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Exactly. Microsoft sold about a million in all of FY2015. Laughable. Even if FY2016 is 3x or 5x that number. (Which it won't be).
I guess you're having trouble understanding the phrase "court ruling". The first cite is regarding a fine (a small one at that) imposed by the US government. The second is a blog about a possible court ruling in the future that may or may not include punitive damages (assuming GM is found guilty, and loses on appeal).Try again.
Somehow, I am guessing that Apple's tax base in Ireland must have been a far bigger topic of conversation....
If I've missed a court ruling on GM's ignition switch issues, do let me know. Otherwise, stop making up stuff.
No respectable climate scientist uses the word 'consensus.' It is a word that some politicians on the left (and a couple of bureaucratic agencies and some NGOs) use. The skeptics/deniers ran with it as though it's something that the scientific community claims. If I am wrong, do send me a link. A credible one.
I don't doubt that you have all the ammunition -- real and climate-skepticism-related -- you need. Let me guess: you also get all your news from Fox News.
Um...what 'evidence'? The three graphs that were posted without any context or explanation?No.
Lol. You're funny. Ad hominem? From a guy who says things things like "Gore THE SNAKE OIL SALESMAN"? In any event, Gore is not a serious climate change scholar, not by a long shot. He dissembles, exaggerates, sometimes even crosses the boundaries of scientific truth. If he's your standard of comparison for the Heartland Institute, you're in some pretty sad company indeed.....I think you just shot yourself in the foot.
I like a good conspiracy theory as much as the next guy.But explain this to me: why does the market believe, not to mention fall for, such fools?
'Ever'? Who said 'ever'? Ever is a long time. A VERY long time.You said "entering a global depression". Like it's starting to happen NOW. You really should read more often what you write before you post. Failing that, at least read what you write after you post. I don't know what else to say.
New Posts  All Forums: