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Groan. Stop.
Sigh. There you go again, with your predictable obduracy. Your original post was based on the premise that one needs some kind of 'iDevice' to run AppleTV that one had to spend 'hundreds of dollars' on. You've been told  -- twice -- that one doesn't. In fact, when not used as a standalone device (which is a great deal of its use) most of the home media type uses of Apple TV -- photos, music, videos -- are often done from one's laptop or desktop rather than an...
I guess you must have missed the news that AppleTV has been Windows/PC-compatible since Day 1 (i.e., eight years ago). You're welcome.
Agreed. I am guessing there must be quite a few Androiders out there for whom an extra $64 (despite all the added functionality) must be the end of the world.
I find it odd that you'd blame Apple for something the content providers do to collude with the distributors.
Why do you assume it'll be either/or? I have little doubt that Apple will come up with a version of it to retail directly to consumers who do not subscribe to cable. Surely, you have an internet connection? And, if in the US, chances are quite high that you're getting it via cable?
People also thought that it sucked when Apple made a deal with ATT. Relax. This is how it starts. I think it'll be huge (if it comes to pass).
Fwiw, fools that waste money rarely get wealthy.Unless, of course, their daddies and mommies made it for them.
Brilliant. Certainly something like that instead of the currently tepid, self-conscious looking (dead-poets-whatever) ones.
Said like someone who cares little about privacy. For example, if we lose our fourth amendment rights in the US, we might as well jettison our first, second, and fifth amendment rights, no? More to the point -- since dollars and cents impacts always seem to resonate more tangibly -- I think that cloud-dependent US businesses are going to have a very tough time abroad. Apropos of that, coincidentally, see this, from today's...
New Posts  All Forums: