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I am seeing a lot of reporting on CarPlay without hard evidence being provided on which carmakers will offer it in which models even by 2016. For example, the article talks about Volkswagen's Audi. I wrote to them a couple of weeks ago (and was at a dealership today), and I got the same answer as I did from BMW: they do not know which models in 2016 because HQ will not tell them. Meanwhile BMW is running ads making fun of Siri in the car (http://youtu.be/nefwFjyjarg). My...
Great argumentation....
The more I think about it, the more spot on I think you are. ^^
While I am not particularly impressed by your pun, it does seem like there's a Burberry-type world that these Cupertino guys are suddenly being exposed to, and they're reveling in it. (Although, they're still not dressed for the part). Nothing necessarily wrong with that.I am sure it'll all come down to earth soon enough, and these guys'll be back doing what they do best.I personally believe that that Watch will have done as well without all the fashion hoopla. I am a...
Btw, I must have missed the news, but Marc Newsom is an 'Apple designer'? Since when?
I have no idea, since I have not surveyed folks. When I see legitimate, long-time, hard-nosed Apple fans start to squirm over this, I am simply speculating that the feeling must be more widespread. Do you have evidence to the contrary? Or think what I am saying is unlikely?
Yes, but Apple's also got to manage negative perceptions generated by this sort of thing. It surely must run larger than forums like these. I feel like Apple has effectively made its fashion point. It's starting to get flogged to death.
Unfortunately, it's not just about you and the other person. Often it's also about the (flawed) implicit assumption that the 'winning argument' convinces some third party watching/reading the debate, and the further (flawed) implicit assumption that the conviction will result in mass purchases of the winning platform to the eternal doom, damnation, and detriment of the losing platform.
Yes, that is exactly what that person had described on AI. I am forgetting his name. Quote:Originally Posted by thompr   At a minimum, it would be great to have the convenience of anything streamed form the iPhone (photos, music, who knows, some day, video) to be played through my TV or stereo. If I do screen shots of a short document (e.g., Keynote presentation, PDF or Pages file), I can project that on to an AirPlay-enabled screen. There are also some things like music...
That's the way I feel too. 👍 (Although our conversation wouldn't even have started if you didn't feel the need to jump in whenever I was answering someone else's question/post).
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