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The Beats Wireless Studio headphones is one of the best I've owned. (And my home is a wasteland of headphones ). I can't recommend it enough.
There's nothing wrong in being negative per se, if you're fact-based. Unless almost all your posts here are negative about Apple (e.g., Gatorguy).
Is anyone forcing you to read it?Perhaps there are others whore interested.
Thanks or setting him straight. This is typical of the sheer, aggravating, anti-Apple bullshit that this Gatorguy regularly posts on these forums. That's why I did not even bother to reply to the moronic post of his. He pulls out some asses' blogs describing Apple's tax rate abroad as 2%. If that stupid claim were true, it would mean that Apple paid over 45% of its US income as taxes. How? Taking 2014's 10K, Apple's overall pretax income was $53.5B, of which $20B was US...
Yes, sure about that.Don't have the time or the inclination to give you cites, but you can figure it if you want from Apple's income statements.
You surely are, I am guessing...
Good one! Reminds me of the famous Zappa quote about rock journalists -- you could quite aptly replace the word 'rock' with 'tech': "Most rock journalism is people who can't write, interviewing people who can't talk, for people who can't read."
Wow. Care to share the results of your survey with us?
Never underestimate Apple.
Bloomberg's web division is in major trouble. It's editor, the former Verge guy (Topolsky?) has essentially been fired. I think they're desperate for clicks to try and stay relevant with their lord and master, Michael B.The writing and coverage has truly become pretty shoddy in the past few months.
New Posts  All Forums: