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You're missing his point. The fact is, regardless of what you think, corporations do not pay taxes; you and I do. Almost all of it is passed though to us. Corporations are no more than a vehicle for tax collection.The government is bamboozling people into believing that there is some corprate entity that is separate from its tax-paying customers. That's pure fiction. You can choose to believe it if you wish.
It costs you only $400 per year?
Glad your experience is different. I was in France this summer, vacationing with the family in Provence. We drove around quote a bit. It was quite unbelievable, the number of places that would not accept Amex.Of course, it's completely useless in train stations, as you probably know (even though the newer Amex cards have a chip, they are not chip and pin).
I've seen those -- they're quite nice. I only use sleeve cases, since I like the touch and feel of the device when I use it. Also, It's so beautiful, that I like to see it the way it designed to be seen! (Not at all plugging these guys at all, even though I've been using their cases for a while, but this is the closest to a possible solution that I've seen: http://www.senacases.com/product/burnished-magia-wallet-iphone-6/).
Large hotels and airlines never have an issue with AMEX. Many boutique hotels in Europe, for example, will simply not accept AMEX. I suppose you must spend a lot of time in airports and hotel rooms when in Europe and Asia, and not shop or eat outside much outside of those venues.
I don't know about ibeam, but it's certainly not my notion. I am simply saying that ApplePay will not replace the need for a wallet (unless, of course, you're willing to use a wallet case for the iPhone). I suppose we're in agreement again. You responses to ibeam were quite confusing. They seemed to indicate to me that you were asking why anyone would need a wallet for anything, since belt clips, velcro solutions, stuff taped to vests, etc could be the solution to those...
I have consistently found it to be an issue (and I am not saying that you do not, but I travel quite widely). Add: Incidentally, the only time I've had a fraudulent charge on my card was with AMEX. The card was declined while I was checking into a hotel in Paris. (Fortunately, I had other cards). When I got to the room, signed on to the internet. and checked my email, there was a fraud alert from AMEX. I called them, and they said that there was a charge made in London (a...
I've never had any issues with AMEX in L. America. The problem is in Europe and Asia (as also noted by Dick above).
The only trouble is, acceptance of AMEX in Europe and Asia can be hit-or-miss.
I don't see (yet) how I can leave behind my: (i) driver's license; (ii) the ID for my place of work, which I need to open doors, pay for lunch, etc., (iii) my ATM card (since I always like to keep some cash in my pocket, esp. when I travel); (iv) my health insurance card (which is used less often, but I prefer to have it in my wallet); (v) pictures my kids (I know that the iPhone has 30,000, but I still like the touch/feel of an actual picture). Where/how would I carry...
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