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Moreover, we just saw the news about HTC being worth less than its cash. Xiaomi is next. It's only a matter of time.
I think blindfolded monkeys throwing darts to pick stocks have a better record than these 'managers'....
Up next: Xiaomi.
Not only that, it's a pain when you want to use the Vol+ button as a camera shutter button (for a steadier picture): there are times when I accidentally turn the phone off just as I am ready to get the perfect shot!
You might wish to see how much your forefinger extends when you hold the phone.
Plagued? No, I don't think so. Actually, the extent of leaks is somewhat less than usual. No real news on whether and what's coming with iPads or AppleTV. A few parts leaks with iPhone, which is not a big deal, since we know the form factor does not change. As an aside, I truly wish Apple would go back to putting the on/off button on top. Sigh.
Lol. No, groan. More speculative BS from our AppleWatch/iPhone/Swiss watch expert!Not one iota of actual evidence. Priceless.
Now, that is some real stuff, requiring real skill! I envy you.
THIS is the critical point that the Androider trolls here (and elsewhere) never get. And why the Tag Heuers et al too will fail miserably. This is despite some of them claiming (e.g., Gatorguy's posts) that it will work with iOS, to which I say "bs."
To say that you posts link to products and services from places like Tag Heuer that are planned but not available yet -- i.e., vaporware -- is "intellectually dishonest"? To say that bkcanuck's rants about the likely worthlessness of the Watch Edition based on his view that it is a piece of gold wrapped around a 'microchip' and the experience of his sister and a friend in Singapore is "intellectually dishonest"? Yet, you still haven't answered the question about how...
New Posts  All Forums: