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Really? Do you seriously mean that? Is your attention span truly that poor? (These are honest questions, I am not trying to be snarky).Edit: oops...
As what kind of green would you describe it? 'Spring' green?
Is there a lot of 4K programming available?
....or that well-connected analyst.. what's his name?
What a vacuous post.In the long run, we're all dead. So what? You'd like to crawl into your grave now?
Yes, the browser mattered, but nowhere near as much as you think.I think what differentiated was touch, implemented flawlessly and brilliantly.
I did not realize this was much of a problem....
WTF!? Microsoft has been in the mobile market?   Learn something new every day.....   Add: Just noticed that it was a report from Strategy Analytics. 'Nuff said.
Someone actually cares about this!?
Bookmark this: https://help.apple.com/watch/
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