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Go buy a fat pc and leave us alone.
Very glad the volatility worked out in your favor, but best not to confuse luck with skill.
Oh, spare me the sarcasm. The VERY SERIOUS issue of driver distraction is completely separate from this idiotic, poorly-done, biased, click-bait study. I guess I was right after all, with my comment....
This report is by idiots, of idiots, for idiots.
This may or may not be actually true, but at the moment it is utterly lazy, useless, blatant speculation on your part.
This. Hence my point about why Apple should also be in the 'terminal' hardware business. After all, their hardware solutions are truly what they're known for!
If Apple also created (multiplatform) hardware to go with this, ApplePay could dominate the entire payment ecosystem. Apple could work with retailers/payees to finance or installment-pay (via, say, the transaction fee structure) to make it more affordable and enable faster adoption upfront (e.g., similar to how US phone companies 'subsidize' handset purchases).
Not sure that would matter. If they're important enough, and if alternatives are not available, Apple would try to buy them out. There is a price at which pretty much most people in business would sell (assuming that Apple was getting Value ≥ that Price).
Probably SEC.
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