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That's entirely fine. And sadly, predictable. But if you spew nonsense on a public forum that accepts different viewpoints, you should expect to get called out on it.
I think you misunderstand what 'science' is. It has already been explained well by SolipsismY, in case you missed it. It is not 'belief.' If you think that a reference to 'what science says' is the same as a religious statement, I think I'll just pick up my jaw off the floor, and walk away. It's really a bit pointless. Your wikipedia list of 'scientists' is hogwash for a couple of reasons. One, most of them are not climate scientists. Two, it includes the names of people...
Look, I can't help you if you conflate a government agency -- although it has a scientific division with lots of scientists -- that uses the word 'consenus' in its website with scientists. Let me repeat what I said: find me one pro-climate scientist that uses the word.
How do you explain the fact that, across the globe today, the relatively more tolerant societies -- by and large -- are majority-Christian?
Gosh, the science has gone way past mere 'correlation' at this point. Substantial causation has been established. Specifically, for a good summary view, see Figure SPM3, p. 6, http://www.ipcc.ch/pdf/assessment-report/ar5/syr/AR5_SYR_FINAL_SPM.pdf.
First, the use of the word 'consensus' by people on the Right is complete and utter nonsense. Just a strawman. Politicians (e.g., Gore) have used the word, but I challenge you to find one pro-climate scientist that has used the word. Second, you're welcome to believe whatever you want, e.g., whether climate change is real or not, regardless of what science says. For example you may also believe in fairies, boogeymen, alien visitations etc.. None of it is against the law....
Couldn't agree more. I think that the far Right in the US has a serious problem with this because it upsets many deeply-held, faith-based precepts. Incidentally, I think the Left also exhibits dumbness vis-a-vis science, especially when it comes to GMOs, nuclear power, and vaccines.
Can't quarrel with the observation that compassion and tolerance are associated, but the OP(!) had brought up the link between religion and tolerance. It is just an empirical fact that the most tolerant societies on earth today are majority-Christian. I am sure that is not an accident. Incidentally, I think of compassion as a very Christian concept. (Buddhist too.)
Maybe it'll help with your purchase decision, or make you sleep better, or both, if you thought of it as a $1379 computer with removable USB and HDMI ports./rolleyes
That's drivel. You obviously don't travel much, or read the newspaper, or even know a lot of people.(Fwiw, I am not religious).
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