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I was not including the fold where the cover attaches with the magnet. Are you sure it's four on top of that?I recall three.... And currently see two.
Groan.He's baaaaaaack.......
In the post-Sarbanes Oxley environment, it's not Tim's choice.It's the Board's call. In fact, Tim May have to recuse himself from the decision, since he should not be choosing one of his bosses.
Legere is potentially interesting, but a loose cannon. Musk has way too much on his hands. Moreover, his cars, from what I understand, are not iOS-friendly.
About time. Been on the Board way too long, and at this point, Apple could school him on retail rather than the other way around. It's time to appoint someone from abroad, a person who represents a huge current or potential foreign market. Someone from, say China, India, or Brazil.
This is a very good point.
Exactly. We essentially do the same with Huawei equipment.
I preferred the smart covers with three folds (as opposed to the current one with just two folds). They were more stable, especially with the iPad in the vertical viewing position. The current one makes the device flop over more than occasionally.   I truly hope that they go back to the original version.
The ramblings of the CEO of a dying -- if not already dead -- company. Pathetic. If he thinks that cross-platform apps will revive his carcass of a company, I've got some beachfront property to sell him in Arizona.
That was not my question. I see you avoided directly answering a simple question on where the line should be drawn for NSA's actions. I think I know what your honest answer is, however.
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