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Brilliant. Certainly something like that instead of the currently tepid, self-conscious looking (dead-poets-whatever) ones.
Said like someone who cares little about privacy. For example, if we lose our fourth amendment rights in the US, we might as well jettison our first, second, and fifth amendment rights, no? More to the point -- since dollars and cents impacts always seem to resonate more tangibly -- I think that cloud-dependent US businesses are going to have a very tough time abroad. Apropos of that, coincidentally, see this, from today's...
I am afraid that's a bit too facile. You sound like someone whose data needs are fairly minimal, and/or is largely a stay-at-home person that relies mostly on wifi, with no family. I'll fully embrace the cloud world when I don't have to pay for every damn bit and byte I upload or upload. For some of us -- not to mention family members -- who are mobile, the stuff can add up very quickly.
iOS device syncing with iTunes has become a laggy, bloated, slow-as-molasses mess. iCloud is poorly implemented (for my needs). The new iWork suite is a step backwards from the previous one. Safari sucks. Mail is ok. Features in all these software offerings are added/subtracted/modified with seemingly little concern for user workflow. You guys can say what you will, but many of these software updates have been dissatisfying for me. The primary redeeming feature is that...
A bunch of weird, random, seemingly politically-correct choices.   Add: One would have thought that Musk would have made the list. I could name a dozen others.
In whose definition? Do you even know what that word means? ​What utter ignorance.
How can anyone imply that this industry is 'racist'?!   It likely employs proportionately more Indians and Chinese than any other major industry in the US.
All kinds of 'campus' stores -- even campus bookstores -- are slowly disappearing. Nothing unusual here, just a sign of the times. Moving along.....
I don't think Cook should have bothered to dignify the book with a comment.   But considering he did, I am pleased with his pithy choice of words.
New Posts  All Forums: