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No. What did he say? And why is it important? (Not trying to be cute).
Go away, man. Find something more positive to do with your life.
I am surprised. Other than some airlines and a handful of cliche retailers such as Starbucks, Home Depot, and Target, there isn't much. Also, the system of having to go through apps to figure out who's in there, for what, and with what features/coupons/passes is so darned clunky that I stopped using it very early on.If Apple is going to roll out something along these lines as its payment system, it had better be universal, one-stop, and self-contained. Otherwise, it'll be...
Passbook is mediocre crap. I hope -- and expect -- that Apple will have something much better.
Laziness? Inertia? Indifference? Like seeing their pseudonyms in 'print'?
(Deleted. Too many good prior responses to a silly post).
OK... the iWatch 1.0 has been intro'ed, delayed, copied, reviewed, trashed for lack of NFC terminals, for security problems, for useless battery life, etc. etc.   Sick of it already.   I am ready for iWatch 2.0! Bring it on!!
Facebook does something quite similar.
I never put anyone on 'ignore,' not even some of the toads on this forum. I like to take it in its entirety.Your posts have got annoying (they're not terrible), and I am merely expressing an opinion. If you don't like to hear that, you can stop with these incessant, moanie-groanie posts of yours on the topic of Apple's stock price.If you can't or don't stop, you'll just have to deal with the occasional pushback. (You might, however win the 'Aspires To Be Constable Odo'...
I am guessing that the primary strategy -- both sensible -- with the 5.5 is to: (1) Get android types to switch; and (2) Protect/enhance market share in China and the Far East, where a larger screen does matter, given the nature of the script.I will be truly bummed, however, if the 5.5 ends up having features that the 4.7 does not.
New Posts  All Forums: