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Nonsense. Using that argument, plenty more will buy it you reduced it even further. Why not lower it by another $400? Is it because you think you cannot (or you think people you know cannot) afford it that leads you to that conclusion? So what's that optimal point? You think you know that better than Apple does?  Moreover, don't you think that maintaining profit margins is one heck of an important goal for Apple? As long as they've existed? When have they sold a core...
I don't think her/her ludicrous posts are worthy of a serious or considered response.
Ah, nice to see that we're back to whining about Apple products on AI..... Wow, you guys/gals are out in force!
Sounds like alumaximium misspelled......
I agree. It likely would have to be something that Apple would need to create.
I am sorry, but your response is a bit confusing and opaque: how does SMART (or any other app) allow one to write/notate on top of, say, a Keynote slide? When/how did Apple start allowing two apps to be open simultaneously, layered on top of each other (in this case, SMART on top of Keynote)?
I wish there was a simple way to 'write' on top of any app that is open on an iPad, esp. Keynote ..... can't believe that Apple hasn't done this yet.   It would be amazing for presentations and classroom use.
Growing up in India, where we spoke a version of Br English, we always pronounced it as 'alu-minium'. 👳
Do the British pronounce it as 'al-you-min-ium', or 'alu-min-ium'?
I wish it were easy as that. Some EU governments, e.g., France, were found out to be spying on their own citizens in a manner similar to NSA. The UK, a member of the EU, held Greenwald's partner at Heathrow for search and questioning. Spain (or was it Portugal, or both?) was implicated in refusing to refuel the Bolivian president's plane. Other than pouting a lot, Germany has done basically nothing to retaliate against its leader being spied on by the NSA.At least Brazil...
New Posts  All Forums: