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There is no misuse. Both are correct in usage. Inform yourself.
I wouldn't be surprised if this report is incorrect (or jumping the gun, as pointed out above).   That said, if some variant of this turns out to be true, then let's recognize this is what the NSA and related government idiots have brought upon on the brightest light of the US economy, namely IT/networking/computers/mobile.   It's a damn shame that we're throwing all these billions of dollars at snooping on our own people, foreign leaders and companies. In the...
Cue the "is there a way to money in the market off of this" posts. Short answer: not ex ante. But the stock could always go up for other reasons.... Or down.
Stop it. You have not provided one iota of reasoning -- other than for a general angst with iOS that you want to move away from -- for what you want to move to, and why. It is, therefore, not unreasonable to suspect that you are trolling. Be specific: What would you want to move to, and why? (Fixed typos)
There is no need to give you a reason. You should go with/stay with whatever makes you happy. Moreover, if you're up-to-date with what's going on, it's not like anyone could tell you anything you don't already know.
He deserves worse: Tizen.
Does anybody buy this stuff?
My portfolio hopes and prays that this rumor comes true...... 
 Yes, but the mystery would be, why would we want to?
I guess they're not the only ones. Why don't you just enlighten us.... thanks.
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