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You're certainly entitled your opinion on DED (and I'll admit that like almost anyone else, he does not get everything right 100% of the time), but judging by the vast majority of reactions I see to his (what I consider to be often trenchant) analyses here on AI, I'd suggest that your view amounts to a hill of beans in this forum.
What will it do?
(Deleted; I misread original post).
I bought a pair of Beats a couple of years ago. Don't use it all that much, yet, the cord is totally frayed, with copper exposed. And that's the one with the volume etc. controls. Annoying.I take very good care of my electronics.
Agreed, and it will probably happen. Apple doesn't say 'MacBook Air by Sir Jony', for instance.I think that the acquisition may not be formally (legally) completed yet, and that's the reason.
Hmmm... I thought that Nadella was changing course at Microsoft!?
It's $3050 now. Amazing.
Wow. Talk about anecdote over-generalized. And over-analyzed.
 They both are correct in being used to mean the same thing. Sarcastic inversion. You can look it up. We've discussed this in this Forum ad nauseam.
There is no misuse. Both are correct in usage. Inform yourself.
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