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This Misek guy is beginning to sound almost as pathetic as the apoplectic fandroids on cnet.com and theverge.com. (You should wander over and browse -- it's hilarious).$425, buddy?He's an embarrassment to Jefferies & Co. How can anyone remotely trust that company's research, if this is the kind of nonsense they trot out?!
I'd actually then start paying attention to him/her. We don't want that. Who'd we have to dump on? 
Good call (pun intended).
My 5S gold arrives 5-7 days earlier than originally promised! Now, that's execution: underpromise, overdeliver. Add: Stock up $30 pre-market. Yikes.
Way to go, Apple! And, take that, you maroon analysts.....
Apple just announced: 9 million units!!!!! WOW!
If anything close these proportions are true, Apple will have to cut 5C prices to start at $449 unlocked. Some of us predicted it on keynote date.
Yoo hoo! Mine delivers on Wed, Sept 25. That's nearly a week earlier than indicated at purchase time.
New Posts  All Forums: