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Why do they even bother to put a price on it? Given that their earnings are -- and will be -- in the toilet for a while to come, why not give it away and hope to make money elsewhere (or in their much-vaunted 'future')?
Just go waldenpond yourself, and please leave us heathens to consume consume consume.
It's not an option for you at the moment anyway, so it's a bit theoretical, isn't it.Let's wait and see. Until then, it's pointless speculation on your part.
Perhaps I didn't state it well. What I meant with the example of '"o" instead of "●"' was that it would be nice if there were a character that had simply a black outline around the edges of a white Apple icon (as in "o"), instead of an all-black Apple icon (as in "●"). As a matter of aesthetics, the latter just grates (for me).  ​Add: diplication (Post #152) explained it so much better than I did.
I went to their customer feedback page and sent them this note:   "My family and I are your member-customers, and I am guessing, among your high-value customer group.   I sincerely hope that the recent news item about your company not accepting ApplePay is untrue.    If it is indeed true, I would be quite disappointed, and think it's deeply short-sighted on your part. I hope you will reconsider this backward-looking decision. Otherwise, it will negatively impact my...
Perhaps it's just me, but the "" in "Pay" grates on the eye. ​It would be nice if there were a  prefix logo that looked like "o" instead of "●"
TS... please stick to the topic. Take the political stuff elsewhere.
Please stop this nonsense. You're derailing the thread. (TS, it would be good if you could stop this too. Please).
Please stop making really stupid assumptions. It's quite likely that my computer set-up is perhaps a tad better than yours. You and Slurpy should stop acting like I kicked your cat or something. Grow up. Or take your meds. Or whatever.
See Post #17.
New Posts  All Forums: