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In what way has "QE been a complete bust"? 
No, and I don't plan to. Lots of people write books.  I am still waiting for you to tell us why you think he's a 'serious economist.' (Please know that I have nothing against him -- in fact, I am sure he's quite smart; I am just taking you up on your claim).
Really?   Here are 1-year interest rates during the year of some key recent bubbles (interest rate in the year prior in brackets):1987 (Black Monday): 6.8% (6.5%)2000 (Dotcom bubble): 6.1% (5.1%)2007 (Financial Crisis/Mortgage Bubble): 4.5% (4.9%) And here are the interest rates since the last crisis:2011: 0.18%2012: 0.17%2013: 0.13%Nov 2014: 0.10% I am sure if you kept saying 'crisis' long enough, you'll be right some day. But so far, the record of the cassandras on this...
I thought he wasn't bad at all in his SJ role. Some portions of it were quite convincing.
For starters, I don't think he even majored in Economics (let alone get a PhD in Economics). He was a Budget Director under Reagan, for heaven's sake -- not the head of the CEA or the Fed. Anyone can be a Budget Director. You don't need to be an economist. That said, check out the following quotes from him -- let me know if they conform to your worldview:"(Social Security) has to be means-tested. And Medicare needs to be means-tested...Let the Bush tax cuts expire. Let the...
For starters, remarkable actor: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001804/ Weird how much he looks like SJ in the later years. (But not sure how to deal with a younger SJ or a super-emaciated SJ.... perhaps some digital effects?)
I thought he was fundamentally unsuited for the role. There are so many good actors out there to choose from.   Seth Rogan? Ugh.
Nothing. It has been on crutches for a while....
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