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You sure do sound like you must be missing something: the ability to read, for starters.
I'd rather that Apple focused on making the 9.7" thinner and lighter. A 12" sounds nutty. I am not buying it.
You're "out of the market"? Where do you keep your money?
Except that Tim Cook is always quoting them in his presentations, giving them undue validation. It bothers the heck out of me, since I cannot think of a tech site that deserves it less.
Nonsense. He's purely speculating, and has zero clue. Like you do.
Yeah, channel stuffing. /s   Another foolish analyst -- Munster -- bites the dust.
.... in the market for a computer who's looking to live with (chintzy) built-in speakers?
I wasn't referring to you. Calm down.But now that YOU bring it up.....
Can we hear from the guy who was boasting yesterday about how Microsoft beat Apple to the punch because they claimed that a product to be realeased a month form now might have Haswell?
On that topic, my iPad 3 started to drain its battery like crazy, and iTunes Radio did not show up, after the iOS 7 update. But a reset (holding down both the on/off button and home button until the Apple icon shows up) helped with both. iPad 3 does not do AirDrop, however.As an aside, anyone notice that new Apple restart logo in iOS has lost its shiny curved line? Totally flat now.
New Posts  All Forums: