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Hmm.. I am not sure you (and the person who added to your reputation, @JackANSI ) know the difference between (or the definition of) net sales and gross sales. All sales numbers reported by companies in their 10Qs and 10Ks that reflect their so-called "top line" reflect net sales: i.e., gross sales net of allowances/discounts/returns. That aside, if you want to believe utterly bogus analyst/ReCode/Slate estimates about component costs (and you might also want to look up...
For future reference, that always means NET revenue.(Corrected typo)
According to Apple's 10K, I think FY2015 Mac revenue was $25B and iPad revenue $23B.
It's net revenue. And afaik, there is no data on iPad v. Mac margins put out by Apple.Don't make up stuff. We have enough useless analysts doing that anyway, and you know no better.
There is no need to converge the iPad and the Mac. However, there is a need to achieve greater interoperability between the two, via an iOS app that can seamlessly communicate with and access Mac files, and a MacOS app that can do likewise with iPad files. The need for primary reliance on iCloud, other cloud services and iTunes to be able do this is clunky and suboptimal.
Forbes!? Are they still around?It was a decent publication during the days of print. When it went digital, it essentially became a collection of low-class, poorly researched, unvenly written blogs.
Don't confuse voluntary disclosure with corporate governance.
Couldn't agree more. There is no institution that has cumulatively created more wealth in the history of humankind. It had built many houses, funded many non-profits, sent a lot of kids to college, paid for a lot retirements, and sent a lot of taxes the government's way (every time a stock is sold for a profit or a dividend is paid).In my personal experience (I don't know the OP), the ones complaining about it (or have conspiracy theories) are almost always those who are...
You don't know anyone who sends their kids to a government run school? Really? You might consider asking someone who works for you (e.g., your cleaning person, cook, chauffeur, dry cleaner, pool cleaner, landscaper.....).In any event, the facts are easy enough to look up. The US spends about $12,500 per pupil on K-12 public education. A little over half of it is the instruction and instruction support budget, ~$7000.Do you think $1000 is lot for a device, in that context?
Agreed. And Apple should stop it's silly quarterly guidance, joining a group of perfectly fine companies like GE, Berkshire Hathaway, Coca Cola, Google, and McDonald's.
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