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Perhaps I am shallow, but even though the speed will suffice for most of what I do and the size/weight/display are ideal, the absence of the glowing Apple logo is a deal breaker for me. I'd have been willing to sacrifice a bit of battery life for it. Perhaps Apple could have thrown it in as a choice in System Prefs. Especially considering that the 2nd gen will probably have it....
1) Nice Gantt chart! I had not seen that before. Perhaps I am wrong. We'll see.2) I honestly don't get why people pay so much attention to -- and feel the need to respond to -- their negative postings. I think that this is all nothing but good for Apple.
I could be wrong about this, but from the picture, doesn't it look like there's a lot more foundation and framing left? It looks to me like only one small slice of it has been done.
Calm down. No one said they're in trouble. I am simply speculating, based on what I am seeing constructed so far, that it might take longer than 2016. if it does not, great. If it does, no big deal.
Why would it possibly be bad?
Because it looks like its barely getting started? I expected much more progress by now.
'Dancing with the Stars' cast? Ugh. Yes, that would fly with the classy crowd.Btw, Beckham is already taken as a Samsung (or Android) spokesman, if I am recalling right.
These conspiracy theories were merely tiresome, but now they're starting to be stupid. How do you know it wasn't some liquidity-related selling -- by an institution or a wealthy individual -- and there was simply no price support? After all, tax season is just around the corner. And even if it was options related selling (btw if you know options basics, you should know that it pays to wait until the last minute to exercise American options -- unless you expect a dividend...
I don't see this opening before mid-2017, at the earliest.
'Will still' be very good? Really? Care to share the data with us?
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