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iTunes U has to Apple's most under-resourced, attention-starved product. It offers so little serious functionality for educators and students. It's like no one in the company has paid any attention to it in years.   Education software is generally pretty poorly designed. Apple has the chance to create a truly amazing software platform in this sphere, one that could not only be useful but also profitable. But if the past decade or so is any guide, I am not holding my...
Yes, indeed. And it certainly would not make sense for some clueless (probably broke) anti-Apple troll in a pro-Apple forum who does not have the resources to experience what $500 buys, when it comes to the Watch....(Reworded a bit).
Oh, it's quite rugged. I've banged it around, and not a single scratch so far in 2+ months. As to whether it's water'proof' (we know it is officially water 'resistant'): http://mashable.com/2015/05/07/apple-watch-water-resistance-test/ Incidentally, since your iPhone has a GPS, why would you need it on your Watch? Unless, of course, you want a watch that is completely independent of the iPhone, in which case most of your complaints (the ones I did not include above) are...
Liquidmetal, Liquidmetal, Liquidmetal..... I still waiting for the stock to turn from being Solidtrash.
What?! GG, I am disappointed. I thought that they'd have told you first, of all people! 
What 'battery issues'? Mine lasts much longer than Apple promised -- I couldn't be more pleased. And it would seem I am far from alone in being pleased with it: this is also what I've gathered from numerous comments I've read.
All good and welcome changes.   Some sort of swipe feature to bring back the prior screen (if default set to watch face) would be quite useful. And, being able to swipe across different Glances from the sub-settings of a particular Glances (e.g., after looking at a particular stock in the Stocks Glances, or say Stand in the Activity Glances) would be a (minor) help.   The button on the bottom right could be made more functional than to just access frequent contacts (I...
Great. You don't mind ads. We do. Is that so difficult to understand?
Umm... that incorrect premise just about captures your post.
I thought that was swift kick-in-the-b*** myself... perfectly taylored to the moment.
New Posts  All Forums: