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Groan... Munster is on this case?   Hope it's not a case of TVbyApple redux.
"Justice system" in the U.S. is an oxymoron. Clueless Koh is Exhibit A.
Simmons I don't know, but Top Gear is/was brilliant. In any event, getting into content production is a complete waste of Apple's time, talent, and attention. Indeed, they should be spinning off their content distribution (music, movies, books, streaming) business too.
Actually, in all fairness, I think it's only 91%. 
Is it plausible then that the level of "spying" was sufficiently up to par that Google did not feel the need to up its level?
Is this really true? Or is it the other way around -- Apple will not allow Amazon to be AirPlayed or streamed to an AppleTV?
Back to trolling, are we? I asked of you a question regarding measurement of protrusions in non-Apple watches. All I heard was the sound of crickets....
It is well-defined. Look around, and read, instead of sounding ignorant.
You should try to understand what economists refer to as the Commons Problem: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tragedy_of_the_commons
Careful now. Gatorguy has just been paged (and I am sure he's busy Googling at this very moment for the right comeback).....
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