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My portfolio hopes and prays that this rumor comes true...... 
 Yes, but the mystery would be, why would we want to?
I guess they're not the only ones. Why don't you just enlighten us.... thanks.
Physicians? Physicist physicians?  
My sincere apologies -- I cut and pasted incorrectly! It was Brent McAnulty. (Fixed in my original post).
Unlikely. Microsoft has a competitive moat around Office and Windows, its two core products.
That makes absolutely no sense, given the general knowledge from consumer experience based on hundreds of millions that have been sold, the many hundreds of reviews on tech and consumer-reported websites, the numerous discussion boards (try searching for a phrase such as "iPhone screen break" and you'll get hundreds of millions of hits), and insurance that can be purchased to cover such a contingency. If a consumer can't be bothered to inform and protect himself/herself,...
....and the consumer has the responsibility to not buy the product as it is offered, at the price and quality at which it is offered.
Oh yes. Except for the occasional blowhard internet jerk....
This works! (On any of the top menu icons except the top row, as you say. But even if on the top row, continuing to press and hold the Menu button takes you to one of the rows right below, and that, in turn suffices.). Thank you.
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