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What iPhone 6 design? (Oops. Just saw the other story).
I account for $13.1B of that.
You forgot the '/sarcasm' tag.
Use something else then...
Yeah, if revenue mattered so much, Walmart should be the most valuable company in the world....
And yet, we continue to have all the bs data that's thrown out there about tablet 'shipment shares'....
But the iTunes Store is likely a substantially lower-margin business than Google's.
Good relative to what/whom? I gave you 10, 7, 5, and threw in additional data for 8-year, and starting this millennium, as bonus. The 8-year is particularly revealing (people did get into the market in in 2006 too, you know) – and obviously data that makes you uncomfortable given that Icahn has destroyed some rather impressive value for those investors. (Just as Apple did for those who bought in at ~700). It happens to everyone. Get over it. Use it. Or not. You’re kind...
Good advice. Follow it.
Um… now you’re adding obfuscation to what increasingly seems like ignorance (given all the substantive finance points – e.g., risk-adjusted returns – that you ignored). For the record, I gave you IEP returns from starting points of 2001, 2004, 2006, 2007, and 2009. That aside, if you’d like to substitute swag (look, no caps, ma!) for analysis, be my guest. ‘Nuff said.
New Posts  All Forums: