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I like my BMW too, but for the way it drives. IMHO, BMW's iDrive is crap. Talk about worse than distracting. It has the worst music interface and the worst voice command system of any car that I've owned (and, between my family members and me, I've owned a fair number of good ones from very good car manufacturers). Moreover, there's nothing about Carplay implementation that is premised only on Siri, or more importantly, on touch. Indeed, one of the companies that demo-ed...
It doesn't necessarily mean all that much that they've signed on in principle. The question is, when will it actually become available in their models? For instance, Audi announced last week that it will be available in their 2015 models; but BMW has made no such commitment as of yet. [Delete added portion]
I think that a lot of Apple's recent advertising -- whether produced internally or externally -- is self-conscious and tepid. They've just not been up to Apple's traditionally high standards. In particular, the music and the narration often grate. This is just my subjective view.
There was no argument to counter. Your post was not worthy of anything more or less.You could start by providing an argument or facts to back up your claim that: (I) Apple 'markets itself as a premium company'; and (II) Apple 'charges premium prices.'Btw, what is the price of Apple Maps?
If that were the case -- especially for a trivial task such as checking whether an address is right, against some global database or set of databases -- a considerable, and very successful outsourcing industry (that performs far more sophisticated tasks for many dozens of sophisticated companies similar to Apple) would not exist. Moreover, it's not as though Apple does no outsourcing.
Anyone seeing any news of consequence?   AAPL up 1.85% ($1.72, at time of posting) on an otherwise flat/listless market day....
Which iTunes U course would that be? 
This is spot on. It applies equally to Apple's own prior versions of software (e.g., iWork).
This is the kind of activity that can easily, cheaply be outsourced (ensuring excellent quality control).
Oh, I was being charitable when I said "irksome issues." Also, my standard for comparison in making that statement is not what "software" does in general, but what Apple's software has been capable of. (Sarcasm noted.)
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