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Add 'counterfactual' to the list of things you perhaps have trouble processing today. That aside, I think it is incumbent upon you (and Ireland) to explain why this particular "religion is the excuse" in so many of these cases. I do not see a whole lot of Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Confucians, Jews, etc. around the world (Canada, USA, Australia, China, Pakistan, Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, India, France, Britain, to name just the one that come to mind from the...
That is incredibly insulting and condescending to marginalized immigrants. Are marginalized Filipinos in your country attaching crimes to Christian 'flags'? Marginalized Indians to Hindu flags? Marginalized Chinese to Confucian flags? Marginalized Sri Lankans to Buddhist flags?
That's worse crock. There is no way that one can justify a silly counterfactual assertion like that. 
You just provided the same link as I did a few posts ago. Big whoop.I am talking about the self-proclaimed Islamic religious leaders who see fit to issue death sentence fatwas all the time. And the numerous followers who take them seriously and act upon them.I am simply asking, where are the similar fatwas against those who are dragging your religion through the mud? Why don't such acts by depraved people result in death sentence fatwas, when a cartoonist or novelist is...
Your response seems to suggest that you're incapable of discerning context, and like to nitpick. (I think can reasonably guess what your response to this will be, if you do respond).
Who cares. That was irrelevant to my point.
And you lost me. What do you think I was referring to if not a ruling -- I am not sure about the legality -- for the (true) followers of Islam?  I thought the notion of a 'fatwa' in the context of my post was obvious and implied (as for example, the fatwa against Rushdie). But in case you did not understand, here's a very good guide, from a very good source: http://www.islamicsupremecouncil.org/understanding-islam/legal-rulings/44-what-is-a-fatwa.html While you're at it,...
You appear to have missed a key word in my post: fatwa. (Also, see below, in case you did not understand that word).
What I am most irreversibly offended by is the fact that the vast majority of Muslim religious leaders don't have the courage to issue a fatwa against the people of their own faith who are dragging their revered religion -- and their Prophet -- through the mud in the most grotesque way. Think murdered schoolchildren, abducted young girls, car bombs by the dozen, suicide bombings, public beheadings on social media.... I could go on and on with an utterly depraved and...
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