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So what else is new. Bring such Idiotgate incidents on. It offers some of us a terrific opportunity to take advantage of an irrational decline in AAPL. If you believe in Apple.
Irony-challenged much?(Ok, I'll stop now, since readers -- including me -- must be totally bored with this off-topic cr*p. Feel free to knock yourself out responding).
Meh, tbh, it's a matter of luck, just as your strategy is. It's just that options give you a little bit of time to see what develops.... Buying a call option is essentially equivalent to taking on debt to buy the stock, without the hassle of actually taking out a loan or buying the stock.I stick to very basic strategies, such as buying a call or a put. With such strategies, the 'greeks' you mention are useless jargon meant to obfuscate more than anything else....
Yep, stay classy now!
Lol. It's no 'PC cr*p'.You yourself called them 'Southeast Asians' in your prior post. Your being married to one makes you no expert on Asians, just as my being South Asian (notice the parallel suffix?) does not make me one.It's about basic literacy.
Anyone else facing the following problem in iOS 8: pressing and holding down a word brings up the 'Select etc.' buttons -- and then the Cut/Copy/Paste button -- only fleetingly? It sometimes takes multiple tries....
It has that 'colloquial' meaning only among the geographically-challenged. Get off your high horse and go look at a map. You might learn something.
Yeah, you know this because you have perfect foresight...
Bought some calls yesterday.... cashing out today, and planning a nice dinner out with the family over the weekend.... 
Interestingly, it says 'low signal' on mine against a couple of apps (incl. the App Store). I wonder if that means greater battery drain when either the wifi or cellular signal is less strong.
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