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It's a complement, not a substitute for corporate-type work.
Wow, a vague, oblique statement in a rumor-based article on a blog that says "...The purchase structure is also unknown, though Foley has heard it will likely require a subscription through Microsoft Office 365..." is enough for you to conclude that it'll cost "$99 per year." Doesn't take much by way of actual data to get you to make categorical statements, does it?
Can't believe it's taken them so long. Pathetic.   That said, it'll be nice to have Excel for iPad.
That's silly. The S&P 500 has an annualized dividend yield of 1.92%. The NASDAQ 100 (to which Apple belongs), 0.99%. Apple's yield (2.3%) is higher than either.
I wish the US would help them in the US....
Corporate taxes were not introduced in the US until 1913.
You want him to cut and paste a copyrighted article from the WSJ with no regard for IP? Really?This sounds like the kind of thing that Google might do.
Greenpeace? The inept, second-tier, increasingly irrelevant, cheap-attention-seeking NGO 'verify Apple's claims'?Good one. LOL.
It is quite sad to see how a once-great brand name has become so tarnished. I mean Greenpeace.
Not at all. Electrical distribution (and even cable companies) is a good example. Essentially, these would be situations when a monopoly (or something close to it) is the most efficient organizational form. This is could happen in highly capital-intensive businesses, especially in smaller markets/geographies.
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