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As though they can't tell the wheat from the chaff.Can't you?
For this case to have got this far likely means that Apple has made pretty unconvincing arguments so far. That's shocking (and frustrating), given just the posts here in this one thread, about facts relating to the iPod. You really have to wonder about the quality of Apple's legal team. Perhaps they should start reading the comments section of Apple fan sites, for starters. They might actually learn something.
It has always been present.
Curious: Why do you think it's selling so well then?
I wish it was just our time that was being wasted...
Um... it may not matter much to you, but bequests (and "intergenerational transfers of wealth" as economist refer to it) are quite an important factor in the utility functions and investment behaviors of many well-off people. There's a ton of economics and finance literature around this, and perhaps you'll learn something if you browsed some of it. Here's something to get you started.
You don't seem to recognize that this is one device whose functionality (and UI) competitors stole blatantly from Apple. Blatantly. Even more so than the mobile phone. The only reason that Apple has not gone after them is because it's still a hobby for the company, small in terms of revenue, and it's not worth the effort.While Apple has (temporarily) plateaued with this product, I'll bet that they'll take the whole segment to the next level within the next year or two --...
Do you have a cite for this? If so, please share. (Unless, of course, you were joking.... In which case, )
Not surprising, since the product has barely undergone any significant changes since Version 2. (No, a few additional channels, radio, and moving to 1080p doesn't count). 90% of the stuff that people typically need is available on all the cheaper devices now, so it's not surprising that people are buying on price.   The only saving grace is iTunes Match (even that had become buggy) and AirPlay (which I find myself using less and less, since the color settings I use on my...
Careful there... you just called iOS users 'lame and sorry'.....  
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