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A summary assessment from you -- since you apparently read it -- would have been helpful, instead of just a link. Those who want more details (or do not believe you) can always click on the link, no?
The last time I bought a car was in 2012. Perhaps things have changed dramatically since then.....  (Add: I did buy my daughter a really nice, state-of-the-art Huyndai Elantra GT last year -- that does not have keyless entry).
First, you're wrong with the data you cite. Compared to its level On Jan 1, 2000, the S&P500 was up 40% through end-2014. Second, you cherry-picked a base year that was a bubble. The PE ratios in 2000 (I think ~45x?) were much higher than they are now (~17.5x). Third, the Index currently gives a dividend yield of ~2%. So, you're saying that the capital gains looking ahead are going to be in the range of ~1% - ~2% per year. Really?
I think that Limbaugh calls them "keepers of odd knowledge."
Most cars that are sold around the world do not have a keyless entry system. It will most certainly be useful to them.
That's perhaps a tad pessimistic, although at a forward PE ratio of 17.5x now, the US market is looking VERY fully valued. I do also worry a great deal about a bunch of silly 'tech' companies hyped by  VC types and the likes of Bloomberg West, such as FB, GOOG, NFLIX, LNKD, TSLA, TWTR, BABA, AMZN, etc. whose collective valuations are stratospheric, and ripe for a major correction: the worry is that such a correction will spill over into the larger market (as people have to...
Given where valuations, inflation expectations, and real interest rates are, I doubt that very much. I think the 8%-10% era is behind us. Perhaps 6%-8% from a diversified portfolio of stocks is more realistic.
That's exactly right. And it's all there. But, careful. Facts just seem to get people confused and angry.
I think you may want to move along.... at this point, you're being dense, or playing someone being dense on the internet.
Where did I call you one? If I did, I did not mean to -- I take that back. You've said before that you're a Rand Paul supporter. So I am guessing you're a Libertarian. (That said, I do think that L's are closer to R's in their views that to D's, the big difference being in social policies; but that's most certainly not an R). A lot of the views you're expressing here -- and cites you're coming up with -- are primarily Republican view and Republican media outlets, and you...
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