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Spot on. Apple is the ONLY company to provide honest mobile sales data. Not Amazon; not Google; not Motorola; not Samsung.I've never understood why journalists have never pursued this aspect of the vaunted Android 'market stare' story. What's so problematic about getting these guys to report actual sales if the market share is so high!? Wouldn't they want to validate it, indeed, shout about it from the rooftops? The fact that they stop at telling us about 'shipments' says...
Oh boy, do I. Pathetic beyond belief. I see your point. I concede.
We know how many Apple sold -- that's the only true piece of data here. The rest is a bunch of crappy consultant estimates since we have no real data from any of the others (probably because they don't want us to know the truth).
I think that's putting too fine a point on it. I saw no such interpretation. I was simply pointing out that Samsung's ads -- regardless of truth, decency, fairness etc, on all of which the Mac/PC ad series was unimpeachable and Samsung is not -- are in the vein of boldly taking on the market leader hoping to sow doubt in the user's minds.
 Yeah, sure. That'll do it.
They've simply taken a page from the "I'm a Mac, I'm a PC" ads.   I truly wish Apple's advertising would strap on a pair, instead of the atmospheric, feel-good, aimlessly repetitive efforts of late.
What a ridiculous post. The 'bean counters' at Apple have done reasonably well with iPhones over the years without your advice or condescension.
If there isn't a 128GB version of the 4.7", I'd be shocked and disappointed.
Exactly.... and, some of us own LQMT stock as well. Moroever, if it all works out, one day, as promised/hoped for, Apple has an exclusivity lock on all consumer electronics applications of liquidmetal forever. That means the Samesungs of the world can't ever rip off the innovations here.
I always found it a little odd that Apple stuck with this pathetic throwback for such a long while.
New Posts  All Forums: