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What does it say about you that you read it? Leaving aside the fact that you even commented on it? 
If you have data on Fedex's hedges, share it with us. Otherwise, move along.
I don't see anything nonsensical about this. It's a very good article, especially on the possible implications of the dollar appreciation on Apple's margins and reported earnings. With nearly two-thirds of its sales abroad, Apple's cash flows are hugely exposed to currency swings compared to even a few years ago.I have no doubt that Apple hedges aggressively, and that will hopefully mute the impact. Moreover, the fact that China had been the huge area of growth should mute...
You're forgetting that the financial crisis was primarily precipitated by lousy loans made by mortgage lenders. On top of that, you're assuming that people who make loans to buy stocks are stupid.Both are egregious.
While I am thoroughly opposed to Jackson and these types of protest strategies, I would imagine that a security job at Apple is extremely serious, given all that is at stake and competitor thievery all around (remember, for example, the Eddie Cue skit at the last keynote?). Why isn't Apple, regardless of thugs like Jackson, hiring the best and the brightest -- say, ex-Navy SEAL-types -- with the highest possible, industry-leading pay to look after security!?
I thought that the "/s" in my post was implied in spades, but apparently not....
C'mon, you're bringing up one stock out of the many thousands that are traded on the stock exchange. Your collateral against homes purchased in Arizona, Florida, and Nevada were equally in trouble in 2007, and many lenders had to eat the losses. Does that mean we should get rid of borrowing to finance a home purchase? Of course not.Stocks are no different. In fact, given their liquidity, they can be better collateral than homes, cars and education.
What's 'PC' about what he's done? Has it come out of your hide?
I confess to having my initial doubts, but I have come around to the view that Cook is a truly remarkable CEO. He may not be the visionary that Jobs was -- very few people could be -- but he's an amazingly worthy successor to Jobs. 
Yeah, Apple must be really stupid to be not asking -- or have an answer to -- such questions. It's a good thing we have you to alert Apple.
New Posts  All Forums: