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The Guardian is probably one of the most serious newspapers of the world. They may be somewhat left-ish in their views (most British media is), but boy, are they credible. Nowhere close to being a tabloid. 
Not just behemoth, but blows away every other retailer -- including the most well-known luxury retailers -- on performance metrics such as sales per square foot: http://www.asymco.com/2012/04/18/apple-stores-have-seventeen-times-better-performance-than-the-average-retailer/
You may need to acquire -- even rent -- a sense of humor.
Apple's current legal team has all the savvy of its current marketing team.
But all this pales in comparison to "Noted analyst (you know who)...."
AI, can you please change the headline -- and future such headlines -- from '(Federal) Judge Denies.....' (which makes it sound legitimate) to 'Denise Cote, Bromwich Pal, Denies....' (which says it all)? Thanks.
Incredibly bs pricing.
I had written to Jaguar USA asking if CarPlay will be available in 2015 models. Here's the reply I got -- bloody disappointing, despite all the fanfare a few weeks ago! ---- Dear ****,   Thank you for contacting Jaguar Land Rover North America LLC.   I appreciate your interest in Jaguar. I apologize, but at this time we have not been advised on whether or not Apple CarPlay will be available in our future models. We have not been given any information on the late 2014...
Um... if I did, it is unlikely that I'd be asking this question, no? If you do, why don't you tell us, instead of being snarky?
Heh heh. On a vaguely related point, I have what is perhaps a dumb question: why is it that no one has been able to figure out a way to use radio broadcasting channels --  FM or AM -- for data/wifi?
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