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Education? At $1000 a pop?I think not.
Equally sorry, I just can't stand this "it's all in the cloud" bs anymore. It's not "all there" from all places at all times. ​If you disagree, why do you even need a device with any form of storage in it? Why don't you just buy a Chromebook, and get on with life? More importantly, exactly why does Apple sell, say, a 128GB iPod or iPhone or iPad?
If you recall, we were able to use the older iPods as an external HD, and see the data files in it (and were able to easily move files into and out of it). Why ever did Apple get rid of that incredible functionality as iOS progressed? It was amazing to be able to carry my music, videos, photos, and all my files on my 160GB iPod Classic (the important files were also regularly backed up to it). Bring back some version of it, Apple!
Isn't the 'hindrance' also perhaps a function of Apple's hesitancy to allow developers get too deeply into the system? They had to rethink that hesitancy for the AppleWatch. 
Apple should be the one to do this. Also, I don't see why some version of Airdop or Bluetooth couldn't be used by such an app to create greater interoperability between the Mac and the iPad. I find it silly that I still have to use iTunes -- which, many of us here agree is now a clunky, bloated piece of software -- as the primary interface if I wish to connect the iPad to my Macs. Why isn't there, for instance, an iPad app on OS X and a similar (obviously simple, and able...
If I find anything silly, it's comments like this one. Unless there is far better file system interoperability between iOS and OS X, the iPad -- Pro or not -- will remain a complement and not a substitute to the PC."Something we're use to" describes a massive segment of PC users that Apple sure wants to migrate to its platforms.I've ordered mine since my iPad 3 is due for an upgrade. However, other than the larger size and the faster speed, I see very little evolution in...
On another Tim Cook statement, here's what he tweeted about the dreadful, despicable attacks in Paris: "@tim_cook: Prayers for Paris, the victims and their loved ones. Nous sommes tous Parisiens." Surprised AI hasn't blogged about this.
Just ordered my pencil and keyboard, and it says December 17 delivery. The 128GB iPad Pro Gold wifi (which the wife will "gift" me, and I'll be allowed to pre-open ) says one week for store pickup.
That's your opinion, You could have just said that at the outset, and we would not be having an irrelevant conversation.The problem is, you responded to something I said with a factually incorrect statement. I called you out on it, that's all. There is NO COURT RULING on the merits of the GM case. Move along....
Not sure what it offers that others don't, and why it took so long.   Meh.
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