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1) You really should parse sentences better. Where did I say that Ayn Rand (or Rand Paul) were economists!?2) Why don't you tell us -- unless you are, by profession, an economist -- what the source of your bold prediction authority is?3) Please spare us the lazy 'Krugman' reference. He's always your go-to bogeyman. (Although, I happen to think he's a pretty darn good economist to the extent that he relies on actual empirical evidence, not fantasy).
This is pure, unadulterated nonsense, propagated by Ayn Randian (and Rand Paulian) type economists.They've been going on about this for eight years now, yet the sheer weight of empirical evidence stacked against them has never changed their minds. The global economy has grown impressively, created great companies and products, produced hundreds of millions of jobs, created great wealth, and seen low inflation and interest rates during this period of 'loose monetary and...
Your point about inertia is important. In understanding movement in stock (for that matter, any asset) prices, it is critical to understand the distinction between average and marginal investors: it is always the marginal investor, i.e., the small proportion that goes out there buys or sells on any given day, that moves prices.Most of AAPL just stayed pat in the average investor's portfolio last week. As it well should.The motivation and the horizon of the two types of...
I did.But I am so overweighted on AAPL that I will probably stop.
The angst and debate over the grill is, with all due respect, silly. Regardless of whether it serves a functional purpose. Grills are the fundamental distinguishing visual feature of a vehicle. You can (almost always) tell a car maker by the grill. It's like a logo, no more no less. If it was just about ventilation and such, carmakers could and would have made a few air holes and left it at that. As a matter of aesthetics, I too am not a huge fan of the Tesla grill....
Apple should have bought SAAB when it was available for a song. Now it's long gone... Sniff. They're some of the favorite cars I've owned, especially 900S convertible in its time. And I've owned some pretty nice cars.
Hope this is not Papermeister (or whatever his name was) all over again.
Not at all. Stop being so sensitive.A number of us here -- including me -- criticize Google for sticking four wheels on to a butt ugly version of an egg. No taste whatsoever.
Another one of our resident doomsayers, who'se been consistently wrong on this front for longer longer than I care to recall.Just quit it with your useless, silly, pointless, stream-of-consciousness economic forecasts, guys. Or, put your money where your mouth is, buy a log cabin in the Montana woods, and stay there.
Oh, stop. You've been on this forever.You're confusing your hope with your expectation.
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