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I agree. I've never worn any of my dozen or so watches in the shower, ever.
I have a 1960 Omega Chronomaster that my father gave me, and it stopped working 20 years ago. I've tried to get it fixed, in many places around the world, but no luck! I'll pass it on to my son too, but it'll just sit on mantelpiece.
In sixty years, most of us here will be dead.
I weep for all these dead wearables walking, come April.... I hope they have a Plan B. Maybe that'll be a Plan C(opy).
This is definitely a possibility.But it also means they have compete with each other for the 'prime spot' with top dollar customers and they may not really want to do that. Visa and MC have been caught colluding (and have settled with) the DoJ in the past.We're in for interesting, disruptive times on the retail payment front.
The one issue that I've noticed is that sheer convenience, inertia, and not wanting to hold up the line behind me works in favor of the default credit card (in my case, Amex) being used to make all my payments on ApplePay: hold phone over NFC symbol with finger on TouchID, make sure the check sign shows up against the image of the default card, sign (sometimes), and leave.   I wonder what the implications of this would be for credit card companies jockeying for you to be...
I'll wait for 103% to claim vindication. (Pipped by TheWhiteFalcon!)
A clarification (but one that strengthens your point): Apple's current PE is not 20.6x, it is 17.9x. It's forward PE is 14.4x. It's forward PE ex-cash is 11x.
I guess what you're saying is your economic worldview and pronouncements are based on what you see, and your gut-feel, rather than objective fundmentals like inflation, volatility, unemployment, bond rates, and exchange rates, which according to you is just 'noise.'Hey, it's a free country! You're fee to think what you want. But don't be surprised (and get personal) if you get challenged on it./facepalm
No, I don't. How do you explain such low stock price volatility then, at historically low levels? Why don't we see these potential problems reflected in corporate bond rates? Why is the dollar strengthening? Why is unemployment falling? And no signs of inflation on the horizon?I am not a fan of financial-economics-by-looking.(Added a couple of sentences after original post).
New Posts  All Forums: