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Not a realistic option. It would have to float too much debt to do so. The typical going private transaction is done with about two-thirds debt relative to enterprise value (i.e., net of cash), so we're talking about the company and its private equity sponsors having to raise something like $450B to finance the repurchase.Not going to happen.
We've been through this many times before. Even money borrowed abroad has to be serviced with US cash, otherwise taxes have to be paid.(Typos, formatting fixed).
It is utterly pointless to be railing against the market. It is what it is. All Apple can really do in a financial sense is to use this as an opportunity to buy back more of its shares. However, it may start to bump up against prudential levels of domestic cash available to do that, given current debt levels. At some point, the company may have to start to dip into its foreign cash pile. Let's hope there's a repatriation deal soon.
Certainly far less important than profitability (cash flows) for stock price, but not 'meaningless' by any stretch of the imagination.
All of that, and the ability to do group video chats as well.Typical of Apple networking (and networked) products, they give us a great service that does 70% of the stuff very well, and leave us hanging for the rest.
comScore, Canalsys, Strategy Analytics, IDC, Forrester.... Wow. I wonder how people who subscribe to all of these guys survive the cognitive dissonance of junk, sometimes contradictory, often seemingly pulled-out-of-thin-air (since nowhere do they describe data collection methodologies) data.
Thanks for the gobbledegook.
I use both quite a bit, and truth be told, I find myself reverting to Skype when I have the choice.
Oh boy. The day got away from me, and I haven't had the chance to check in here for a while. Sure looks like I missed a lot of excitement...... perhaps that was a good thing.
Yes, indeed, the Audi S5 Cabriolet is a thing of beauty.If it had CarPlay, I would buy it right now.
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