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My 5S gold arrives 5-7 days earlier than originally promised! Now, that's execution: underpromise, overdeliver. Add: Stock up $30 pre-market. Yikes.
Way to go, Apple! And, take that, you maroon analysts.....
Apple just announced: 9 million units!!!!! WOW!
If anything close these proportions are true, Apple will have to cut 5C prices to start at $449 unlocked. Some of us predicted it on keynote date.
Yoo hoo! Mine delivers on Wed, Sept 25. That's nearly a week earlier than indicated at purchase time.
Just let us know when it's been confirmed.
What 'mistake'? Nothing has been shown yet. Calm down.
CNN? 'Major network'? On which planet? 
CNET is reporting that Apple has pulled this POS update: http://news.cnet.com/8301-13579_3-57604058-37/apple-pulls-apple-tv-update-amid-bricking-complaints/   I can't get back three hours of my life, the drive and back to the repair place, and the wait of perhaps up to a week before I can my AppleTV back. Ugh.
New Posts  All Forums: