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Yes, the Shakur one was quite impressive, but I think that, to be able to pull off something like that in a vast country with poor connectivity is nothing short of unbelievable.
Narratives about Apple will always be what they are. We know by now that Apple cannot, and does not, control that.
If Narendra Modi can do it (http://bit.ly/1mFR15d) why not Apple with Steve Jobs?
I can't say that I am all that thrilled with the hype. (For the record, I am surprised at my own reaction). I hope, however, that I am totally wrong.
 Get with it...
Meh... Apple's naming system is running a tad amok. Each product category is different.   6/6+ 5/5c/5s MB/MBP/MBA iPad Air/Mini iPod Touch/Nano/Shuffle/Classic iMac 21.5/27 Mac Pro/Mini
LOL. This is too sad.   But I'll bet the stock went up. /s
This is an excellent point. I recall when we used to make fun of Microsoft for this type of intrusiveness (I am forgetting the version of Windows OS that drove users nuts with regular deny/allow intrusions -- it was spoofed in the Mac v. PC ads).
Stuff like this was simple for Apple to do from the start. Glad it's finally here, though.   I don't know if this question has been definitively answered, but I'll ask anyway: is iCloud protected against 'brute force' password hack attacks?
Same here.Posting on AI has become a mess too.
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