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Meanwhile -- off-topic -- this does seem like the real thing (iPhone 6)? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=657UeODW178
The full text of what's in that link is in the story, though.
"Sure"? "Love to"? Hmm... sounds like a generalization and an assumption, respectively, to me.
You're awake!
I don't know about this... much as I'd like (and hope) for it to get to $123, at the consensus forecasted 2015 earnings of $7/share, that's a forward PE ratio of 17.5x. For a company as large as Apple, and the correspondingly large product home runs it needs to move the needle, that could be a tad difficult. It's like analysts are starting to chase momentum all over again, shades of when Apple was at $700, from a couple of years ago (I recall one analyst then predicting...
From you? Ha ha.Thanks for the laugh. Now, wander off.
What is interesting -- and impressive -- to me is how none of these have shown up in public websites. I also read a couple of news stories that some of the sites that had it up are taking it down voluntarily.   Nice to see that fear can sometimes induce decency.
The UK is not a big driver of stock prices in the US.So you can rest easy.
Hmm. I assume the person in charge of the 'active investigation' has to take a proper inventory of all the compromising data on iCloud, so as to have an accurate sense of what proportion was hacked/compromised, no?   Nice job....
A rumor about a rumor denying a rumor. Got it.   I am waiting for the fourth derivative of this.
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