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Nonsense. There is no equivalency between the two posts.
Your regular pro-Android, pro-Samsung, pro-Google, anti-Apple posts in a pro-Apple forum are not worth much more than one line by way of response.Here's a bonus second line: see above for my 'opinion.'
Thanks, DED. Everyone except the trolls here have known what these numbers are confirming for us: That Samsung tablets are a joke. It was quite obvious when they stopped reporting volume shipments, and have refused to give out channel data. Such evidence from the trial is worth its weight in gold. More than makes up for Shiller's sophomoric memo to the ad agency, or SJ's email about the 'holy war'.
Ah, I see the Androidefender is back again....
What an incredibly idiotic post. At so many different levels..... yikes.  
Actually, (2) and (3) -- and thus, indirectly, (4) -- are very related to my original point, which was more broadly about the cost of regulation/taxes/mandates on consumer goods in the EU compared to the US.
For fact-delinquency, look in the mirror. ;-)You forgot:1) Exchange rate uncertainty.2) Higher warehousing/distribution/retailing costs (cost of labor is much higher in the EU compared to the US, whether for FedEx truck drivers or retail employees, as is cost of fuel).3) End-of-life laws in the EU that require consumer electronics manufacturers to build in the cost of disposal and recycling.4) Competitor pricing strategies -- e.g., what is the relative price of an S4 in...
Blame the people you elect -- not Apple -- for that doozy.As a shareholder, I don't want them to lower to their price one euro-cent so that EU politicians can get their grubby hands on taxes from Apple sales.
I misunderstood. My apologies.
Are you saying you don't have any? Wow. Good for you. Or you have less-than-high expectations.
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