the article actually says --...
Of course not. But if called on it, some might consider it to be an intellectually honest thing to do. Unless no such cite backing up a wild claim exists....
See below. Looks like at @Corrections must have missed your memo.
The fact that you could have "sworn to something" amounts to......exactly zilch. Zip. Nada. Zero.Provide a (credible) cite. Put up or shut up.
I couldn't honestly care less about Republicans or Democrats. I form my opinions -- and not only try to post, but also respond to posts -- based on evidence.I also couldn't care less about wordplay and semantics. A complete waste of time.There are multiple investigations under way to explore whether Clinton violated laws. There are a bunch of congressional committees looking into it. If the evidence leads to her having violated laws or secrets, fine. I'll wait for it.What...
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