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This is a great observation, and quite plausible (unless Congress tweaks the change in law on the argument that it's a 'loophole' and accrued taxes will have to be paid).
No, I don't think so. To me it seemed like he was saying that Beats is a successful product (a la Kindle), yet no one breaks out its numbers. In other words, one cannot make an inference about whether a product is successful based on whether the maker puts out unit numbers or not.If I am wrong, I am sure @SY will weigh in.
Your response has nothing to do with @SY's post.
Weird post, for sure. You implicitly criticize the contents of the article, and yet claim you did not get past the first sentence.Actually, it's full of very reasonable facts and inferences, assuming we believe what Tim Cook said yesterday. What exactly do you disagree with, in substance, rather than in form?
Inevitable, and about time. Can't believe it's been taking so long.
AAPL has, as of now, erased almost half the losses from its lowest point yesterday.
Stop posting nonsense.
Perhaps I have more faith in humanity than you do!
Zero impact, I am guessing. Unless of course, someone wants to start another conspiracy theory.
Good analysis by PED on revised Watch sales estimates. In the 2.5-3.0M range, which stands to reason. http://fortune.com/2015/07/22/apple-watch-revised-sales/
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