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Please, please get out, and spare us the minute-by-minute pangs, twitches, regret, guilt, angst, breast-beating, caterwauling, etc etc. Enough already. It's become quite tiresome.
Also, I am assuming that it will triangulate from biometric data (from Healthkit)? How cool would that be!(Pipped by ClemyNX and current interest).
Sure. Why not? They may not even take the time to announce the incremental update. The info will likely just show up on the website/store.
A no-brainer, I'd guess.
As was the '80s and '90s. The last great music stopped circa 1978.
He would have said 'Belgian' then...
These guys are not in line to buy something. They're there to sell something. Not that I really mind all the attention that Apple gets as a result of something harmless like this, but I think the more interesting story might be: why do media saps fall for it every time, like Pavlovian dogs!?
 Perhaps my eyesight is not good enough to see any noticeable chamfering in this design....
It will, and it should. No disagreement there.
Ed Baig of USA Today (http://usat.ly/1nwVylV) had similar concerns, but he says that, while he remains unconvinced and is waiting for real-world tests, the brief demo he did posed no issues.
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