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I don't think your quite understand what actually happened. You're just parroting the sound-bite version. It had nothing whatsoever to do with derivatives per se: it had to with derivative-like structured financial products that were 'marked-to-model' and there wasn't a liquid or deep market in the underlying security to get fair prices or to trade. The second mistake that these financial institutions made was to assume that the mortgage debt could be bundled and then...
This makes no sense at all. Should people similarly be banned from leverage to buy houses or cars or send their kids to college or do home improvements, because there are people out there who don't use debt to do any of those things? 
Anything can be made political. The only question is the appropriateness of doing so at the drop of a hat in a tech forum. The fact that something can be done doesn't mean that it should be. ​As an aside, 'too big to fail' has certainly become a political issue (as has most other things), but it's fundamentally an economic issue. If, indeed, TBTF is real, then it is valid to worry that there may be systemic risks. If there are systemic risks, then it is valid to ask...
Why does every damn thread turn political?
Stop hyperventilating. I said -- or remotely implied -- nothing anywhere about anyone being anti-Apple.I am just sick and tired of the ridiculously ponderous pace of the U.S. Justice 'system', especially in relation to the tech industry. In an industry where product life cycles are measured in months or years, the courts seem to take years or decades. That is simply shameful. Add to it the endless delaying tactics and appeals by lawyers padding their fees -- often with the...
Take this crap elsewhere -- e.g., PoliticalInsider.
I guess you must have missed this one: http://www.people.com/article/ebola-nurse-breaks-quarantine-maine
Good choice, but let's also recognize the needless panic and public health costs created by a subset of the self-righteous ones (and their teary-eyed supporters) bringing the virus back to their home countries.
My 160GB Classic has been an outstanding music system for my car. When it finally gives up, I'll truly miss it (unless CarPlay comes with massive storage -- I am thoroughly frustrated by the bugginess and syncing issues of iTunes Match on my iOS devices; I am using iTM less and less).
I have no idea what you're saying. What does a site being 'progressive' (what does that mean anyway?) or not have to do with the first sentence I originally wrote (i.e., the one to which I was referring)?
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