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In fairness, he did rail equally vehemently against Karl Lagerfeld (or whatever his name is).
An even more insidious version of this -- since it's all positive -- is 'damning with faint praise'....
Why will it be your 'last'?
Not at all. That was short-hand way of making an observation that your posts in this thread are childish. You normally post some pretty insightful stuff, but some -- like most of your rants, admonitions, and expletives in this thread -- are just silly.
Did someone appoint you ruler of this Forum? Grow up.
Must be just me, but I am having trouble following this sentence....
(Deleted; weird double post, for some reason).
I have this problem too, with my 15" rMBP.
There's always that hope......
I have a nasty feeling that the Milanese Loopers may be in for a bit of a wait....
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