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Your math is exact! 
Edgy. Excellent. A bit too dense, however.... maybe it's my age, but I thought I was going to get vertigo....
We're a touchy bunch around here. You'll get used to it....
I have seen dozens.
 Sounds brave, but the issue isn't whether you think you have anything to hide, it's whether the NSA thinks you have anything to hide.
I don't envy Maestri his first guidance. How could one possibly forecast sales for an entirely new slew of products, and possible new product categories!?
Exactly. Also, I am not sure he gets the meaning of the phrase 'media whore'.
WTF does that mean?
I bought a Hyundai for my daughter. Superb value for money.
Oh boy... just as I suspected: you don't get it, do you? 
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