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"Very little science going on"?! Did you even bother to read the story above? Its says: "Apple gave the Watch an IPX7 water resistance rating, which generally means the device could withstand immersion in water up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes. Apple cautions users against such immersion, however." What 'science' are you looking for? From whom?
Why would you expect such a 'fluke'? Do you think Apple's QA is likely to be different for different batches?
I got this email last night.   It's bloody brilliant. It really ups the game.
In my local grocery store, it's in the 'Intenational' section (which, of course, carries mostly ethnic foods).
Growing up in a Commonwealth country and having to deal with these, but now in the US, I had completely forgotten about what a monstrosity these things were/are. I am not saying that the 110V stuff we get in the US is particularly aesthetic, but this plug has to be one of ugliest-as-sin consumer thingies ever created. Almost down there with marmite. Add: No offense meant to the Brits, whom I admire greatly!
Both stocks were up slightly today.
I don't think that either of them could get much worse whether they stayed separate or combined, but I am glad that a strong signal was sent by the DoJ that they will watch out for potential for market abuse in these sorts of deals. One small step at a time.....
My street name has been misspelled since a Day 1. It's in a well-known northern New England town. I've complained/written to Apple in over a dozen times. I finally gave up a few months ago. (I checked again just before posting this, to make sure that it did not magically change. Sure enough, it had not). Apple Maps has a ways to go. Period.
Woo hoo.... Mine* has shipped! Email received at 5.27 AM EDT. I feel like Anna, Karl, and Pharrell combined.... *SS w/ML
I have no doubt that he's a fabulously decent guy. (I think you were referring to my post; if not, please just ignore this response).
New Posts  All Forums: