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What I told you is simply the law. It's not that complicated. You're welcome to check with your 'experts' (and tell us what you found out, just as I did).
Yes, this is certainly plausible, but Apple has to keep any profits earned from the 'Beats subsidiary' abroad.   Anything profits repatriated to HQ will get taxed at the US rate.
What  fabulous article. Simple, and to-the-point. Kawano seems to really get to the heart of what SJ was all about. Kudos, AI.   My only disappointment is, something like a piece of trash rumor about Dr. Dre or about the low-lifes at Samsung often generates five times as many responses/comments as this does.   Ugh.
I am laughing, and shaking my head at the fact that people not only make these kinds of predictions with a straight face, but that there are nincompoops out there actually willing to pay for this kind of drivel.
Actually, power generation from roads themselves ('RPG') -- since they absorb a lot of heat -- is not a new idea: here's an example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ubksiMvCvg
Trees are the easiest things to offset (and there are plenty of well-monitored and verified ways to do it). Apple does plenty of offsets. This is a non-issue.
This is true. It'll probably be left to Apple's discretion. (But it's not like many of these SEC filings actually say much more than boilerplate nonsense anyway). That said, given all the negative, head-scratching commentary that the Beats acquisition rumor has generated, it will be in Apple's interest to disclose more, rather than less, about this. I am guessing that Cook will disclose info, but perhaps not until his next analyst conference call (about 10 weeks away).
....and that blowhard Isaacson would be on CNBC lamenting Apple's decline under Cook.* *Sorry for the reply to my own post....
....and AAPL would be down 30 points.
I wear glasses for extended periods of time (I need it for reading), and even though I got a terrible headache from wearing Google Glass, I've never once got one from wearing my regular glasses. The problem with GG is how it makes you squint with one eye that is constantly switching back and forth between the 'real' world and the silly GG world. Not trying to be snarky, but perhaps you need to see a professional regarding your glasses.
New Posts  All Forums: