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That wasn't his question. You don't get to distort what he asked.
I provided some help. See the link I posted and take it from there.... 
It's all explained. No need to explain it again: if you didn't (conveniently) get it the first time, you're not going to (conveniently) get it this time. Seriously: why are you such a relentless Google apologist? A lot of people here seem to think it's a bit weird.... Add:Here's the link to the Technology News page in news.google.com as of five minutes ago, March 23, 2015 -- all 8 pages of it (in 60% size), hence linked rather than shown here -- for your perusal. Tell me...
What the heck is an 'App Annie's Index Report' whose data this is based on? Seriously? Is it some type of joke? His question was whether you can provide (audited, I am guessing) numbers from Google. More crickets.....
Of course you (conveniently) wouldn't.
You can expect the 'sound of crickets'....
Apparently, you missed the idiocy of having to search for it to find it, as both GTR and I pointed using the example of your name. The point is whether it showed up as a 'headline' in news.google.com without one having to search for it. If you couldn't see that obvious point, I am not sure you really understood the article (or our counters to your post).
An assertion of 'most likely' from you unfortunately doesn't cut it. Actual evidence countering what DED said, would.
Hmmm... When I search for 'Gatorguy Appleinsider' in Google, guess what? Your AI profile is the first hit!But I knew that you already had one on AI, so I did not really have to search for that piece of info, did I?
Instead of your pointless 'impression,' could you tell us whether DED is factually incorrect in any of the information he presents?
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