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Cue the curmudgeons.
Guys/gals like you and Apple][ will never get that embracing ethnic diversity and globalization (including China and the 'third world') is simply the future of any large, successful business. You'll either come to grips with it some day, or just grow old embittered and left behind. 
You guessed right: whatever.
I wandered into watching it because I was absolutely impressed by a five-minute clip on climate change from the series that I happen to view.The second episode was on artificial/natural selection, and the role that the environment plays in choosing from among mutations. That part was very clear and interesting. Then he wandered off into something about methane lakes (in one of Saturn's moons), made some mention of a supposedly hugely important point about how he was going...
Your obstinacy is only exceeded by your ignorance.
I have just started to watch it on OD. The first episode was sensational. The second, lousy, and a head-scratcher. I am hoping the first two data points are not a reliable signal of quality variation.
Yikes. No. Please educate yourself. http://www.cdc.gov/vhf/ebola/transmission/
 You should. Especially if it's hot. Perhaps you'll start a new social media craze....
Get a life. And a sense of humor, while you're at it.
Get up on the wrong side of the bed today?
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