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Perhaps your ears are better at picking up variations in deep bass sounds than mine, but I find it extremely difficult to tell apart a (decent) $400 v. $4000 subwoofer.
The only puzzle is why it's taken so long. Look out below.
That is quite unlikely. OTOH, the 3.5" may be history....
I agree with you wholeheartedly. If the rumor about this form factor is true, I worry that the 5.5" may have some features that the 4.7" lacks. I truly hope Apple does not do something like that. That would be very disappointing.
Thank you. It's the best gift I have received. (So far).
Meh. I was afraid of being called that. In my defense, the B&M was a gift. Honestly. 
You should go back and take a look. I wear my $150 Swatches far more often than I do my Baume & Mercier.... seriously.
DOA.    Another one for the dust-heap...
'Uneventful', my ass.What's up with AI headlines....
Hmmm..... NYT: "Apple Tops Analyst Forecasts" WSJ: "Apple Reports Strong iPhone Sales" Bloomberg: "Apple Posts Second Straight Profit Gain as iPhone Sales Jump" CNBC: "Apple Profit Beats Estimates, Revenue Slightly Short"   AI? "Apple Falls Short of Expectations".  
New Posts  All Forums: