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Perhaps you missed the "et. al"?
Oh, they're doing it to you too, but you just haven't figured out how.
Hmm... cue Apple][ et. al (where is he, btw) on why this is just multicultural pandering, how Apple's going down the toilet, and why Tim Cook needs to be fired.
Sappy, good, a couple of well-done scenes but a movie that hasn't aged well, first one decent but second one terrible, very boring, excellent for one viewing, first one very good the rest cliche, horrendous recreation of a great comic book series, decent.As I said, overrated.
What's AOL? Seriously, I think it's a tad embarrassing that Apple has continued with this for so long. Someone must have simply forgotten about it, is what I am guessing
I don't know about yours, but my MacBooks Air allow me search on the internets.(Sorry, fixed typos).
This is true. Especially for older people.
  I did like Grand Budapest a lot. Fiennes was great, but that Algerian kid stole the show (for me). When he didn't even get nominated, I lost all interest. Btw, the Imitation Game had to be one of the most cliched movies of all time. And historically inaccurate, because it completely ignored his Princeton days, where his hanging around people like Von Neumann and Alonzo Church (not to mention Albert Einstein) had a far greater impact on his understanding of and insights...
I don't wish to make a value judgement regarding his lifestyle -- it's his life, not mine -- but I do have to say that I find Scorsese (along with Spielberg and Stone) to be somewhat overrated as a director.
Of course! What am I thinking...../facepalm
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