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These guys are simply using Apple as DoJ bait. Once (or if) the DoJ approves the deal, they'll dump the Apple 'set-top box' idea like a hot potato.
Couldn't agree more. Sounds like breathless Valley-speak from a poorly-educated teenager.I sincerely believe that the senior management, starting with CEO, of the most valuable company in the world -- from an English-speaking country -- needs to learn to articulate their thoughts in a more precise, a more grammatical, better punctuated fashion.Get some speech/English coaches, guys. This is embarrassing. SJ would never put up with such crap.
Such a weird, awkward-sounding phrase: 'Your Verse'. Can someone explain what the heck it even means!?
VW's navigation systems already do this.
I am afraid I have absolutely no clue what you're saying or the conspiracy theories you're implying.As usual, your sole purpose in this thread is defending Samsung or Google or Android.I know that some like to engage you, but I am going on to other things......
I have no view on Mueller, other than that he seems to be one of the smarter commentators out there on the topic of patents/IP, and is highly evidence-based in his assessments. Doesn't just pull stuff off the net....
Exactly. Sounds like some fly-by-night outfit that no on has heard of. But, since they posted some impressive-looking charts on the internets, Gatorguy is assuming they must be telling the truth......
Um... I see ONE AI commenter raising a question. Did I somehow miss all the others?
Apple's current advertising lacks b4lls. Or style. With a couple of minor exceptions.By corporate, for corporate.
While that's most certainly true, my underlying point was slightly different: how risky are these relative to what we have in place? (I was, very conservatively, only talking about replacing the nuclear reactors we currently have).
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