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I don't doubt that you have all the ammunition -- real and climate-skepticism-related -- you need. Let me guess: you also get all your news from Fox News.
Um...what 'evidence'? The three graphs that were posted without any context or explanation?No.
Lol. You're funny. Ad hominem? From a guy who says things things like "Gore THE SNAKE OIL SALESMAN"? In any event, Gore is not a serious climate change scholar, not by a long shot. He dissembles, exaggerates, sometimes even crosses the boundaries of scientific truth. If he's your standard of comparison for the Heartland Institute, you're in some pretty sad company indeed.....I think you just shot yourself in the foot.
I like a good conspiracy theory as much as the next guy.But explain this to me: why does the market believe, not to mention fall for, such fools?
'Ever'? Who said 'ever'? Ever is a long time. A VERY long time.You said "entering a global depression". Like it's starting to happen NOW. You really should read more often what you write before you post. Failing that, at least read what you write after you post. I don't know what else to say.
Ouch. The former sounds uncomfortable, the latter, painful.So my answer is, "neither."
Just curious. How many times have you called a depression (and a global one, no less) in the last five years?
Groan. Not the Heartland Instittute. They're a bunch of loons.Wait....
Impressed that you brought up Steyer's name. I know of him, and well. Very few people have heard of him (mention his name to an average person and see if it rings a bell, compared to, say mentioning the name 'Koch' or 'Adleson').He's a tiny tiny influence on policy, and while he's funelling some money to pro-climate candidates, he's not a lobbyist. And he's a mere speck compared to the lobbying power of the 'anti-climate' groups. (I mentioned a whole bunch of well known...
There's nothing 'American' about it. I am afraid that's the nature of the beast, and it affects huge swathes of people in every country around the world. Things that are lower value-added and can be found cheaper elsewhere will be outsourced.If you believe in the benefits of a globalized economy -- like I do, and you apparently don't except to the extent that you can consume cheap electronics and fossil fuels -- that is just a flip side of the wealth creation process. I am...
New Posts  All Forums: