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Buy something else then.
I was, first of all, referring to consumer product companies. Read again. But even then if you had mentioned of BB's back-end and security stuff, you may have had a small point.But, email and messaging systems?With all due respect, I don't think you have much of a clue about what 'ecosystem' means.
Exactly. Munster is right on this one. Moronic posts comparing Apple to BB, Sony or Vista completely miss the point. Moreover, they miss the basic fact that no one in the consumer space has an ecosystem -- something that makes your customers stick around -- like Apple's (although, Microsoft has the same advantage in the corporate world).
Who has 'pent up bile'? About what? More importantly, it's really kind of sad that your reason for liking/disliking something is your fantasy of others disliking/liking that thing.
The Holo-whatever will simply end up being GoogleGlass2. In terms of functionality, use, and ultimately, success.
Vwls r ovrrtd.
Calm down. It's too late. Many cars already have it, so your concern is pointless.
That was a travesty, imho. (I've posted that view on these boards many a time in the past). I am glad that he's finally gone. There's no need to make that same mistake twice. 
The bennies are by no means trivial. In large, publicly traded US companies, it can be anywhere from a few hundred thousand to a many hundred thousand dollars per year in cash and stock.
That makes more sense. I was talking about the one with four sections.
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