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Isn't this the person who can't carry a tune without autotune? Whatever passes off for 'music' these days.....
Please stop being a shill for a third-rate Apple copyist in an Apple forum.
How has wearbles panned out for them?
LOL! I feel so bad for the folks over at MR....
The price could be justified if viewed as a potential takeover candidate for the likes of Samsung/Google.
I think that, if Apple were to sell 15-20M Watches worldwide, combined with the strap sales, it would be considered a blockbuster product.   In that scheme of things, ~3M in the US in the first couple of months seems about the right number.
Why not?
It's  a little more than that. Here are some more differences between the Freedom Act and the Patriot Act: FA will constrain how the government could obtain records -- instead of massive amounts, the NSA can ask only for data on a specific persons. And it would have to show that the individual is associated with a foreign power or terrorist group. Civil liberties NGOs would be allowed to lobby the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, and they can force the government...
wood1208, radster360, mike1, Felix01, Boltsfan17, Pujones1.... anyone else see a pattern here?   Creepy.
Good. By prolonging this in this fashion, they're just buying more adverse publicity for themselves as shameless charlatans. At this point, I believe most people accept the fact that they stole from Apple.
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