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People have stopped wearing watches? How do you then explain that 1.2B watches were sold last year (as melgross posted -- and cited -- the other day)?
  I think I made the mistake of assuming that there might be something even halfway smart in your posts that I might have been missing. I was quite mistaken, apparently. My apologies.  
Ummm.... explain?
Basically, it's a lot of whining from a bunch of sore losers. They voted, and NN won 3-2. The basic principles that have been adopted -- along with the assents and dissents of each of the five Commissioners -- can be found here: http://www.fcc.gov/document/fcc-adopts-strong-sustainable-rules-protect-open-internet Of course there'll be more rule-making for the specifics.The rest amounts to a bunch of shrillness and hysteria. The most important thing to note is:  if people...
I have no idea who you are vis-a-vis the fashion or watch world, and this is not meant to be a diss: somehow, I think I'll go with the judgment of the Paris-edition of Vogue than yours on this matter.
I might do that too, perhaps not the super-duper expensive one.  I think I'll also buy a couple of paper copies of Vogue (with the 12-page ad spread), as a 'bonus,' to go with the keepsake!
I think the success of this device will surprise everyone (but a few of us here).   A generation from now, the first edition will become a collectors' item. Wear it well.
You hit the nail on the had with something important. Yes, cable companies could or should charge bandwidth hogs. For example, if you consume a lot of Netflix, they should charge you more (instead of telling Netflix to pay more). They won't. Because they don't want to go there. You know why? That'll open the door wide open to a demand for la carte pricing: in other words, they'll need to give us credit for the 200 crappy channels bundled into our plans that we never...
So, does you cable company swallow these costs? Why or why not? If your answer is "no," do you think that lack of competition may have something to do with it?
Seriously, when, where, how, and under what circumstances has something like this come to pass in the past?
New Posts  All Forums: