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What's the logic for this deal? What is ATT going to do with the target -- where/what are the synergies?
I find that argument to be as persuasive as saying that all hardware can be reduced to atoms and molecules.
Much ado about nothing.
What would be the logic for disallowing patents for software, as opposed to hardware? In what fundamental ways is the intellectual property qualitatively different?
"Sooner than later"? Give me a break. People have been panicked about the sky falling on those two fronts -- interest rates and inflation -- at least since 2008, i.e., for over six years now. Yet, it's all blue sky out there. It's the same recalcitrant crowd that's been into nonsensical stuff like the gold standard, bit coins, commodities, balance-the-budget-at-any-cost, get-rid-of-the-Fed, etc. At what point do they wake up realize that they've been utterly, totally out...
Unfortunately, I agree that businesses such as retail are getting disintermediated. That has to do with, IMHO, larger forces such as e-commerce rather than the state of the economy.The market is in bubble territory? No way. Even with some massive pockets of overvaluation (e.g., FB, TWTR, TSKA, NFLX, AMZN) the S&P500 -- which accounts for 90% of the market cap of stocks in the US -- currently trades at a forward P/E of 16x. The average over the past century is 15x.Will...
What is the status of things economically? Low inflation, low interest rates, unemployment at 6.3%, declining budget deficits, health care reform taking a significant step forward, the stock market at all-time nights, companies (such as Apple) beginning to in-source their manufacturing and assembly, resurgence of the Detroit Big 3, gas prices still under $4, no unfunded war spending, a healthy debate (and efforts) under way to increase minimum wage,...... The list goes...
I think you may be in the wrong economic system. Consider alternatives?
Wow. So much angst in this thread. Suffice it to say that I am very impressed (by the ad, not the angst).
As long as he's buying, I am cool with that.
New Posts  All Forums: