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You're obviously not the user to whom they're pitching this service.I'll bet 99.9% are cool with it.
This is an unbelievably beautiful product. Damn.
Spectacular! There's an AppleWatch Edition in my future....
O.M.G.   Bloody spectacular watch!!!!!!!!!!!!
AAPL up $3.50!
Refreshing the browser worked for me! Yea!!!!!!
No sound, dammit....... :-(
At this point, we may have to tip our collective hats to sog35. Even Skil. That would be the gentlemanly thing to do.
Yes, the Shakur one was quite impressive, but I think that, to be able to pull off something like that in a vast country with poor connectivity is nothing short of unbelievable.
Narratives about Apple will always be what they are. We know by now that Apple cannot, and does not, control that.
New Posts  All Forums: