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Just ordered my pencil and keyboard, and it says December 17 delivery. The 128GB iPad Pro Gold wifi (which the wife will "gift" me, and I'll be allowed to pre-open ) says one week for store pickup.
That's your opinion, You could have just said that at the outset, and we would not be having an irrelevant conversation.The problem is, you responded to something I said with a factually incorrect statement. I called you out on it, that's all. There is NO COURT RULING on the merits of the GM case. Move along....
Not sure what it offers that others don't, and why it took so long.   Meh.
First, the ruling you cite concerns a procedural matter. It's not a ruling on GM's guilt or culpability. Second, you're the one that made the claim about what courts have ruled about GM's culpability, or something to that effect. I was simply pointing out that there is no ruling on whether GM "internationally hid reports and deceived authorities regarding a defect causing deaths". That may well happen, but it has not happened yet. Third, I hold no brief for GM, and...
Whatever. You can spin it any way you want. To put it into perspective, consider that Apple sold between 50M-60M iPads in the past four quarters. In a year that was down over 15% from a year ago.
Exactly. Microsoft sold about a million in all of FY2015. Laughable. Even if FY2016 is 3x or 5x that number. (Which it won't be).
I guess you're having trouble understanding the phrase "court ruling". The first cite is regarding a fine (a small one at that) imposed by the US government. The second is a blog about a possible court ruling in the future that may or may not include punitive damages (assuming GM is found guilty, and loses on appeal).Try again.
Somehow, I am guessing that Apple's tax base in Ireland must have been a far bigger topic of conversation....
If I've missed a court ruling on GM's ignition switch issues, do let me know. Otherwise, stop making up stuff.
No respectable climate scientist uses the word 'consensus.' It is a word that some politicians on the left (and a couple of bureaucratic agencies and some NGOs) use. The skeptics/deniers ran with it as though it's something that the scientific community claims. If I am wrong, do send me a link. A credible one.
New Posts  All Forums: