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....and that blowhard Isaacson would be on CNBC lamenting Apple's decline under Cook.* *Sorry for the reply to my own post....
....and AAPL would be down 30 points.
I wear glasses for extended periods of time (I need it for reading), and even though I got a terrible headache from wearing Google Glass, I've never once got one from wearing my regular glasses. The problem with GG is how it makes you squint with one eye that is constantly switching back and forth between the 'real' world and the silly GG world. Not trying to be snarky, but perhaps you need to see a professional regarding your glasses.
It's a joke of a product. A solution in search of a problem. Incredibly poorly designed both hardware-wise and software-wise. By idiots, for idiots.   I tried one on for about half an hour, and couldn't stand it. Had a really massive headache afterwards.
Actually, I'd rather that AI publish this, so that we can get a response such as yours above, and then let me as an informed reader judge for myself. That makes this site far more interesting to me.
Leading-by-following, innovating-by-copying, telling the truth-by-lying, .... all the same to these folks.
True, but AppleInsider doesn't purport to be much more than a rumor site. The guys/gals at BI, on the other hand, take themselves very seriously and think they're doing business journalism, which is laughable!
Only market illiterates care about Business Insider. It's a rag.
I don't see why people are getting so bent out of shape about this. It's silly.   If Samsung wants to pay Apple reasonable royalties (and Apple, likewise, with Samsung; although I am guessing it's mostly Samsung owing Apple), why the heck not?   Almost every one's better off. Except for the Cotes, Bromwichs, Kohs, and their ilk.
No different from any other day.....
New Posts  All Forums: