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You're going from strength to strength in your posts.....
I had already figured that you would not accept the offer. But I though I'd be polite.Why bother with cognitive dissonance in life....
I wasn't citing you, I was citing Tallest Skil. Look more carefully.
She's probably created more wealth and jobs in her little fingertip than you and I and all of us here put together in this forum could ever hope to in multiple lifetimes. Some humility may not be such a bad thing. (Unless, it's misogyny that's talking.)
I couldn't put it any better than George Orwell did: "War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength."
Groan, it's not even close. Please don't make it sound like it's some even-handed debate (incidentally, it's really even only a debate in a couple of countries -- the US and perhaps, Australia). You should take your own advice and "go read a serious article." I'd be very happy to give you some references, if you'd like.
Expect a usual suspects to trot out their ignorance......   Should be a fun thread. /s
Care to tell us about all the science degrees and PhDs on climate science that adorn your resume? Of course it's your choice (sadly), but you really should read and reflect more about the state of the world, than be content with the illiterate nonsense you're fed from the far right-wing media.
Get a clue.
Lol. I wonder what they had for an operating system! Did these actually work with iOS!?
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