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'Customers are finicky beings'? You know this better than Apple does its customer?Where would these finicky beings go? You say you're not going anywhere yourself, but you know a lot of finicky beings who will? Or are you just pulling this out of your... you know....Dude?
Yep. Problem solved.Ya think?
It seems to me that you're equating a tweet that has been retweeted twice with a psychopath who killed nine people.Is this really what you mean to suggest? If so, that is unbelievably, pathetically scummy. If not, care to explain?
Well said. (Although, I think you may have meant 'vulnerable and weak')
Why does that worry you? It impacts the quality of products and services that Apple provides? Are you his guardian or something? On the board of Apple? Otherwise, get lost.
Everyone has one of these "VP, Government Affairs" types. Often, at least two, with one in DC and the other in Brussels. It would be stupid of Apple to compete with one hand tied behind its back (or expect the company to do so).
Personal? You're the guy who started this sub-thread buy calling a whole bunch of folks -- ones who give publicly, and whose giving may leverage others to give, thereby enhancing the resources available to the recipient -- dishonest. You've not answered a single substantive question that has been asked of you: you've evaded every one of them, including the above.  Sheesh. What a vacuous set of posts.
 I guess you must have missed the bit of news that said the CJ's argument was on the losing side.... Whatever.
See above.
Equal Protection (the argument the majority used) is not. It's a constitutional right, and states cannot take it away.
New Posts  All Forums: