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Knock yourself out. It's a free country (that is, if you live here -- you sound like you work for Xiaomi, so it could be elsewhere that you live). Please stop shilling for a third-rate copyist of a company. You're not going to win any points or converts in this forum. Take your arguments on behalf of cheap stolen crap elsewhere. Thanks.
Did it say somewhere that Apple was presenting its side? 
Um. I could give you links, but I suggest you inform yourself on this one. 
What a beautiful ad. I'll admit I choked up -- that's an unfailing test.
If buying stuff from evil places was your concern, you would not be consuming a lot of stuff, including Apple products.I am glad for fracking because it increases employment (and soon, possibly export income) here at home, and substantially lowers the US's carbon footprint.
I think that the idea of a carbon tax is a fantastic one. In fact, it should be $1.75 per gallon. But only under the condition that all of the tax is 'dividended' back via payroll, income, and corporate tax cuts. Some of the proceeds could be, however, kept aside for heating and cooling assistance for the poor, and to fund R&D into fusion and 4th generation nuclear.Instead, we currently have a dumb tax policy where we tax socially useful 'goods' like effort, income, and...
I realize that we all need 'enemies' to validate our views (What would you do without Android users? What would the church do if all sin disappeared?). But to constantly focus on a bunch of loonies and generalize about the opposition to your views from the loonies is utterly stupid. You know that. No one really serious is completely against fracking. People are worried about the environmental impacts, esp. in relation to methane leaks and impact of the fracking chemicals...
Yeah, another casual dismissal of Econ 101 on your part. Really, if you don't know much about something, you should not make such bombastic comments aout it. Ever heard of SO2 and acid rain, and how the problem was solved?
What does it say about you that you read it? Leaving aside the fact that you even commented on it? 
If you have data on Fedex's hedges, share it with us. Otherwise, move along.
New Posts  All Forums: