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Um... what is Google's strategy here?
Relax. He can bring up whatever the heck he wants. You're not the moderator, and you don't have to respond (it would be more appropriate for you to report the post).In fact, by repeatedly responding, you've simply made it go on and on. Kind of defeats the purpose of what you were trying to achieve, no?
Safari DOES crash a lot on iOS 7. It's a bit of a disappointment.I've ended up using Atomic Browser more and more often.
Great visuals in the ad, but I found the narration and music cringe-worthy. I hate to say this, but overall, a mediocre ad.
In the opinion of many in this Forum, that pretty much encapsulates a lot of your posts.
Stop the tripe. You're just adding to your blather at this point. Perhaps you'll think a bit more before you post the next time (although I doubt it).I am done wasting my time with you in this thread.
Hmmm.. You conveniently ignored Post #74.
That had to to be greatest laugh-getter of this whole thread, considering that every one of your assertions is spurious.
You started it with your nonsensical assertion. Come up with something better then to back up your assertion, before you throw around claims like Apple is some ridiculously lawsuit-hungry, 'courtroom-loving' company, when the truth could well be that it's Google that fits that bill. At a minimum, go back to your own Google Scholar search, and do a count of the actual case numbers, adjusted for equivalent time periods, if nothing else. Of course, I don't expect you to.
New Posts  All Forums: