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The @TV interface has become more and more annoying to use.... it was cool seven years ago when first introduced, but it now looks pathetically dated. (For instance, I wish there was simple way to press and hold a button in the remote to turn the damn thing off.)   The main thing going for it is that it only costs $99.
I want to invest in 'Others.'
The day DED achieves some semblance of 'objectivity,' is when I'll stop reading. (It's one of my quibbles, for instance, with PED at Apple 2.0). What attempts to pass off as 'objective', esp. in tech journalism, is such pap.
You've obviously got issues understanding causality....
I have no idea why you think so. This is a fascinating bit of news, and I found it to be quite intriguing. The fact that they're creating apps is not something I would have guessed.
The lyrics are fabulous. Thanks for that.The voice, the rendition and the music do not do it justice. Also, many Apple consumers might see themselves as already grown up.
Not lost at all. I think that the sound is there with the visuals for a reason. Presumably because the person who did it thinks the two are synergistic.When one of those is lacking (as the music does for me, in this instance), it does, indeed, detract from the other.I am quite happy with my aesthetic choices, and am quite glad that they don't mirror yours.
I viewed it again. My bad. Looks like I misread the tag line at the end as 'It's more powerful than you think.' (It's "you're", not "It's" -- huge difference.) So, I take back what said about the 'defensive' note at the end.The music still sucks.Add: If you let short-term swings in the market affect your 'perception,' you've got far more serious issues to worry about. I view those as noise.
I guess musical taste differs a great deal from person to person.
The visuals are nice (8/10) but the music is cringe-worthy (1/10). And it ends on an unnecessarily defensive note. Who's coming up with this pap at Apple..... Ugh.
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