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Nice to see that singularity has a secretary on this Forum.  Here's what the first the first para of your link says: "The Commission had concerns that these companies may have contrived to limit retail price competition for e-books in the European Economic Area (EEA), in breach of EU antitrust rules. To address these concerns, the companies offered in particular to terminate on-going agency agreements and to exclude certain clauses in their agency agreements during the...
Yep, just the pap I expected from a self-described 'critical thinker' like you.   Provide the evidence that the IPCC made a prediction about frequency of hurricanes (you made the claim they had made such a claim), or please just shut up on this topic. I truly hope you are capable of comprehending the fact that I cannot give you evidence for something that, as far as I know or believe, does not exist. (I have no damn idea what you mean by "correctly predicted the same...
Nonsense? Really? Pulling out an example from when Apple was just getting started and company that no one had heard of, is not? C'mon.... I don't recall anything like this happening with the iPod, iPhone, iPad*. *with the iPad, some celebrities -- e.g., I recall Colbert at some awards show -- were given it, but they had to return it.
Could you elaborate? Who settled what in the EU?
Not at all. The opposite in fact. Apart form poking Cote et. al in the eye, it will be a strategic move since the DoJ will have to go after Amazon as a monopoly soon enough (since any possible entrants would be scared off by Apple's experience as well).
Why don't you post a link to the "intensity as well as frequency" prediction "for years" from the IPCC. Until then I'll maintain as my default hypothesis that your snark and your politics are getting the better of your critical thinking.
Fabulous. Raising the cost for rivals...   I hope we see a massive investment in this by Apple in China.
 Apple hasn't always played by "the way the world works." That's what made them different. I am not exactly ticked off (tocked off? haha) by this celebrity-chasing, as much as feeling a bit ambivalent about, and let-down by it. (edited a couple of typos.... corrected autocorrect...)
You're actually right about that!
Why? And drive up costs unnecessarily? As I mentioned above, supply of post-consumer paper accounts for only  third of the demand.
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