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See above.
Equal Protection (the argument the majority used) is not. It's a constitutional right, and states cannot take it away.
You're really serious, aren't you? So tell me: how do you measure this return to Bill Gates? What form does it take?
So, Bill Gates getting others to contribute to his favorite philanthropy gives Bill Gates a return? Who knew! I always thought it was the recipient of the philanthropy that does. Silly me..... Incidentally, there's nothing inherently wrong with activism or a call for action, per se. I really don't understand why you think that's not 'honest.'
1) Unfortunately, the government has to be involved in some form. Otherwise we could have a free-for-all in terms of marriages, no? (I don't think I need to elaborate). And, of course, once the government steps in, its influence usually tends to creep ever upwards. 2) He's being a bum.
What an utterly silly statement. I'll take something like Bill Gates's public, open, transparent philanthropy that also gets other billionaires to open their wallets, over your silent stuff (which may or may be happening, for all I know), any day.
Yesss!!! And, while at it, let's give free massages and unicorns to everyone!!!!!!!!!(See how easy it is to avoid a question or an issue?).(Fixed typo).
It's 'rampant' right now? Really? Compared to, say, five (let alone ten) years ago? Even two years ago?Give me an honest answer. If you can.
Yeah, I know, when December comes around, I just wish there would be a Christmas songs section, a 12 days of Christmas section, a Christmas app section, a Christmas movies section....C'mon. If you were Muslim and complaining that there is no Eid section in the iTunes Store or the App Store, I'd actually be more sympathetic (even though my proclivities don't lean that way).
When the conversation reaches the level of "take a course in it", it has descended to a level of irredeemable inanity from which it cannot reemerge.All I can say is, the politics of identity has plumbed new depths of stupidity. This thread is Exhibit A. Reasonableness is not an option.I weep for what lies ahead.
New Posts  All Forums: