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Don't get me wrong, but I would think it's generally not just the case that your opinions are taken very seriously in this forum.
Welcome to CNBC after 10 AM. A wasteland.
Of course it should be. Just as Thomas Edison's home is.
Utterly clueless pap.   I truly pity the foolish investors who buy into this.
Apple's third roadkill.   But none will be as satisfying as when/if Samsung joins the club. At least, Palm, Nokia, and Blackberry had something original.
I think you're putting way too much pressure on rocket scientists.
a) Anything is possible. b) You'd be far from the first person to have called it. Speaking for myself, I'd be fine with a slightly larger phone if it's thinner. I am also quite happy with the current size.
Blah ads.
This Misek guy is beginning to sound almost as pathetic as the apoplectic fandroids on cnet.com and theverge.com. (You should wander over and browse -- it's hilarious).$425, buddy?He's an embarrassment to Jefferies & Co. How can anyone remotely trust that company's research, if this is the kind of nonsense they trot out?!
I'd actually then start paying attention to him/her. We don't want that. Who'd we have to dump on? 
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