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Hopefully something like this gives pause to the incessant, sight-unseen whining about the aesthetics of AppleWatch from some AI posters....
Yeah, that's been a problem for Apple products in the past, since all people care about is cachet, not aesthetics or functionality associated with what an Apple watch can do compared to a Swiss watchᵢ.
Groan. You're laughably relentless and obdurate.
Stop your FUD. Here's the latest data, for the first nine months of the fiscal year: http://www.apple.com/pr/library/2014/07/22Apple-Reports-Third-Quarter-Results.html Apple's Provision for Taxes (i.e., the amount of taxes that it thinks it owes, but hasn't sent a check yet, since different countries have different payment dates) for the first nine months is ~$10.9B or over 25%. Actual Cash Taxes Paid is ~$8.1B, or about 20% (nowhere near the 14% nonsense you claim). There...
Here's the deeper irony: the next Commissioner, after Alumnia, is likely from Luxembourg! Guess the name of the other country that is under 'investigation'.....
The name is not 'Anand'. Read the the first five letters. Repeat until you see the right spelling.Apropos the topic at hand, wow: a dog with a bone, aren't you?
Hmm.... I trust you'll make that a self-admonition the next time you decide to whine about Apple's product designs, Tim Cook's leadership, Apple's investor relations, etc. That said, the website is rather Alibaba-like and crappy. Don't you agree?
Check out http://www.colette.fr.... eewwww.... assuming I am at the right place, what a fugly website, full of cheap-looking stuff.   These guys are tastemakers in Paris!?
  Ah, the irony..... 'failure to read', indeed....  
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