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Apple is not Google. And thank God for that.
  Tag Heuer announced today that they're going to have to start cutting prices worldwide because of the Swiss Franc. (Sure...) In any event, it would most certainly be a pricing strategy consistent with getting the Google/Android crowd on board.
It's an utterly horrible business with high capex, low growth, low P/E, and lots of service/maintenance needs. Apple has no business in it.
Yep, this is what predictably happens. Once a company attracts the dividend investor clientele, they just want more, more, more... it's relentless....
I am not sure of what 'MCX' is. I simply mean those terminals on which I can use my iPhone (and soon, presumably, my AppleWatch) even though they do not display an ApplePay logo but do display the NFC (the one that looks like a 'sideways wifi'?) logo.
I agree. For instance, in the five or six stores that I regularly shop at in my town, only one has 'formal' ApplePay (Walgreens). Three have NFC terminals on which I am able to securely and conveniently use my iPhone. I do have to sign though, but that's not a major inconvenience. One -- CVS -- still requires a card swipe.I think Apple could do a much better job of highlighting the fact that you can use the iPhone or the AppleWatch (as in the touchless payment system via...
Its a statistically relevant sample size to be able to draw valid conclusions (assuming the sampling was random).
The word 'formal' is irrelevant to the real point of my post, which is about being able to use the iPhone with NFC terminals. Can we stick to that?
Does this survey include use of the iPhone 6 at NFC terminals in stores regardless of whether they're formal ApplePay partners or not? If it does not, it's a rather limited -- I dare say, pointless -- data gathering exercise.
That sounds like you're damning with faint praise.
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