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Perhaps you're right. But that does signal a perception of lower quality. I am even more dubious now about the $1800 price.We'll see soon enough, won't we.
Then they should have got behind Apple's product. After all, Hermes managed to.... unless, of course, you're suggesting that their quality is lower and that Apple is unlikely to have bothered with them.
It's still too early to judge the impact on the industry and on the country. I happen to believe that Apple will really take a toll on the $150 - $1500 segment of the market, the segment that it is the most profitable segment for the industry. It is a huge source of employment and export earnings for Switzerland. But it'll take a another two or three years before we know. However, their pursuing the Android route is not the way to go. It screams "cheap", and is...
Sure. Of course.Why don't you just admit that you exaggerated too. In the name of getting in your usual anti-Apple dig.Or perhaps you were trying to be funny, but it just came through as being lame.
I keep hitting 'Paste' accidentally every time I try to type 'w'. I am sure, however, that I'll retrain myself -- or rather, Apple will retrain me -- slowly. Btw, is it just me or does autocorrect seem to have got slightly worse?
But, but.... So what?
You might wish to ponder the distinction between "people here predicted" versus "one person slightly exaggerated for effect."That's all you got!? Pathetic.
Who? When? Link? Cite?Or did you just make it up?
Incredible. My AAPL is for the next ten years.
But, of course....
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