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How do we know this is not an iPod Touch?
Yeah, in fairness, I guess he was just reporting what other sites were already saying. But the headline, as usual, was an exaggeration.
'Drudge' says it all.
I've just not heard a lot of about them, but that's perhaps just me.The larger point is, if it's already widely adopted, there's no problem in Apple jumping into it. If it's not, there's an opportunity for Apple, given the quantity and quality of its iOS clientele worldwide, to popularize it. A win either way.
I don't think it's overblown, but I can't give you a credible cite. I recall seeing numbers such as less than ten million terminals for Amex, versus many tens of millions for Visa and MasterCard.I've been turned down many more times than 'once,' and while I prefer to pay with Amex, I always carry at least one extra credit card.
If it's so great, why hasn't it been adopted around the world? How successful is the adoption of NFC in Japan?
Heh heh. I was thinking the same thing. It's the only financial services firm in my (self-created, i.e, not mutual fund, 401k etc) portfolio.
Excellent news, as Amex is truly a terrific organization. The only slight problem could be that Amex has much lower acceptance by establishments in Asia and Europe, as well as with smaller retailers in the US (given their higher merchant rates compared to MasterCard and Visa). That said, I have no doubt that the others will be signing on pretty soon if Amex is on board.
Yes, it does.
Why should OSX -- as opposed to iOS -- on a tablet double it's price (larger RAM notwithstanding)?
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