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Yeah, they could also make and sell PCs and low end Android phones. /sApple faces no 'dilemma'. They face a tax problem thanks to the stupid US tax policy for multinational corporations. It'll get worked out in due course.
I have absolutely no idea what your post means.
Who said they "needed" to return money to shareholders? I certainly did not.Yes, buybacks generally make more sense than dividends, but only at the right price. And not always.
Apple does not 'have' to do anything. It can simply cancel or postpone the buybacks, or return money to shareholders in other ways.
What 'events and coverage'? Their showing OBL videos? Their showing the massive civilian deaths in Iraq? They were just being more broad-based in their coverage, and perhaps more honest. The US networks were, after all, showing both, but on a 'wink, wink' basis, or with a condescending 'American viewers are immature and can't handle the truth' type of approach. I'd rather be shown all the facts, regardless of how painful or hard it is. I am mature enough to process...
Thanks for the Friday afternoon laugh. 
I think it makes little sense for Apple to be buying back too much more of its shares at the current price. Debt notwithstanding.   An increased dividend -- or a large, one-time, special dividend -- might be a better way to return money to shareholders.
Don't watch them at all, but I don't think you quite understand or know Al Jazeera. You should find out why dictators and fundamentalists in the Middle East hate them even more than uninformed Americans do.
You completely missed the obvious internal contradiction in your post, apparently. Not surprising. (Oh, you can mention Marx all you want. Anywhere in America. We even have a US Senator who is a Socialist.)
LOL. I don't think he's quite getting connection between their not being "...able to vote" that he bemoans, and his political philosophy....
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