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Oh, I knew the answer to my own question.
Google has a 'stated purpose' for Nexus? I'd like a link to that.That aside, (i) this means that sales must certainly fall into the 'flop' -- i.e., rounding error -- category, factually speaking; and (ii) how has Google's stated purpose panned out -- do you have a statement or something along those lines from Google on that front?(Corrected typo)
Do you have sales numbers? Seriously.(And I don't mean the pap put out by consulting firms).
The issue of 'net neutrality' (I hate that term -- it's like the 'Patriot Act') is complex, and there are valid issue being raised from both sides. Obama has some valid points, and Wheeler has some valid points. (Even the cable companies do, but they're the ones I trust the least in the debate.) For some posters here to revert to their usual, simple-minded left-wing/right-wing talking point crap is just plain idiotic. It won't be long before this thread goes down the...
I am a huge Zappa fan -- both his music and him as social philosopher -- but I don't recall his giving away his music for free. In fact, he would rail against others even sampling his music.
Only an idiot sitting in Washington, DC, could not see that charging forward with something like this would have a massively negative impact on the revenues of the brightest spot of the U.S. economy, namely IT.
Ugh. What a silly statement to make. Quite apart from painting with a broad brush -- I am no defender of 'big government,' whatever the heck that is -- if you think that erosion of privacy happens only by the government, you're much less cogent in your thinking than I've been giving you credit for all these years. Or it is perhaps a 'privacy can be violated by only the government' theory you've come up with (like your 'monopolies can be only created by the government'...
Not trying to be contentious, but let's accept the fact that you and I are sheep too, just shrug, and move along.
Your privacy is you, warts and all. If/when we give up our privacy, we'll have nothing else left.
That's excellent advice from Graham and Buffett, and one we should all heed. At the current market cap of ~$650B, Apple's operating assets -- which are the ones that pretty much produce all of the earnings -- are worth ~$500B. I know there's some debt, but let's ignore it (it's not a huge amount). In other words, at $500B, the trailing P/E of Apple's operating assets is <14x. The forward P/E is <12x. Why don't you do a similar calculation -- it's quite easy to do -- for...
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