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The bolded one is huge for me (makes my @TV a de facto multimedia center in my family room0. And AirPlay.
It does?
Yes, that's true, but Apple is also known to raise the bar for competition, setting its own standards for others to catch up to.
Stop feeding the trolls.
My problem is that this version of iWork -- in particular, Keynote -- is not superior for my needs compared to iWork 09. Lots of good and useful functionality has been taken out, and not enough that is good and new put in. Moreover, unless I have the option to export to iWork 09, I have absolutely no incentive to switch yet. It also changed file-saving etc. protocols in significant ways, messing up my workflow. Pages and Numbers are pretty good, however, compared to '09.
Your chart is pointless: it shows the last four weeks of exchange rates. When did Apple last change prices in Australia? (Note, for example that the article says that prices in the UK have not changed in three years). What has happened to the value of USD/AUD in that time? I am quite willing to bet that it is at a new lower (depreciated) plateau relative to when Apple last changed prices. PS: Pipped by jungmark
Do you really think it won't be appealed one way or another?
I've had an excellent week, thank you.I was only pointing out that pretty much all of your posts are pro-Google and/or in defense of Android. That is simply an empirical fact. It's totally fine for you to be that way, but to me, that's a one-note Johnny, and tiresome/boring. Moreover, it's weird that, for someone who constantly posts in a major pro-Apple forum, your posts are almost never pro-Apple.As to your question about not having a discussion, yes, I used to engage...
No, you're wrong: Not 'any' product.  Only those that are somehow -- even if they're only tangentially -- related to Google. 
Another doofus CEO who'll probably be eating his words and licking his wounds at some point soon....
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