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That is strange. Did you ask them why/what happened?
I agree. I was watching CNBC this morning, and the lowest I recall was 95 and change! Must have happened in a flash....
My Baume et Mercier already has. Just out of wistfulness, I put it on the other day (had to shake it quite a bit for it to start moving again), and noticed how heavy and chunky it felt on my wrist.
I think that, a month or two from now, people will look with regret not jumping in at these prices. 8.3x current PE ratio ex-cash; probably 6.5x forward PE.   Insane.   I hope Apple is buying back the heck out of its shares at these levels, about 30% below recent highs. Even if it means paying the extra 10-15% or so in US taxes by bringing its cash back from abroad. There's no need to even do a detailed calculation.
Soon, we'll be adding 'getting swatched' to the lexicon, a la getting 'blackberried' or getting 'palmed.'
Tim Cook sent Jim Cramer of CNBC an email saying, essentially, that China's going very well for the company, thorough July and August. Activation and App Store activity are "accelerating" according to him. I hope Apple is buying the hell out of its stock as we speak. Even if it means bringing money back from abroad and paying taxes on it. There's no need to even do a calculation. I think that, a month from now, people will be kicking themselves for not putting their...
I am on YOUR block list!? Wow. Thank you, really genuinely, thank you, for that badge of honor.Now, buzz off again. Please.
Sog35 was banned a couple of days ago. I have no doubt he'll be back. Soon.
Your guys are priceless. And relentless. You have the temerity to completely ignore a direct question I asked you that would refute your nonsensical and shrill claim about fiat currency, and yet ask me to answer an utterly irrelevant question about 1913 that someone else asked that had nothing to do with the question I asked you. Except to say that the Fed was created.It's like my asking you for your age, and the person you're with wants to know about 2006 from me, and...
New Posts  All Forums: