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Yeah sure, I'll try: so, do you think you accepted his premise when you said, "people stopped... because..."?
Y'all keep saying this. But I gave you a link to the text of what was actually voted on.
What's a Mobile World Congress?
People have stopped wearing watches? How do you then explain that 1.2B watches were sold last year (as melgross posted -- and cited -- the other day)?
  I think I made the mistake of assuming that there might be something even halfway smart in your posts that I might have been missing. I was quite mistaken, apparently. My apologies.  
Ummm.... explain?
Basically, it's a lot of whining from a bunch of sore losers. They voted, and NN won 3-2. The basic principles that have been adopted -- along with the assents and dissents of each of the five Commissioners -- can be found here: http://www.fcc.gov/document/fcc-adopts-strong-sustainable-rules-protect-open-internet Of course there'll be more rule-making for the specifics.The rest amounts to a bunch of shrillness and hysteria. The most important thing to note is:  if people...
I have no idea who you are vis-a-vis the fashion or watch world, and this is not meant to be a diss: somehow, I think I'll go with the judgment of the Paris-edition of Vogue than yours on this matter.
I might do that too, perhaps not the super-duper expensive one.  I think I'll also buy a couple of paper copies of Vogue (with the 12-page ad spread), as a 'bonus,' to go with the keepsake!
I think the success of this device will surprise everyone (but a few of us here).   A generation from now, the first edition will become a collectors' item. Wear it well.
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