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This is the main reason that I have not even bothered to put my app out for Android. And will not.
Xiaomi the money.
I wish you'd focus on the larger point instead on nitpicking over guesstimates. That point again, in case you missed it, was: by the time of ApplePay intro (which is the next week or two), Apple may not have a sufficiently large user base with the 6/6+ for every retailer to justify making the hardware investment. The fact that ApplePay is currently US-only makes this even more salient.
Yes, Egyptian. Of course. I knew that....
I am sure that cross-border copyright and IP issues are somewhat more complicated than you might think they are. Moreover, there are all sorts of complicated regulations that vary across borders when it comes to payment systems. I have no doubt that Apple is looking learn from its US rollout before it moves abroad.
Huh? Read what I wrote carefully.Hint: Is ApplePay a global rollout?
I do think that a Greek goddess takes precedence.....
Do you really think that Apple has sold 45-50M iPhones globally already?
I think most people are getting ahead of themselves in terms of their expectations for ApplePay in 2014-15.   Consider that it will only work with iPhone 6/6+ when launched, and that too only in the US. That's no more than 15M - 20M ApplePay-enabled devices, max, before the end of this year. Perhaps with AppleWatch early next year, there'll be a few million more.   It'll take a couple of more upgrade cycles, and a larger global rollout, for it to really move the needle...
iPhone purchases at Walmart tell us little. Those are likely to be an extremely small proportion of the company's overall customer base and sales. The problem for them is that the typical Walmart customer that walks into the store is unlikely to be an iPhone 6 or AppleWatch user. ('Apple device owners' is not the same thing).
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