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Oh boy... just as I suspected: you don't get it, do you? 
Ah, the irony.....
Ah, the far right wing crawling out of the woodworks again.... Sigh.... You guys are relentless.
How do you figuratively puke?
Brilliant appointment. Campbell was getting a bit long in the tooth. Gore and Jung should be replaced next.
We'll see soon enough if you're right. I hope you are.
Oh, I know what a Gimbel is, or am perfectly capable of looking it up. Thanks.
I apologize for being a bit dense today, but I don't see the allusion....
  Some simple, tangible, vivid explanations and examples would have helped. These articles make it sound like this partnership is not much more than Apple partnering for a corporate sales force. Then why stop with IBM? Why not go after the whole lot, including Oracle, SAS, Cisco, HP,....
Thanks for that fabulously articulated post. You have just held a mirror to the thinking of a lot of people, vis-a-vis this deal. I agree that Cook needs to distill it down to something more tangible, and communicate that in a simple, effective way.
New Posts  All Forums: