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I do think that a Greek goddess takes precedence.....
Do you really think that Apple has sold 45-50M iPhones globally already?
I think most people are getting ahead of themselves in terms of their expectations for ApplePay in 2014-15.   Consider that it will only work with iPhone 6/6+ when launched, and that too only in the US. That's no more than 15M - 20M ApplePay-enabled devices, max, before the end of this year. Perhaps with AppleWatch early next year, there'll be a few million more.   It'll take a couple of more upgrade cycles, and a larger global rollout, for it to really move the needle...
iPhone purchases at Walmart tell us little. Those are likely to be an extremely small proportion of the company's overall customer base and sales. The problem for them is that the typical Walmart customer that walks into the store is unlikely to be an iPhone 6 or AppleWatch user. ('Apple device owners' is not the same thing).
And from today's news, KMart (which is owned by Sears) got added to this list.... http://online.wsj.com/articles/sears-reports-data-breach-at-kmart-1412979038(Just noticed that SpamSandwich beat me to it).
Wow..... What a thread! Clash of the Titans. But it's starting to get ugly.
Context? Understanding context requires intelligence and subtlety. Trolls often have neither -- just low self-esteem.
Really? And, you can prove this? (Unless you're just trying to be cute...)
I am very happy for you that you enjoy and derive value from the current B&O products as much as you do/did the earlier ones. But I am sure our tastes are very different. Vive la différence! Oh, I don't buy my stuff -- other than stocks -- for their resale value.
That's the appropriate response. There's not much more to be said.
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