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Um.... That's the point. Half the posts in this thread are moronic. brlawyer's posts are Exhibit A.
Wow. Such stupid controversy over a trivial accessory. For god's sake, it's an optional stylus. All I can figure is that the rabid anti-stylus, "but Steve said blah blah.." types are really trying hard to imply that Apple is being hypocritical, but they don't have the guts to come right out and say it. And if Apple is, so frickin' what!?
Exactly. Also a financial decision, in that Apple wants to maintain both its price points and its margins.
Stop digging when you're in a hole.You've basically almost lost what little credibility you had in this Forum.
Google has too much money to waste.   Dead cat bounce, at best.
Meh.  What's CES?
(Shallow post alert!) Yikes. That is an embarrassingly bad looking brown suit -- granted, it was the mid-90s, but still... Glad he decided to go with jeans/black turtle neck look.
You really expect someone to know what your definition of "non-obvious" is? Why don't you give us the list?
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