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Two words: MAJOR FLOP.
Oh stop. Samsung is Apple's most direct competitor (and perhaps Apple's biggest IP thief), so news about their strategies and tactics is highly relevant. If you don't care much for it just pass on it. (I'd much rather read about this than recycled analyst pap).
Thank you.
Are you having trouble processing simple questions this morning?
Do you have a different number? Or just your lazy insinuations?
What point? Unless you're claiming that the judge and the jury in the previous TWO trials (both of which Samsung lost) didn't take into account the actual numbers, AND unless you have a calculation that suggests a different number? If you do, please share. Otherwise, please stop the lazy insinuations -- a la Gatorguy -- and move along?
NEWS FLASH! The first lawsuit is over. You guys Samsung lost. TWICE. Get over it.
Um... You do know that this lawsuit is more than just about tablets, right? Did you read Hauser's testimony? Any clue what device it dealt with?
No great 'meme' there. Just actual facts.The two can be reconciled only with channel inventory data. Apple is the only company to provide that. Don't you wonder why....
New Posts  All Forums: