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I am truly glad that your post count is what it is despite being in this forum for 11 years.
The level of illiteracy, paranoia, confirmation biases based on idiotic websites, confusion, and stupidity in Internet forums is quite sad. When these attributes bedevil even some of the more intelligent forums, such as AI, it is downright depressing.
'Corrupt'? FDA? Please tell us more (assuming it's not some paranoid fantasy)?
Jewish population is ~2% of US population, and Orthodox Christians < 0.5%. Not sure that the aggregate numbers there matter a whole lot. This is probably far more important....
Spot on.
There is no law against stupidity. Knock yourself out.
Links to a bunch of rightwingnutcaseneocon websites don't constitute serious references. But I am sure you can't tell the difference, so feel free to ignore the comment.
I don't think it's odd at all. Leaders have power. Power attracts. Ergo, infidelity. On top of that, if you add charisma to the mix (which many leaders also tend to have), I am surprised infidelity is not more universal.
Weird comment. If it has survived as a social institution for so many millennia, surely there must be some sensible reason that makes it optimal in some fashion? Perhaps human beings value predictability, stability, and contentment in relationships a tad more than they do uncertainty, instability, and excitement, especially as they get older. And, the tax situation helps....  Add: Apparently, rob53 hates taxes too!
He was most certainly an exceptional and inspiring historical figure. (Despite what some here might have to say about it....)
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