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Couldn't agree more. Indeed, I'll bet doing precisely that kind of research serendipitously produces all sorts of "wow, look at what's in it for me" outcomes.
My definition of 'research' would most certainly include something that currently looks tangential, but whose potential may only be realized in the future, perhaps even in industries other than those Apple competes in. I am not saying that should be the main (or even dominant) focus. In any event, I'll bet all the R&D that Apple is currently doing is business-relevant. So the fact that I am bringing up their doing something more implicitly suggests that I think they should...
Yours is just a point of view, just as his is. Indeed, when corporations talk about 'social responsibility', I wish they would put something like this on top of the list.
Given all the resources it has, and given how relatively small the investment would have to be, wouldn't be amazing if Apple hired the best damn scientific talent from around the world (a la Ma Bell of yore), and created something like this.   What a lasting legacy that would leave!
Yeah, he gets paid by the post.Talk about wasting time running up post counts..... (including, unfortunately, this one -- but it had to be done).
"There are certainly a lot of compelling technologies being developed, which is great for the mobile-commerce industry as a whole." Huh? If the above is true, and Walmart truly has the "consumers' best interests" in mind, why not allow both payment systems to operate side by side in their stores? Damn hypocrites.
Quite unlikely, unless firms like Apple and CVS also want to get into the banking business and assessing client creditworthiness (i.e., the collections business)..
Hey, if you're going to rip-off someone's quote (in this case, Frank Zappa's), at least have the courtesy/decency to make the proper attribution: http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/f/frankzappa106017.html Pathetic.
New Posts  All Forums: