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Provide a (credible) link/cite, or move along. Better yet, get lost.
I have no idea what to make of your nonsensically stream-of-consciousness blather, but let me address just one: Christianity got a lower-case treatment in my posts only when I was quoting you or that other guy (OP). It always gets an upper case treatment, as does a reference to any other major religion. A 'condensing' teacher, indeed. Good luck with the topic.
Ah, so who's customer are you becoming? Good luck.
Perhaps, as a religion teacher who sounds thoroughly condescending ("christians who actually bother to study and learn about the original faith") you should ponder this question: why is it that the only countries where same-sex marriage is legal are majority-Christian? Why is it not legal anywhere else, including all the majority-Muslim, -Hindu, -Judaic, -Buddhist countries? Heck, I can't even think of an officially non-religious country where it's legal (not sure about...
Leaving aside the fact that you may be no expert on Christianity -- I certainly am not -- I did not see him making exceptions to particular types of 'Christians' in his post.So, is everyone from other religions, say, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism fine with homosexuality? In what way are 'Christians' unique in this regard? Unless you can tell me, I have to say that your post also sounds bigoted against Christians. (Fwiw, I am not Christian).
Whoa. Hold on there, with the broad brush. Apple has categorized no one a bigot or anything remotely similar.You're welcome to conflate your consumption habits with the 'morality' of the country from whence the product comes, but you might be being a tad hypocritical here. Are you sure you've never consumed Saudi oil or Chinese-made (including Apple's, since they're all assembled there) products?Btw, does that mean Facebook, Google, Cisco, Microsoft, Amazon, etc. should...
Give me a break. Last I looked, you guys can't agree on Greece, illegal boat immigrants, Polish plumbers, whether Britain should stay or go, integration of northern African Muslims, Putin, free speech, government surveillance, the welfare state.... Want me to go on with other politicized issues in Europe?
No, I don't think that. That is an issue of your reading comprehension that I honestly cannot solve.And your ridiculous generalizations about 'Christians' continues to be pure nonsense. Bigoted, in fact.
If all of Apple's competitors are for it -- as I am sure they are -- it offers no competitive advantage whatsoever to Apple.As to your point about 'Christians' that's pure nonsense.
I think you raise some interesting points. We all should be concerned about overreach of corporate power, for sure, and corporate involvement in social and political issues.What appears to set these moves apart is that the corporations are wading into a set of issues to further social equality, and there seems to be no immediate or apparent profit benefit to their doing this.
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