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(Meh. Deleted. It is a poorly worded article, and the lawyerly wording in the picture didn't help. Basically, Apple is indeed doing what I was saying....)
****. My heart bleeds for you and your 40 pals.Not.
1. I have little doubt that Apple was the problem here. Moreover, as Cook mentioned, the big three account for over 80% of credit card transactions in the US. It's the old 80-20 rule to get something done efficiently, I suppose.2. If Walmart and Publix were in the list of the 20 or so retailers whose names Cook put up in his presentation, the answer would be yes. Otherwise, I guess it depends on what these two companies do in the next few weeks.
Then go buy a bloody Samsung and spare us the angst.
Add #3: Freeze out the competition. Who'd be interested in the other crap now?
It is a surprisingly good album. Quite a fabulous download for the price I paid!
It was there in my library within a couple of minutes. Downloading it took no additional time than normal. I am not the biggest U2 fan, but this album is surprisingly beautiful. I would even have been happy to pay for it!
Ah. It was obviously a HUGELY successful product intro and keynote, judging by how much the lowlifes are out in force all over the internetz. Even on AI. Loving it!
A fabulous innovation, and even better workhorse. Pure greatness. Sniff.
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