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Some of the extreme sentiments expressed here are really shameful. And remarkably ignorant, borderline illiterate. Yes, Greece messed up. Yes, Greece will probably be better off in the long run outside the Eurozone than in it. (Greece should never have been a part of the Euro to begin with). Yes, in the short run, they'll have to put up with a lot of economic pain regardless of whether they stay or leave. But Greece leaving the Euro will be as much of a problem for the...
Not at all. 'Apple Content' would be fully owned subsidiary of Apple, and the integration will be exactly the same as before. They will be charged an internal transfer price of 30% like everybody else. Companies adopt that type of structure all the time.
It's time for Apple to consider splitting itself into three separate companies: hardware, software, and content. Almost all of Apple's regulatory problems seem to arise on the content side of the business, which is the least important for the company in terms of revenue and cash flow. Yet, content-related issues generate the vast amount of negative buzz about the company, dragging down its stock.
Oh, one more thing. If what you're saying is pertinent vis-a-vis the OP, then he's wrong, and that's the point I was really getting at. The HE has nothing to do with a 'novelty' or some gee-gaw. It was s serious experiment on working conditions to improve productivity (that turned out to have a benign effect on productivity despite measurements attributing it to those conditions.)
First, I know you're trying to be helpful. But in general, I prefer that a person who posted something answer a question related to that something.Second, you quoted something from the first para of the first link that shows up when you search for 'Hawthorne Effect.'Third, quoting a Wikipedia summary of serious academic research is never a useful start.
I know well the original Hawthorne studies. They had nothing to do with providing novelties (which is what the OP was talking about). They had to do with changes to work conditions (specifically, lighting), and the effect of those changes on those being studied.
Can you provide a link to such studies? (If it's in the form of a literature survey, so much the better).
There was a moron from Re-Code on CNBC a few minutes ago, trashing the ads, saying that it fails to measure up to Apple's classic tearjerkers that tugged our heartstrings, and that we stupid consumers won't react well to words like 'hardware' and 'software.'   What a piece of work....
Hello foot... ouch... dang...
"Political blancmange"!? He wrote that? The quality of his rants has improved, for sure!  
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