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Weird. Just to clarify, I was referring to Frost, not you.(Unfortunately, and as you likely know, it's a pain to de-nest quotes when posting on AI from an iPad or iPhone).
Give it a rest. We heard you twice the first time.
Actually, the plural is correct in British usage. (I think they know something about English.)And, as to whether it should be 'they' or 'it,' that depends on whether you believe in the notion of personhood of the corporation. According to the U.S. Supreme Court, the corporation has some important personhood rights (e.g., the right to free speech).
Ridiculous stories about Apple in the past few days. Sigh. What else is new....
I truly can't believe that Google has given him multiple billions in compensation.
While this sort of thing can certainly happen, I have been less than satisfied with Apple software offerings and updates of late. There was an AppleTV update that completely bricked mine a few months ago; the new iWork, especially Keynote, is shit compared to iWork '09 (and once you save your files in the new version, not only does it break a ton of old settings and formats, but there's no way to go back -- I just trashed the new, and reinstalled the old); iTunes syncing...
Seems like an outstanding review (haven't read all of it yet -- will savor it more carefully later).   I will say one thing: the side on/off button is annoying, at least so far. Will definitely take some getting used to. I keep hitting it when I hit the volume or mute buttons. Also, after seven years of conditioning with (and with the iPads still on) the on/off button on top, my finger still reaches over there, before moving to the side. It somehow still doesn't seem...
 Um... 'if Apple had started production sooner?' Wow. You're totally clueless. 
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