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Yes, the topic is of course her wealth. I was simply saying that the fall in App,e and Disney stocks this past week must have taken a major toll. You responded -- I thought, quite sarcastically -- with something to the effect of you should have her problems.If you did not mean anything other than facetiousness by it, then there's no quarrel. It certainly did not sound like that to me in the way that I read it. Move along.
That's a tad arrogant, to say the least. You have no damn clue what she worries about, or why.Also, it reeks of class warfare-type assumptions.
So will you, relative to your wealth.
She's a multi-Billionaire, not multi-millionaire.That's not very relavant anyway. I think I wrongly assumed that you might have a retirement plan, or investment in mutual funds etc. My mistake.
You probably did, but are not -- or choose to be not -- aware of it.
Great company, great products and brands, great management. But the stock still looks a tad pricey: at a forward PE ratio of ~20x, a lot of growth is already priced into the stock. And the dividend yield is a bit low.
Lauren Jobs has had a bad week, wealth-wise.... 
That has to be the most hilarious thing I've heard all day! Especially regarding a company that endlessly hypes itself and its products that never seem to go anywhere (Glass, RE > C, Nexus, Google+, Wallet, perhaps even the car, etc etc).
Another piece of consultant pap...   Looks like they just make up the numbers as they please.
It's a tad weird that they would giving out specifics for a rather low-cash flow business like Apple Music, when they're being so coy about Watch sales. I'm not saying the latter is necessarily bad, but rather that, in context, the former is odd. I have my bets on which number the market would rather hear about.
New Posts  All Forums: