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(Shallow post alert!) Yikes. That is an embarrassingly bad looking brown suit -- granted, it was the mid-90s, but still... Glad he decided to go with jeans/black turtle neck look.
You really expect someone to know what your definition of "non-obvious" is? Why don't you give us the list?
Good news, apparently. No wonder AAPL fell a lot today....
An analogy like that, which refers to a small piece of a product, as opposed to a product itself, is not terribly useful. What might those 'other' factors be?
But the important question is: why should that be the case, considering it should be a trivial thing to do.
It's truly puzzling -- and disappointing -- that Apple has not done a significant display upgrade for a few years now. One would think that this might have been a low-cost no-brainer initiative, given what they already have in place.
The family and I just watched Guardians of the Galaxy in 3D, on our 65-inch Panasonic Viera that is a couple of years old.Brilliant. (Unless, of course, you dislike 3D altogether, in which case it has nothing to do with TVs per se).
Until privacy issues, malware issues, OS interconnectedness, device interconnectedness, Internet/modem reliability, and standards are sorted out -- some of which are still years away -- I think IoT and home automation are DOA.
Ok. Your post was, indeed, saying what I thought it was. Good thing I stayed away from responding before.I don't know the Quran anywhere near well enough, but I doubt very much that what you're suggesting is remotely the case.
New Posts  All Forums: