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You may need to take a class in Econ 101, intend of believing everything you hear (although, there's no law against it ). There is such a thing as a natural monopoly.
If you didn't know that the largest providers of internet services are cable companies, and that they, in turn, are local monopolies, I am not sure in which country you live.
Facts are stubborn things. If any of those facts I quoted are wrong, tell us. Otherwise, shut up.
 Not sure if they're the largest, but one of the largest makes of optical fibers (and its inventor) is Corning. They make most of it right here in the US, in N. Carolina. Japan is probably bigger overall, compared to the US. I think China is the third or fourth biggest optical fiber maker. The biggest consumer of optical fiber in the world, however, is China: about 50% of the world's product is sold there.
Look, you've got to be a factual here. In what way are we 'worse off'? How is the USA being 'destroyed'? I am not pro-Obama in the least: if anything, I think he has zero leadership skills. But leaving that aside, I am looking at the board macro-economic facts, and this is what I see:* Inflation is low* Interest rates are low* Corporate profits are at an all-time high* The stock market is at an all-time high* Silicon Valley is booming like in the mid-to-late 1990s*...
Really? You think this will solve the problem? How big are those taxes anyway? Btw, who do you think is the biggest maker of optical fiber in the world? And, while at it, who will "spur on" domestic manufacture, and how?
Really? Assuming I am interpreting it correctly, the card offers you 0% interest for up to 18 months on purchases over $1000. Say, you buy a $2500 Mac, and are disciplined enough to make your payment on the last day of the 18th month: compared to doing the same thing with your 6.5% card, wouldn't you save 2500×.065×1.5 ≈ $250? You could, for example, park your $2500 in Apple stock during that period....
Sounds nice, but I truly wish there was a pen that enabled me to write -- e.g., make margin comments, circle data points, draw arrows, etc. -- on a Keynote, Pages or Numbers presentation. Actually, on top of anything I have displayed on my Mac or iPad screen. Anything at all out there?
Thanks! I checked it out. Looks like it's both wired and BT. And the price ($130) is great. But not sure about the styling, though.Might have to try one out in person.
I've been waiting for decent quality BT headphones to show up for a while now.   Looks like this one may fit the bill.
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