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Actually, it was preceded by that other one, the Dutch East India Company... 
'Acting on behalf of customers' is what my cable company says too.
Head, meet nail.
I think it really depends on what your personal hangups are. 
There goes the thread....
I think that the next 6 to 12 months -- after what seems like a long drought -- could be one of the most exciting periods in Apple's history. Can't wait.   Whatever it is driving those animal spirits*, I am also loving the fact that, since the last earnings announcement, AAPL is up from $525 to $625.   *I know, I know....
It must be comforting for you to know that one of Apple's biggest fans is..... http://bit.ly/Scom9P 
Seriously, what do people who have had 'accidents' with Apple products do? What have they historically done? Are you worried that Apple will design something -- such as its design is -- differently with its rumored iWatch, than it has done in the past? If so, why? I guess what I am failing to see is the need for this 'concern.'
If that's your worry, buy insurance.
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