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It is truly silly to blame science for what 'movements' do. The evidence is what it is. What people choose to believe, and how they choose to use/express it in the political/social arena has nothing to do with what the evidence is.
 Don't blame Apple because your wrist is too thick for a normal shirt sleeve.
I don't like to post pictures, but here's the one I have on order: the Heritage Ultraslim from Sena cases, cognac color: http://www.senacases.com/product/heritage-ultraslim-iphone-6/ However, I am suffering from doubt, since I have a feeling that the tight leather could cause an inadvertent on/off problem with the side button. So I may have to send it back. For the moment, I am using a beautiful (but somewhat embroidered, so it looks a tad more feminine than I would like)...
While slurpy could have been less salty, I do have to agree him. All those cases whose pictures you posted look pretty mediocre-to-bad.
I love the looks and thinness of it, actually (incl. the white bands that everyone seems to hate)! A matter of personal preference, I suppose. What I do find incredibly annoying is the power button on the side: I keep turning the phone off accidentally. I am sure I'll get used to it, and start to hold it differently (although, when handing it to someone, and they don't realize the button has moved, they tend to turn it of accidentally as well).  Related to the topic of...
Every one of these is ugly beyond belief. Moreover, they ruin the look of an incredibly finely crafted device. I always get a simple Sena sleeve case (no, I am not plugging the company). Not the most optimal design, but looks simple and sleek.
Does anyone have an explanation for why use of 'Hey Siri' requires connection to external power? Seems kinda clunky? (If previously asked and answered, apologies: a link will suffice.)
It would be quite important to get it in before the Chinese new year (Feb), a huge gift-giving season. The calendar year end is also big for gifts in China.
Much ado about nothing.
Figure out how to delete a file from iTunes, and spare us your crap.
New Posts  All Forums: