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It is not always imprudent to take on additional debt. It depends on the level. To answer your question, it can be quite bad to take on debt beyond a certain level because: It increases the risk of financial distress; It increases financial risk to shareholders because they're pushed down in priority in terms of claims to the firm's cash flows (ore precisely, their expected returns go up because – sorry to get technical – their ‘equity ß' (but not the asset ß) goes...
Ridiculous courts, and a ridiculous waste of time.    Apple should just get rid of the business and save itself the grief.
Um… compared to Apple, his performance is pathetic (see post #52 above). Someone like him has no business giving advice to Apple. (Looks like he finally realized that, and declared a victory by making a virtue out of a necessity).
Taken by itself, that sure does sound impressive. But the problem is, it just cherry-picks  a random starting point that is tilted in Icahn’s favor. Moreover, it provides no benchmark. Here’s a comparison of IEP to AAPL, for various periods (all data from Yahoo!Finance for IEP v. AAPL): Return since Jan 2001:IEP +1027%AAPL +5500% 10-year return:IEP +564%AAPL +4500% 7-year return:IEP –1.15%AAPL: +510% 5-year return:IEP +224%AAPL +425% Which stock would you have rather...
Ah, I thought you might bring that up. Spurious for a number of reasons. I'll reply in detail later today (unfortunately, I am caught up with all sorts of throughout today, so I will get to it late afternoon). Promise.
I never seem to get a reply to these questions from the Icahn-ites. :-/
Can you show us why/how it's not unreasonable?
You bring this up a lot, and are clearly a fan of Icahn.Can you please point to a credible, audited set of data that has been filed with some regulatory authority -- under the pain major penalties for lying -- that backs up this claim?
Hmmm.... I was actually agreeing with you. Anyhoo.....
Just pointing out factually that you stated a falsehood -- or made an ignorant statement -- earlier, that's all. You post (quoted above) is just irrelevant CYA. So why should we assume anything better when it comes to bitcoins, from you?
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