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I guess you have to say '5 cees' and '5 esses'. Dumb, I know. :-/
His option trades have little or no impact on stock prices.
Final update: Apple Support asked me to take it in for service (to a local authorized service agent). They agreed that the 6.0 update fried mine. Luckily, I have my Gen 2....
Um.. Did you get the iTunes icon on screen? If not, you had no problems.
Perhaps if you actually read the thread, you'd know what people mean by 'bricked.'
Agreed. It's a mess.
It'll be quite obvious if/when it happens. An image of an @TV with a USB cable connected to the iTunes icon comes on the screen, and stays on. You pretty much have no other choice.My recommendation is, stay FAR away from this update until it's been updated.
Tbh, having wasted three hours of my life on this today, 'no way out of it' is the way I feel too. It is just a lousy software update. Period. (You can read Apple Support Communities on this issue, if you don't believe me). I guess the 'way out' will likely be to call Apple tomorrow, and perhaps have them send me a new one (as has happened to a couple of others here). Coming fresh on the heels of my one-year old iPhone 5 (which I was going to passing off to my son when my...
Mine do, and I find it irritating. When a station is deleted in one, it gets deleted in all. I wish there was a way to set it at a device level rather than at the iTunes account level.
If you haven't experienced it, you should shut up. Really. Thanks.
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