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Vwls r ovrrtd.
Calm down. It's too late. Many cars already have it, so your concern is pointless.
That was a travesty, imho. (I've posted that view on these boards many a time in the past). I am glad that he's finally gone. There's no need to make that same mistake twice. 
The bennies are by no means trivial. In large, publicly traded US companies, it can be anywhere from a few hundred thousand to a many hundred thousand dollars per year in cash and stock.
That makes more sense. I was talking about the one with four sections.
I was not including the fold where the cover attaches with the magnet. Are you sure it's four on top of that?I recall three.... And currently see two.
Groan.He's baaaaaaack.......
In the post-Sarbanes Oxley environment, it's not Tim's choice.It's the Board's call. In fact, Tim May have to recuse himself from the decision, since he should not be choosing one of his bosses.
Legere is potentially interesting, but a loose cannon. Musk has way too much on his hands. Moreover, his cars, from what I understand, are not iOS-friendly.
About time. Been on the Board way too long, and at this point, Apple could school him on retail rather than the other way around. It's time to appoint someone from abroad, a person who represents a huge current or potential foreign market. Someone from, say China, India, or Brazil.
New Posts  All Forums: