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USD/SFR:April 24* -- $0.96/SFRToday -- $1.01/SFR USD/HKD:April 24* -- $0.12/SFRToday -- $0.13/SFR Barely any appreciation. (I think you may be conflating it with its appreciation against the EUR). *Date of AppleWatch intro.
It's barely getting started.... just as 2010-2020 was/will be China, 2020-2030 will be India.   I hold.
Hey Apple, any progress on being able to use the Watch/iPhone/iPad remote, or has that been abandoned?
What does "limited support" mean? That there are few NFC terminals where ApplePay can be used?   For me, it really doesn't matter whether the terminal says "ApplePay" or not: as long as I can use my Watch or iPhone, I don't mind the extra couple of seconds to hit 'credit' and sign if/as needed. It is by far the most brilliant way to pay. Paying with the Watch, in particular, still gets me six months later.....
No one? Nonsense. For example, two members of my family will gladly pay top dollar for a 4-inch iPhone for the form factor and capabilities of the 6 (let alone the 6s). There are many many like them, I'll bet.In any event, Apple would not be stupid enough to do something like that unless they're reasonably confident of its success.Add: If it looks anything like the new iPod Touch (which I love, btw), it will fly off the shelves.
Just as the 6+ was Apple's blowout China strategy, I am convinced the 4-inch iPhone will be its India strategy.
Exactly. The privacy that is being protected does not just involve normal email, text, photo and video communications, but also people' financial, tax, employment and health data.Moreover, it's naive to believe that some smart kid somewhere couldn't create yet another app to encrypt communications amongst the bad guys.
The usual round of suspects wanting to install probes up our ***** (I put in the asterisks myself, before AI did it for me) are at it again.
I am sorry, but what's your point?
Doomed, I say: It's not 103%.
New Posts  All Forums: