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Goalpost, meet mover. (Fixed typo)
   1) It's not the screen that'll be on most of the time. The watch face will be. 2) Its attractiveness is a matter of taste. I find it attractive, but so what? That's just a data point. 3) The key issue is whether, for this from factor, it is functional.
You're spot on. You've said pretty much what there is to say on this topic. At this point, you're not going to convince the recalcitrants. Move on. Another nice day in the call options market....
He moved no goalpost. His point remains the same. You either completely misunderstood what he's saying, or are being obtuse. The fact is, he's right. Get over it.
What 'debt'? Public? All public? Public + private? Source?
The 'fanboy' tag is most definitely fridge-worthy.However, given the history of your posts, I'd be careful about the triteness award: unless you have a lot of space left on your refrigerator.
Congratulations!You win the Trite-Comment-of-the-Day award.
What concessions?
I am guessing that should have been sort of obvious from my post.....What would they have to gain?
Couldn't agree more, about those ill-got gains.....
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