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Typical of the biased nonsense you often post, using a cloak of 'See, I am so transparent, look at all the links and cites! Whee!...'Why don't you do a similar analysis for Google, Amazon, Samsung, and Microsoft in their respective domain of expertise and tell us whether Apple's affection for lawsuits and courtrooms is better, the same or worse? Can you refute the assertion that Apple might be less prone to this sort of behavior than any of the others?Add: Your last para...
One of these days, you'll probably get pushed sufficiently enough into the corner and.... That said, you still have not responded to my bewilderment at your massive swipe at Apple about '....courtooms they did not like....'.  Care to elaborate, or are you being coy? Or perhaps just avoiding the question?
Idiotic, inconvenient overkill.
Oh, he clearly is. Just peruse his posting history and tell me if you disagree. Add: Heh, heh. Looks like he's been erased....
That, and the schadenfreude is priceless...
I think 2014 will be the year of Samsung Meltdown.
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