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This is a good point. The government might keep them alive, given VW's depth and breadth of presence in the Lower Saxony (and more generally, German) economy. However, the quid pro quo might be that Lower Saxony ends up owning a much larger share than 20% of the company. And they might have to sell of some smaller assets such as Porsche, Bentley, Bugati, Ducati, Lamborghini, etc. to raise cash. Perhaps even Audi, depending on the size of the liability.
Current EBay prices don't tell us much, if anything (although I'd like to know how you estimated that they're not "under-priced.") -- no class action suits have been announced yet, nor any fines, or cost of fixes and as a result, the market has no information.  Let's check back in a few months, shall we? As to your second point, there's nothing to "keep in mind": the GM and VW cases are completely different for a whole host of reasons. It'd be a waste to time to get into...
Meh. I'd be the first to tell you that short-term stock predictions are worth the paper they're written on.... I wouldn't have traded on it myself... 
If it were just cost of fines and fixes, I'd agree with you. But class action suits are forming huge numbers. They may end up with having to bear the cost of loss in secondary market values for 11+ million diesel vehicles. Say that's $10,000/vehicle. Do the math: it's a judgment that will exceed its entire market cap by a multiple. More insidiously for VW, they'll never know how many customers will never walk in the door of a VW, Audi, and Porsche for the foreseeable...
Very strange timing. Someone's got to be really weird -- or was pushed -- to jump ship into a company that seriously runs the risk of having to declare bankruptcy in the next year or two.
Ludicrous that the stock is down $3 pre-market. Perhaps over a bogus-sounding CS report. Unbelievable.... But I am expecting that it'll be back up to share it started, before the end of the day.
When you really get into it, it's incredibly slow, buggy, laggy, and unintuitive. And it requires the use of what has to be the worst remote known to mankind.  Don't even get me started on the big, ugly, incredibly poorly-designed cable box, of which I own three, and am charged $30/mo, for $360 a year (by Comcast). For life, making it a ripoff. And the whole damn set-up consumes a ton of phantom power. It is, overall, a piece of s*** par excellence.
Hmm... a natural progression: iPod → iPhone → iPad → iProbe.
Wow. Sad. That is terribly ugly-looking.
What was wrong with the AppleWatch? I must have completely missed it.
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