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I think the discussion is wandering into the territory of being a non-sequitur. I've completely lost you at this point, and perhaps it's time to get on with my day... :-/
1) I've already said how I interpreted his comments. There's no point in arguing that further.2) I stated the part about having 'a clue' poorly. What I really meant to say was that all we have at this point are second-hand, not first-hand, information on the movie. In any event, that does not take away from the larger point about our knowledge of what Sorkin may or may not know about Jobs relative to any of us. You did not even address it in your response.
1) Irrelevant.2) Your claims about analyzing the "fuçk" out of blogs and being an Apple user are also irrelevant unless you can claim to know Sorkin does on those fronts. I understand he's quite an Apple user too.
I think you're being a little too literal and too harsh. I intererpreted NolaMacGuy's comment to mean that relative to Sorkin, none of us can really make the claim to know particularly more or less. After all, he's also presumably seen and read a lot of the things that we have, on top of which he had to write a screenplay on the subject, which none of us have had to. You may or may not like his take on things, but that does not diminish his knowledge of the subject in...
Whoa. Hold on. People are missing the real headline here. AppleInsider screened the movie? AppleInsider? And managed to get all these people on stage? What am I missing in what I thought I read?
This is a very good point. I had not thought of that.
Not sure what you mean by 'much,' but Apple pays all the taxes that it is required to, overseas.However, like any other US multinational, it minimizes taxes. If one believes in the goal of shareholder value creation, that is indeed the right thing to do. All major tech companies adopt an exactly similar strategy.What compounds the problem is that US corporate tax rates are massively higher than that of the other industrial nations, and the US also has a habit of taxing the...
You may have missed the point of the post.... But I am sure you'll figure it out.
Hawthorne Effect. 
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