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As long as he's buying, I am cool with that.
But the only -- and seriously annoying -- problem with that is, you cannot use your iPhone or iPad as a remote. You're stuck with the Apple remote.
It's theft, plain and simple, and should be recognized as such.
"Sad"? Really? That's your sentiment?
Unbelievable. And shameful.   You'd think that these fools would know better.
I guess that's why the headline of the article says 'estimated'?
Um... a survey?
I am guessing the 5.5" is an iPod Maxi or an iPad Nano.
Yes, that must be why they sold only 10 million of those....
I know that a lot of you won't like hearing this, but Siri is terribly over-rated. I have repeatedly run into issues with it. The fact is that I actually get surprised when it gets something right on my first try. I have pretty much stopped using it. Here's the heresy: I tried Google's offering a few times, and I had no issues at all. I came away rather impressed. Granted, I may have a different impression if I used it more. So I'll definitely give this a spin before...
New Posts  All Forums: