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That's basically it.
  I honestly mean no offense, and I hope you’ll take it in the spirit of the discussion, but I feel compelled to point out that these are the kinds of rationales that end up justifying a $170B in market cap for a $7B in revenue company like Facebook, a $16+B purchase price for a $450M revenue company like WhatsApp, and $4B in purchase price for a zero-revenue company like Snapchat. ‘Revenue’, and even worse, ‘revenue-per-user.’ Companies are worth their expected future...
USPS does itself proud.
How many of their 400M+ users are already Facebook users, do you think? The market and the analysts –perhaps even you -- appear to be treating this number as 0%.
Age may have something to do with 'intelligence'...
I think you may be double-counting many hundreds of millions of users.....
That's a contingent payment. It really should've valued at 4 + 12 + Call Option Value (of a four-year option with exercise price equal to the vesting price).
I wish Apple would roll out a better UI for AppleTV soon. It has become quite cluttered.
Nah, looks like the only thing he forgot was an '/idiotic post' tag.
That's most certainly true.  However, on the topic of whether Jobs was one among a handful of the greatest corporate leaders of the last hundred years -- anywhere in the world -- I was simply pointing out that many more substantive minds than yours (or mine) have rendered a fairly uniform judgment. Nothing personal.
New Posts  All Forums: