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'Asians'? Were they Indians? Emirati? Papua New-Guineans? Israelis? Or were you referring to some other slice of a large and varied Continent?
Apple be good.
 Hopefully, they're all cheap enough to have installed non-Apple servers and software... :-/
.... and, as that country song goes, my dog wakes up from dead, my liver is back to normal, and my truck starts up again!  On a more serious note: why not, just to be on the safe side, issue a patch to all OSX users? How does Apple figure out who's 'advanced'? Do they just let people figure it out for themselves?
Not necessarily, if the truth that the Sr. management of Apple knows is different from what Bloomberg reported. That said, it is indeed a trashy, cheap piece of reporting by Bloomberg.
Weird. Just to clarify, I was referring to Frost, not you.(Unfortunately, and as you likely know, it's a pain to de-nest quotes when posting on AI from an iPad or iPhone).
Give it a rest. We heard you twice the first time.
Actually, the plural is correct in British usage. (I think they know something about English.)And, as to whether it should be 'they' or 'it,' that depends on whether you believe in the notion of personhood of the corporation. According to the U.S. Supreme Court, the corporation has some important personhood rights (e.g., the right to free speech).
Ridiculous stories about Apple in the past few days. Sigh. What else is new....
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