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Of course not. But China is not America. Poor is not rich. East is not West. To think that everyone everywhere should have the same working conditions as America -- which, btw, has worse working conditions than France or Germany -- is really quite naive, and arrogant.A company can only do so much. If you have a problem with it, put your money where your mouth and principles are, and go buy someone else's product. Come back and tell us how your due diligence of their supply...
That's obvious. As I said, I find it to be totally implausible. In nearly four decades of existence, Apple has done the exact opposite with every one of its products, starting with PCs.
I don't really follow what's at issue here. Why would Apple be remotely interested in increasing the ASP (and hence, profits) of the likes of Samsung? I've never heard of something so silly as being part of Apple's strategy anywhere, at anytime. Perhaps someone can explain what's really going on here in plain English?
This case is possibly beginning to perhaps redeem my faith in the U.S. Justice system.
Bloody brilliant, despite what some sad little curmedgeons think.
Excellent post. (From some reason, the stupid AI interface via Safari on iPad will not let me give your post a thumbs up).
Brilliant.   I take back everything I said about Apple's lawyers (for now )
This is the right thing for Apple to do.   Also, bravo, Microsoft!
That's nonsense. Did you read the two key examples cited in the article, or did you, in your usual fashion, post first and read later?
Groan. Such shameless, blatant thievery.   (I eagerly await a bunch of posts from the Tech guy about why it would be the best time to buy Samsung stock).
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