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If your investing philosophy is based on the greater fool theory -- to wit, "idiots who sold the shares" -- all I can say is good luck. (Just so you know, there is always a buyer and a seller for every trade, whether that trade happened at $395 or at $705).Moreover, if you think that everyone who sells their shares back to Apple sells ALL their shares and cease to be 'ongoing holders,', you may even belong to the group that you deride.
How would buying back at $97 be a 30% discount? Do you not think there's a difference between buying back at $97 versus $68?! As an aside, I am huge fan of -- and have argued for well over a year, in these forums -- Apple share buybacks. But at a reasonable price. You're welcome to go back and check. I am simply raising some questions, with appropriately worded caveats, about whether it makes sense at $97. Perhaps you should go back and read my original post again, because...
Um... what "30% discount"? Where did you get that?
So was I. Seriously, do you think that someone selling their shares back to Apple at a profit does not pay taxes?
 That's a clueless statement. The aggregate tax consequence (under the current tax law) of spending $39 billion -- assuming the same holding period -- is identical between a repurchase and a dividend. (The clientele may not be the same.) Indeed, if someone taking cash for stock in a repurchase had bought the shares less than a year prior, they would pay taxes at the current (not capital gains) rate, thereby incurring a potentially higher tax bill. All this time, I actually...
To be simple and honest about it, your post makes no sense.(Edited)
I truly wonder if it makes sense to continue with the repurchase program at the current price (= $683.69, pre-split; all-time high is ~$705). It might have made more sense to be a bit more aggressive earlier.    Given the parity in tax rates for qualified dividends versus capital gains, a special dividend with the remaining, planned $39B (~$6.50 per share) may not be such a bad idea...
Wow, I wonder if they thought of that.... 
Perhaps your ears are better at picking up variations in deep bass sounds than mine, but I find it extremely difficult to tell apart a (decent) $400 v. $4000 subwoofer.
The only puzzle is why it's taken so long. Look out below.
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