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Wow! UBS declared that?   Must be true then.... 
Good luck. The EU is a gutless wonder.
Between IP rulings, privacy violations, national security boondoggles, capricious antitrust enforcement, and insane tax laws, our courts and our Feds seriously run the risk of ruining some of the brightest spots of the American economy.   What a pathetic bunch of ignorant fools.
Really? Not Reeves, not Simone, not Cohen, not Keita, not Mitchell? Ok...Good techno and good bluegrass are great, but all too rare.
I think you were responding to brlawyer?
Oh, I did not mean to offend. Just expressing an opinion.I prefer musicians and bands that actually had great artistry in both their vocals and their compositional skills (not to mention instrumentation), such as (in no particular order) Zappa, Zeppelin, Traffic, Clapton, Joplin, Hendrix, Stevens, Dylan, Mitchell, Tull, Taylor, King, Maal, Toure, CSN, Young, Reeves, Keita, Lema, Simone, Cohen, West..... I could go on.
Putting a product on 'sale' before it goes on sale? And, Apple's iPad Air being bundled with iTunes stuff when it was announced as a pre-order at your "local Apple chain"? I'd like to see the evidence.
Please don't insult shysters, psychics, and fortune tellers....
This headline that I just saw says it all: "Deal Alert: Sears Offers $105 Off, Free Case with Pre-order of 10.5” Samsung ...DailyTech"   How pathetic it that......
Good fit there: MoMA is about as overrated as Björk.
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