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I realize that people don't like Munster much around these parts (and I do often disagree with him myself), but I fail to see what he's saying here that is off-base.   We've had a day in which one well-heeled competitor has introduced a possibly credible alternative to @TV, and another to Siri.   I think Apple needs to step-up. I am sure it will. I wish it will be VERY soon.
1) Why? 2) How will you integrate your photos/music/videos with Amazon's offering?
I agree with your points. But you're conflating with what we have in place (ridiculously ancient, zeroth generation technology, often poorly risk-managed) with what we could be replacing it with: as I said earlier, it's like suggesting we should jettison automobiles altogether because our roads are populated with Ford Pintos, when we have Teslas available. Nuclear technology -- esp. with the passive safety features of 3rd and 3.5th generation, not to mention some of the...
1) Absolutely not. TMI was a non-event. Period. Those are the facts. 2) Solar is an incredibly dirty, toxic technology to produce. We feel virtuous putting up our PV panels, but all the filth has been outsourced to places like China. But more important, both wind and solar suffer from intermittence: the only honest way to compare these two with nuclear is to add the cost of storage (even without which, the cost of energy from those two are substantially higher than for...
This is nonsense data, and has been debunked repeatedly, including here at AI. (I am too lazy to give you a link).
Chernobyl is the only serious nuclear power plant disaster we've had in almost three-quarters of a century of nuclear power. The reasons for that were incredibly poor, unsafe design under Communism. There is not a single death attributable to radiation from Fukushima. Unfortunately, other than for hydro, nuclear is currently (no pun intended) the only source of reliable, baseload CO2-free power.
Wow. Tim Cook certainly seems to have done one thing that SJ could not do (not that it matters to me, but it's worth noting): He sure brought Greenpeace around!
That's because Fukusima was 40 years old. That's like having our roads populated by Ford Pintos and claiming that Teslas as bad (OK.... an occasional one does catch fire.... ) 3rd ten nukes are incredibly safe, and yes, clean.
And if he does, so frickin' what? If you have a retirement portfolio with a pension fund, you also probably own MSFT.
The bolded one is huge for me (makes my @TV a de facto multimedia center in my family room0. And AirPlay.
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