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What 'freedom of speech'? There are laws against yelling 'fire' in a crowded theater (and both sides of the political extreme are full of nut cases), or threatening the life of a President.(Incidentally, name-calling is disallowed on AI. I will not report you this time).
Examples of 'falling flat on your face' would be, say, Windows Vista, Samsung retail, or well, most of your posts.This one was a stumble.
A smart company factors that in to its product and service design (as Apple almost always does). Let's face it, on this one, Apple stumbled a bit. Not the end of the world, but a stumble, nonetheless.
Hmm... What exactly is being wasted here? By whom?
Thanks for the clarification.Although, 'free' is just a '100% off' sale.
I did not even realize that this promotion had been going on for six years! Never bought a single thing during one of these promotions.... What's with people always looking to buy stuff in 'sales'? Good things in life cost what they cost. Buy it, or don't. But enough with the whining.
Your post is quite confusing. I am finding it difficult to parse it. But I'll try. I did not say that South Park made South Park do (or not do) anything. You originally said that Comedy Central made South Park do it. I responded to that by simply noting that's no different from Sony saying that corporate-owned theaters made them pull it (i.e., they had no choice in the matter). I thought my point was crystal clear. As to your Point #1, I am unable to deconstruct it.
Some of their video download/streaming companies seem to have more b411s than some of ours.
You must have missed reading or listening to the news these past couple of weeks about the five major theater chains -- who control the vast amount of distribution in the US -- refusing to screen the move, which apparently led to Sony's decision: http://www.wsj.com/articles/sony-cancels-release-of-the-interview-us-blames-pyongyang-for-hack-1418844906?tesla=yAnd I have no idea what the MPAA has to do with movie distribution. I thought that they only dealt with issues of...
That sounds awfully like Sony saying "the theater groups made me do it," no?
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