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No, it does not. If your argument were true, the optimal strategy for all companies would be to buy out all the shares they can all the time with all the cash they have.
Amazingly, Apple's Fwd PE is still less than 15x. That of the market as a whole is over 17x.... If it traded at just the market's multiple, AAPL should be at $~120. Go figure.
 Why don't you go back and edit your post then? (Just click on the pencil icon on the bottom left).
It's a gorgeous bloody phone. I'll take two.
I think he may have meant going from downtown to midtown. You New Yorkers.... ;-)
What a dreadfully sad attempt to look/sound/be hip...   I wonder if it's meant to be a joke.
The stock has been on a tear -- witness today's move, for instance -- in large part based on this rumor. I hope Sep 9 does not disappoint: if no watch (or some other new product category), there could be a pretty hard landing.....
Wallet at the ready....
Is there a cost of financing the installment payment? (Just checked, and it's 0% APR -- i.e., the monthly payment is simply the upfront cost of the unlocked phone divided by 12 or 18, as the case may be. That's impressive).
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