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And he does not take any dividends on his restricted stock unit. No other CEO of a major company does that, afaik. Estimates are that he's left at least $75M on the table.
Actually Economic Profit (or EVA) should be correctly defined as After-Tax Operating Income* minus Capital Charges**.... * More precisely, it is EBIT×(1–T) where EBIT is the Operating Income, and T is the tax rate.** Capital charge is defined as Cost of Capital × Invested Capital
I am big fan of the color red (in fact, I have a couple of Swatch watches with red bands) and have bought a number of product RED products over the years, but I have to say that this red band looks unattractive to me. Also, it somehow clashes with the watch.
Many of us long-time 'regulars' here have complained mightily about the embarrassing quality of writing/editing (DED being a huge exception) over the years, but finally threw in the towel. We come here primarily to read and respond to comments! Most of the time, we don't even really read the story.....  
The main thrust of some of the discussion here has been on whether creating special editions for these folks makes sense.
How is using language that is almost identical to yours 'snarky' when used against you?
Someone -- I forget who -- had come up with this idea on these boards a few days ago.I hope it'll get AirPlay functionality at some point. Should be a fairly easy software fix for Apple?
Apparently you're not, yet the thought occurred to you..... hmmm.....
Seems like you don't read very well. See post #54.And you'be obviously missed a lot of other posts in the thread too. I won't bother to summarize it for you. But try to get some context before you reply next.
This is all I was trying to say. Apple 'caving' fit with GG's anti-Apple meme, and I was pointing that out. As to (the absent) singularity, I am still puzzled about his "10%" reference. Perhaps you can explain?
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