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1) I was talking about the BMW. I have no idea about "fobs" that "there are" out there. Looks like the notion of self-charging may be a myth vis-a-vis the BMW. I just checked my manual, and all it says is open the cover (after taking out the physical key), remove cover, replace battery, close cover. Nothing about self-charging. 2) The mention of the battery was redundant, agreed. Also, no need to really take it to the dealer per (1) above. 3) Even if the fob battery is...
He makes what he makes. If that doesn't suit your Highness, go and consume something else. Or nothing, for all we (or Apple) could care.
I have a high-ish end BMW, and I honestly believe that the claim of self-charging (or whatever) is myth. I believe it has a battery, the system warns you when the battery is low, and you take it to a dealership to get a replacement if/when that happens.I too have not owned them typically long enough for this to happen, but I've decided to hang on to the current one until I get CarPlay on BMW. (I'll wait another year or so, and if they don't have it, I'll switch to some...
What 'literature'? Empathy and understanding is what destroyed the Nazis? Seriously, what arrant nonsense.
I am astounded by the shallowness and facileness of your post, despite all its big words. I'll grant you that the Iraq war was a massive, neo-con led disaster. Many, many people said so at the time. But that doesn't excuse a damn thing. Wtf does that have to do with, say, Yazidi women getting raped and men getting slaughtered? Mass butchery of Egyptian Christians? The Jordanian pilot getting burned alive and filmed in glee dying a horrible death for the world to see?...
.Really? What love and care and understanding was 'Jihadi John' (I detest that term, makes him sound like a cartoon character like 'Joe Camel') lacking?
Is it me, or do some of the posts here sound a tad 'sponsored'?
It is a deeply stirring speech, and worthy read. If I had my way, those three depraved racists would have been executed on the spot (I believe in the death penalty for egregious cases of brutality). But where does he say 'KKK'?
A serious question. Why are the 'impressionable young' so susceptible in this case? I honestly do not see the type of recruiting going on -- and people signing on to take part in savage brutality -- in the numbers that we see with any other religion or ideology. And as to your somewhat ambiguous wording "what it says it is", what exactly are ISIS doing that is different from what they 'say' they'll be doing?
I couldn't disagree more.
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