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What issues, and how are they addressed? Sounds like a disaster from the comments prior to yours....
Oh please. Just quit it with this tired, old, discredited BS.
Yeah, Apple has a history of doing stuff like that.....ᵢ
The demonstration effect from people wearing the AppleWatch is going to be huge. We won't really see it take off until this holiday season, and even more so in 2016.
I am guessing that's the sort of thing that'll be easily fixed over time with a software update.
Moreover, very few people, esp. reviewers, are focusing on the amazing fact that $350 buys you the same functionality as the model that costs nearly 50x more. I cannot think of any other consumer electronics product that does that.
I am fairly certain that Apple will, when they announce their quarterly financial results in a couple of weeks.
You didn't understand my post. I could care less about this firm. I am simply saying that if one million is Apple's 'shipments,' it'll likely be Apple's 'sales.'That said, I am guessing one million is a very likely number for Day 1.
Let me see if I can help you out here. First, yes, Apple's revenue recognition is, indeed, based on shipments like that of all the others. However, during every quarterly analyst conference call, Tim Cook provides data on channel inventory, so you can estimate the actual sales. Samsung does not do that. All we have from them are shipments for crappy products that likely get returned in large numbers (perhaps that is the reason they don't report channel inventory). Second,...
While I agree with broad sentiments expressed in this article, it should have been tagged as 'Opinion' or 'Editorial.'
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