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Me too -- just ordered the hardcover. And it'll be my recuperative reading from some surgery planned for late April. (Nothing serious). Of course, I've got to stop reading tech blogs altogether between now and then.... (Add: I am sure it's the first book about SJ that Ive wanted to read! ;))
He's perhaps implying that no one really bothered to use them much until ApplePay came along, and that they're now free-riding on Apple-induced awareness.
That article was referring to terminals that actually are part of Apple's official 'ApplePay' ecosystem -- i.e., terminals with the ApplePay logo. The use of iPhone 6 with TouchID and credit cards stored in ApplePay via NFC terminals (where you still have to touch 'credit', sign, etc.) is likely much, much higher. For example, in my case, of the five or so places I regularly use my iPhone with TouchID to pay, only one (Walgreens) is Apple's 'ApplePay' partner.
I guess you never took a History class.... or must have some very bad memories from that class...
Where do I sign up?
At least, I'll gladly -- and honestly -- admit to being an unabashed Apple supporter in an Apple forum. On the other hand, you? Do tell us (I am assuming you'll be honest)....
If it is FACT, then I'd like to see evidence of that. (I read Google News regularly, particularly the tech section, and I do not at all recall seeing it in their headlines). Also, in that case, I'd be happy to take back my support for DED in this article.
                             Wow. Hit a nerve, huh?  Ramble on.... Mr. One-Hand-Clapping....
That wasn't his question. You don't get to distort what he asked.
I provided some help. See the link I posted and take it from there.... 
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