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Wow, I have a fan! (Actually, it's kind of creepy, but what the heck, it's par for the course I suppose...)Clearly, you're unable read or process much, so for the sake of anyone who might be (remotely) interested, let me repost in whole what wrote there. I said: "You didn't understand my post. I could care less about this firm. I am simply saying that if one million is Apple's 'shipments,' it'll likely be Apple's 'sales.' That said, I am guessing one million is a very...
A trivia question, sort of unrelated to this dumb story and graph, but related to AppleWatch: is there any other current Apple product (all accessories excluded) that does not feature an Apple logo?
'Context?' What context? Some unknown company made up a graph and posted it on the Internet to get their fifteen minutes of fame, that's all. By the moron, for the moron.
Who's Brean Capital?
Ah, got it. If they took a less arrogant approach to copying Apple's IP, it would be less easy to hate Samsung. Thanks for the laugh! 
Agreed. Just to clarify, he's solely a Google apologist. ;-)
Smoother too...
Not at all unexpected that it was offered, since most universities go after their wealthy/famous/rich alumni to fill that role. It is somewhat unexpected that he said 'yes,' given how busy he must be!
Does anyone have an update on what the total of all these 'unbundled' services on @TVwould be, so far?
Is Greece screwed in the short run? For sure. But that's a fairly isolated problem. There are a whole lot of posters here who've been predicting financial Armageddon -- stock market collapse, dollar collapse, rush to gold/bitcoins, mass unemployment, people jumping off high-rises, etc. -- in the wake of a Greek exit from the Euro, which would apparently lead to the collapse of the Euro, violence on the streets, global meltdown, that sort of thing. All typically attributed...
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