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Yikes, for the last time (see my post above), you CANNOT do that by borrowing money abroad. The IRS will go after you for a 'deemed repatriation.' If this wa so simple to do, Apple would be issuing all of its bonds abroad. Heck, every company would be doing it.Please at least take the trouble to read the thread before posting wrong information. It is not a very long thread.
It's a bit ambiguously/awkwardly worded. It could also be read to mean 'two notes totaling £750M'.
Still struggling to understand the rationale of all these foreign currency (e.g., SFR, YEN) bond issues (no, it's not to fund share repurchases in the U.S., since that would be treated as a 'deemed repatriation'), when there's so much foreign cash sitting around. The only plausible explanation is: (1) to fund local operations with local currency financing; and simultaneously (2) hold on to the cash to bring back to the U.S. at some sort of lower, one-time 'tax holiday'...
There is a whole battalion of trolls, lowlifes, anti-Apple zealots, etc. who will get a major kick out of this garbage. It will probably do quite well for a documentary.   C'est la vie. 
Anyone stupid enough to sign up for it deserves it.
Who cares. Let them do their work. No need to give them an anchor to get to a 'whisper' number. Apple would be in plenty good company: Google, GE, McDonalds, Coca Cola... to name just a few. They're all doing fine (to varying degrees), independent of guidance.
I actually agree with some of your concerns (and the ones expressed by some of the market commentators). There really might be something there. The history of Apple and networked products is not the greatest.
No, you don't. Although, it might have helped if they capitalized the B and the S.
@Boltsfan17 and @hillstones: how much did you guys pay for the last Google Maps or Apple Maps update?
The Beats Wireless Studio headphones is one of the best I've owned. (And my home is a wasteland of headphones ). I can't recommend it enough.
New Posts  All Forums: