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It's amazing to me that an utterly unknown firm, with or without an agenda, peddling one graph, with an utterly unknown and opaque methodology, whose work is propagated via third rate business publications, can become the basis for so much discussion. Talk about building houses of sand on thin air while standing on a stilt: this is what business journalism has evolved to in 2015. Anyone remember the bendgate video, the millions of hits and discussions, and yet how utterly...
1) Have you used the Watch? You can only do so in one of the available Watch faces.2) For the the same reason that the Apple logo is a visible piece of design in every other Apple product? And because some might see it as a cool and subtle way to integrate into the current Watch hardware design?Sounds to me like you have not really handled -- let alone used -- the product.
You do? Provide the evidence for how you do, then?
Really? Why not one where most watch manufacturers put it? Or, why not design it around one of the biometric sensors?
Out of nowhere, Microsoft has also suddenly become a huge player in the cloud. They're giving companies like Amazon a real run for the money. This is certainly one area in which Apple has not excelled thus far, despite the fact that it's been dealing only with the consumer, as opposed to enterprise, data and media thus far.From what I hear -- I am no expert -- Nadella has been been purposeful and aggressive on the cloud front.
Markets also like it when you let go. Similar thing happened with Google and GE. It signals that this management is willing to make some hard decisions that Ballmer and his group were not.
So sorry, I didn't mean for it be veiled!
If anyone's reading far too much into statements, it's you in Post #69 above.
That I did see, but I was not counting that as 'the logo' as much as a description of the product name. In any event, even if we were to count that as the logo, that would be somewhat different from what we've seen in the past in terms of Apple's branding, no?
Oh, the 'long-winded' part was for the typical reader of AI, who, in my view, is rather intelligent and is generally likely to want to understand things in context.That throwaway last line -- which I went back and added later -- was to make make you go away from having further discussions, and looks like that may have worked!
New Posts  All Forums: