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Another uninformed post from you. AppleWatch will be a standalone watch, fitness tracker and iPod, at a minimum. It will have standalone apps written for it. There may be additional standalone functionality we don't know about yet.Thanks for agreeing with the other four points of my post.
First, it is a watch. Lots of people like, and want to wear, watches. In fact, 1.2B of them were sold last year. Second, it has a ton of standalone functionality. It could act as a gateway for people to buy into other Apple products, such as an iPhone, once they've tried it as a standalone product (similar to how how the iPod became a gateway product for Apple). Third, there is the convenience aspect of it even for those who have the iPhone. Fourth, wearables will be a...
Last I looked, AI is a largely pro-Apple forum. There are plenty to anti-Apple forums -- in fact, the vast majority of them -- that you're welcome to go to. If you post anti-Apple sentiments here, you should expect pushback.As the old saying goes, if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.
One can reasonably speculate on the quality of something without actually trying it.If not, this entire thread would be moot, no?
I wouldn't go that far, but I do think that attractive people likely make the AppleWatch look better!
What a stupidly clueless post.It's not even worth the bother of explaining why.
If your phone can do everything that the watch can, and you don't want to wear a watch, you certainly shouldn't be getting one.But many poeple feel differently, you can see from this thread. So, what exactly is the point of your post?
They're monetizing data on us to generate ad revenue. That's basically "selling" us.
Your posts most certainly didn't help, TS. In fact, you gave the derailment a huge nudge.
I am afraid I've pretty much lost it with your posts. I have no clue what you're saying, or why. All I can say is that it seems some fundamental chord has been struck, and you do not like it. I am moving on....
New Posts  All Forums: