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Really?Can you use VAG in a sentence so that we can understand why?
 Yes, I knew that. But they have not announced anything specific for 2015 models (I called them just a couple of days ago, and there's still no specific info). I will be in the market for a new vehicle in early 2015. The orders for 2015 start in early Fall 2014, so there's still a possibility.
Fingers crossed for news from BMW soon.... otherwise my next car will an Audi again.
History shows that, on balance, it's good.  More importantly, it's inevitable. Creative destruction at work.
LOL. They should call it the Cote-Bromwich Reading Tax. Bloody fools.
These are not huge price cuts, by any stretch. A 16GB iPhone 5S goes from being $650 to $600. Big deal.
Having a subsidiary in the foreign country is not necessary for antitrust enforcement. All that is required is a sufficient amount of sales in the host country/region (as was pointed out by another poster). All antitrust policy gives regulatory authority to sales taking place within its legal territory.
Most people can't afford those, so it's a moot point. Unless you are saying that people who own "low-end" amplifiers should also not change their EQ settings because high-end do not have them. If not, what are you saying/implying? I don't follow. You brought up age, and how our sensory organs change with age. Spot on. But you ignored my point about the type of music (e.g., jazz v. classical v. rock), about the type of speakers one has, about lossy versus lossless, and...
Bunch of sad, old codgers that have no clue about how and where technology is headed. Pathetic ruling.
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