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At the end of the day, however much they steal the disparate pieces, competitors cannot replicate the entire ecosystem. It is futile. Consumers-- even Chinese consumers -- know and value that.
I remember when a whole bunch of folks here dismissed China as some 'third world' backwater that Apple should not bother with, even upto a few years ago. But Apple had a longer term view. And look where it's now. A similar thing will happen -- but not on as large a scale -- in India, but five years from now.
What a moronic post at so many multiple levels! You never fail to disappoint.1. I don't "loathe" the "social approach" whatever the heck that means.2. I don't dislike Cook unlike you (and I think that may have something to do with his sexual orientation, in your case). In fact, I admire him, and think he's phenomenal.3. I have no issues with the Beats purchase unlike you (and I think that may have something to do with ....). I couldn't disagree more with you. I think your...
Groan.(S)He's baaaaaaaaack......
Leave 'social' to others, Apple.
Many of us would prefer if you just shut up and stick to consuming (or not) Apple products....
Technologies have come a long way to address these types of concerns (see my post above). Not saying it will happen in the next year or two, but we might well see a lot of them by 2025.
4th-gen nuclear (i.e., traveling wave reactors that use depleted uranium, see, e.g., http://terrapower.com) is well on its way to solving this problem.
Yikes. You guys (and those giving you the thumbs up) are just making your own facts. There's no law against it, but it's kind of a shady thing to do.The simple fact is -- and you can look this up in spades -- Medicare is solvent until 2030 (at least), and can cover 75%-85% of projected costs from 2030-2050.And here's the additional fact that's going to get all your knickers in a twist: what made this possible is the cost reductions arising fm the Accountable Care Act!
Hmm... I've been watching your posts for a few weeks now, and I am fairly convinced you're not our formerly prolific poster SolipsismX (nee Solipsism). I am sure he must be quite flattered -- and it's most certainly not 'illegal' vis-a-vis AI rules -- but may I ask why you chose this particular nom de plume?
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