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I am not sure that is relevant in the least despite your "doubt everyone who can actually uses the full amount." This would simply be the result of a preference (or need) for for consumption from current (after-tax) income, as opposed to deferring consumption to future (after-tax) income.
As they well should.
This is far-reaching. Apple is upping the game for global companies doing business not only in China, but in other developing economies. It is also a game changer for domestic companies in these economies who will learn and do by example. I know this'll sound hokey to some, and there's a whole anti-Apple brigade that'll just cynically laugh it off (who cares), but Apple shows us that sometimes, corporations can be a force for good.
Actually, I too thought so, until I noticed the poor quality watch band and how badly it connects to the watch.
Groan. What a sad little monstrosity.There's no accounting for taste.
Couldn't agree more.You might start with yourself.
I vaguely recall that she had mentioned something about health issues (chemo?) at some point. I hope I am not getting my wires crossed! (Indeed, I hope I am totally wrong with my recall -- if so, I happily offer a thousand apologies to all).
One, you're the one that said that doing a repurchase increases PE. I simply pointed out that is not the case. Two, yes, buybacks do not necessarily have a meaningful impact on earnings (although there can be some impact from the after-tax interest paid on debt used to finance a repurchase relative to the dividends saved), which, in turn, is why they will have little or no impact on PE. The PE is affected only by expectations of future earnings growth relative to the...
Yes, I forgot about that! They would actually let you try one on our wrist (and that did not require a 15-minute appointment).
Perhaps you didn't understand what he was saying, or what I was saying, or how interest rates work and for whom. If you think -- read his original post again -- you or I (or he) can borrow at negative interest rates, you're mistaken. (Changed wording).
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