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On that topic, my iPad 3 started to drain its battery like crazy, and iTunes Radio did not show up, after the iOS 7 update. But a reset (holding down both the on/off button and home button until the Apple icon shows up) helped with both. iPad 3 does not do AirDrop, however.As an aside, anyone notice that new Apple restart logo in iOS has lost its shiny curved line? Totally flat now.
Surely you realize that it's not being done for architectural reasons. It really doesn't matter whether it was a Georgian mansion or a beach shack.
I am not the type to get into fights in stores. I can always call Amex and put it into dispute.  Also, it's for Apple to fix, and based on my call to them, they agree. 
Um, that's the first place that any reasonable person would go to. Then the Apple discussion forums. Then other places on the web. Then discussions about DFU. Then try everything every which way. Then Apple Support. Sheesh, I am beginning to realize what some folks here mean when they complain about the arrogant twits on this forum. I can empathize.
Quit the stupid roll-eyes, buddy, and give an old poster here some benefit of doubt. I happened to have three micro-USB cables at home, and tried each of them. There's a reason that Apple Support sent me to a local reseller/repairer.
Obviously a few more times than 3 + your 'several' friends, I am guessing?
What do you think I was talking about? (Edited)
If it's Apple, yes. Unambiguously.
My saga with this continues. I called Apple Support to say my Gen 3 AppleTV was bricked, and I was taken through all the diagnostics. When nothing worked, they told me to take it to a local reseller/repairer to get somehow get it "physically restored".   I did, assuming it would be all taken care of. The repairer called today and said it was ready to pick up. When I got there, I was presented a bill for $90! (They did not even bother to call to give me an estimate -- if...
Don't get me wrong, but I would think it's generally not just the case that your opinions are taken very seriously in this forum.
New Posts  All Forums: