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You win.
2020 is a lifetime away. What'll we be on -- iPhone 11? One I can fold and put in my pocket? I am predicting that Apple will have found the perfect replacement for Ireland somewhere in Asia.
The problem is, even if they knew in May that things were going sour with Apple, if theirs was part of a pre-planned, programmed sale (and done by a third party), there's probably not much the court can do. The courts could try and go after them for fraudulent conveyance, but that is very difficult to prove, unless it was obvious that they knew this was heading south at the time the stock sales were planned. As I've said elsewhere, the defining principle that courts use is...
Thanks for leaving our beer out of it.
Then I suggest you reread my original post. I was talking solely about consumers.
Says the guy from the country* that's only one of two in the world to not adopt the metric system...*It's mine too.
[deleted; will repost correctly; ugh, posting on AI from the iPad is such a pain].
  What part of the word 'consumers' don't you guys understand? cropr, are you your company's consumer or owner? ktappe, who do you think a hedge buyer is, if not a consumer of the hedge? (And incidentally, what's wrong with hedges? Companies, farmers, etc use them to protect against foreign exchange swings, raw material and commodity price swings etc. all the time. Heck, every time you buy insurance, you're, in effect, buying a hedge).
You're missing his point. The fact is, regardless of what you think, corporations do not pay taxes; you and I do. Almost all of it is passed though to us. Corporations are no more than a vehicle for tax collection.The government is bamboozling people into believing that there is some corprate entity that is separate from its tax-paying customers. That's pure fiction. You can choose to believe it if you wish.
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