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I tend to focus on his substance, not style (which can be a tad breathless).
This I agree with.
For the things that I am able to do with that form factor, why would would I need more? I'd rather have the extra battery power from a sufficiently powerful chip than too little from a chip that offers bragging rights for geeks. Add: Anyone else suffer from DED withdrawal this weekend?
I don't like the tone of most of the posts here, but I have to admit that they're funny.....
You really should keep up with the news. HK gets the freedoms that China allows it to have. If it doesn't rock the boat. http://online.wsj.com/articles/china-reminds-hong-kong-of-its-control-1402411342If you'd like the full text of the 'White Paper' (you can get the gist of it pretty quickly) it's here, as an English translation from the South China Morning Post:...
 I don't have any personal concerns about data on me. My point was that, in a world in which the courts in a country can demand that home country corporations' and citizens' data in foreign servers be turned over, it does not matter much if Apple stores data on Chinese citizens in servers in China or elsewhere.
 Please try not to be pedantic, and try to follow. No one suggested that a "company would admit to anything nefarious." That would be childish. I said -- if you'd care to read and process again -- that there was nothing in what Apple said, given the story and its context, that I interpret as signaling something nefarious on their part and at this stage. Moreover, you brought up HK as though that was a big deal. It amounts to a b-s hill of beans. 
(Deleted; mstone clarified the question).
 There could be, but I see nothing in Apple's response that leads me to suspect some nefarious intent at this stage. Moreover, moving something to Hongkong is a fig-leaf, since China de facto controls HK. If/when the chips are down, it does not matter much whether it's in mainland or HK.
If, as recently happened, a US judge can demand that Microsoft turn over the data in its servers in Ireland, and that judgment holds, it won't be long before China can ask for, and be granted access to, data from US servers.
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