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I wish it were easy as that. Some EU governments, e.g., France, were found out to be spying on their own citizens in a manner similar to NSA. The UK, a member of the EU, held Greenwald's partner at Heathrow for search and questioning. Spain (or was it Portugal, or both?) was implicated in refusing to refuel the Bolivian president's plane. Other than pouting a lot, Germany has done basically nothing to retaliate against its leader being spied on by the NSA.At least Brazil...
What I find surprising and maddening is, for all the vaunted data and privacy protection laws and tradition in the EU, where is the coordinated reaction to the NSA snooping?Despite ample evidence of leaders and companies being spied on, what's the outcome of all the outrage!?
No offense, but your initial response to me was completely uncalled for since it was thoroughly irrelevant to the premise of, and question in, my post.Irrelevance is equivalent to rudeness in my book.
I have no doubt at all that there are plenty of pissed-off lawmakers in the EU. With the recent round of elections, there are probably even more. But I am very skeptical that they will act. I hope I am wrong, but I think I am not. We'll see.
You could have stopped right there. (Well, I am exaggerating a bit: it's only 92%).
You apparently have no issues with conversations without context (as with gatorguy). I do.
  Those are just specific examples against specific companies when they've violated specific laws in the EU. Any court or government would do that. For example, the US has imposed many dozens of such fines on EU companies too. The original post I was responding to (from cnocbui above) said: "I would like to see the EU forbid US companies from holding any data relating to EU residents.  Goodby [sic] every US based tech company - see ya." You guys think that such a ruling is...
Indeed, I do not. Here, I'll raise you one, with examples in three major domains: Ukraine: http://www.ft.com/intl/cms/s/0/2dcb625c-d146-11e3-81e0-00144feabdc0.html#axzz34pCv5lSQ Spying: http://euobserver.com/justice/122266 Internet: http://technology.ie/icann-says-screw-eu-european-domain-registrars/ (I have no further interest in continuing this with you).
 Useless links per usual (your Infoworld link actually says "Although worrying, the loss of business is not as great as analysts originally feared" and the other article is about Brazil, not the EU). Moroever, it completely misses the point of my posts. One, if you look at my post just prior, I actually talk about the potential impact of US courts and Feds on US tech firms. Two, I was talking about the EU, remarking how they're gutless vis-a-vis US bullying. Third, I was...
And, another b-s posting from you. Your 'direct experience'? With what? For which product? Category? From which US company to which company (and country)? What competition?
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