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Um... It's alright to ask a poster a question and expect to get an answer from him/her, even in an open forum. Unless the other person responding is their proxy, or knows their reasoning. And unless you're the expert on all things 'open forum.'
Yes, much.
Seriously, thanks. But please stop. No offense, but this response of yours makes even less sense than your previous one.For starters, I did not ask you the question. Two, an 'estimate' is not the same thing as a 'guess' (ref. my original question). Three, supply/production is not the same as sales. Four, even if it was in Apple's case, a number such as '15 million', without any reference and empirical context to past data or time frames over which rumors predicted the real...
I think I asked someone else the question.Moreover, I should tell you that I honestly don't understand your answer (you don't have to clarify).
A lot of the posts above are missing the resale value of the old watch for those who want to upgrade to the new. It won't be all that different from someone buying the most expensive iPhone (unlocked) or iPad, and upgrading every couple of years. Moreover, the gold version is only a portion of the portfolio of offerings.
True, but that also means a tiny market. Something that Apole may not want to waste its time on.
What is your 'estimate' based on?
Site is open but slow as molasses.... on 'retry'... this is kind of pathetic....   DONE!!!!!! (23 mins late.... yawn, back to bed).
Hmmm.... 3.04 AM.... East Coast... nothing yet....
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