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Groan. Not the Heartland Instittute. They're a bunch of loons.Wait....
Impressed that you brought up Steyer's name. I know of him, and well. Very few people have heard of him (mention his name to an average person and see if it rings a bell, compared to, say mentioning the name 'Koch' or 'Adleson').He's a tiny tiny influence on policy, and while he's funelling some money to pro-climate candidates, he's not a lobbyist. And he's a mere speck compared to the lobbying power of the 'anti-climate' groups. (I mentioned a whole bunch of well known...
There's nothing 'American' about it. I am afraid that's the nature of the beast, and it affects huge swathes of people in every country around the world. Things that are lower value-added and can be found cheaper elsewhere will be outsourced.If you believe in the benefits of a globalized economy -- like I do, and you apparently don't except to the extent that you can consume cheap electronics and fossil fuels -- that is just a flip side of the wealth creation process. I am...
Lots of people -- across parties -- push for H1B visas. And rightly so. In fact, BG less of an H1B-pusher since he has very little to do with Microsoft's operations today.
I agree. I think that Bill Gates 2.0 is a phenomenal human being.
Who is this "climate change lobby" you speak of? I do know that there is a fossil fuel lobby, an OPEC lobby, a bunch of Middle Eastern oil producer lobbies, the Business Roundtable lobby, a Canadian tar sands lobby, etc. but TBH, I've no clue who the climate change lobby is.
1) Ah, unfortunately, fairly substantial evidence seems to back up this "theory" you cite. 2) Corporations would "benefit from passing onerous restrictions on pollution"? Really? How? 3) Who (and please don't name Al Giore, it's become so tiresome) are the "idle rich and political meddlers" to whom you refer?
Heh heh. You (and the four people who added to your reputation in relation to this post) are just going to have to suck it up, I guess. Cognitive dissonance can be such a b****.
This is a good point. The government might keep them alive, given VW's depth and breadth of presence in the Lower Saxony (and more generally, German) economy. However, the quid pro quo might be that Lower Saxony ends up owning a much larger share than 20% of the company. And they might have to sell of some smaller assets such as Porsche, Bentley, Bugati, Ducati, Lamborghini, etc. to raise cash. Perhaps even Audi, depending on the size of the liability.
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