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I'll believe they have something tangible on this front when they have ESPN -- which is owned by Disney, whose CEO sits on Apple's board -- signed on. Until then, I see no reason why anyone else would sign on. It's a hill of beans. (Not that it bothers me anyway. I think Apple should simply get out of the content business altogether, including music, books, movies, TV etc.).
Must be..
Pi**ing you off ≠ pi**ing off customers. You constantly seem p-o'ed with Apple. Chill.
In my case, it's all backed up, always. Just how many songs do you have?
I have a car, I listen to tons of music, and I don't expect bother with Apple Music either (or Spotify or any of those).   Streaming is for people who don't know what they want in their music or where to find it, apart from which, I don't want to mess up my multi-thousand song library on iTunes Match either. I'll wait. A few years.
Just the default ones.
If true, how can Apple possibly allow Google to do something like this on its software!? What could Apple do other than to throw out Google altogether from iOS devices? (As a depressing aside, I have Ghostery on Mac OS web browser, and in the past few days, it has been blocking somewhere between 60-70 and sites/bots EVERY SINGLE time I go to the AppleInsider website. One of the worst sites in this regard.)
Why could it not be in a "10.11.1" beta or post-10.11 rollout software update?
I guess I am also (implicitly) proposing that something like AirPlay be made available for Windows. Apparently, there are Apps that claim to be able to do it, though. While at it, open up FaceTime for Windows too... take on Skype!---It's good to hear that Bootcamp is simple and straightforward with Windows 10. That wasn't the case the last time I installed Windows, which was a few years ago. Perhaps it's different now.---I certainly agree that Apple has done a lot to...
If it worked for the iPod, iPhone, and iPad in terms of massive new numbers of hardware sold to a platform with hundreds of millions of users, why won't it work for AppleTV? Of course, for AppleTV to be truly useful, it would have to be fully integrated with all of Apple's media-related software offerings -- a Windows user should have the ability to use with the same ease and functionality as a Mac OS user would (as is presently the case with iOS devices). It may be...
New Posts  All Forums: