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As many of these companies and economies will soon realize, what goes around comes around. Japan did it to the US. Taiwan to Japan. Korea to Taiwan. Now China to Korea. Next up, Vietnam to China....   And so it goes.
Didn't they forget the 'just'?
American media.
Cue the conspiracy theorists linking this to Cook's email to Cramer yesterday. Nothing to see here, move along....
J D Powers is like the IDC of the auto industry. I always take their $1 bill, drop it off at some charity somewhere, and never bother to answer a single, bloated, poorly-worded questionnaire of theirs, ever.
Um... you forgot your "/sarcasm" tag. People might think that you're being serious in some planet or the other.
I take it you're enjoying your Watch... (I vaguely -- hope not wrongly -- recall that you were not an early fan!). 
Why do taxpayers even pay for these bozos...   /facepalm
What question was that? It was very difficult to see in the midst of  a lot of verbiage. If it is, "what is your opinion [of the market]?" my unambiguous answer is: given my estimates of expected future cash flows, likely long-run growth, and equity risk premia, the market is quite fairly valued at this point, with perhaps a lot of upside potential. For some stocks in it like Apple, IBM, Disney, etc. that potential is immense. For other stocks in it like TSLA, LNKD, NFLX,...
I've heard of El-Erian. Super smart guy. What's his track record?Mock you? No, ask you to explain the basis for your ill-founded views about market behavior and stocks. You throw out a chart, make some wild claims about market participants being cons (or agreeing with it, anyway) and then throw out some verbiage. (That reminds me: why is that market participant you quote, El-Erian, not a con?).If you want to stick with cash, that's your prerogative. Do so, by all means....
New Posts  All Forums: