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Perhaps they kept it because Lenovo didn’t think it was worth much (relative to what Google was asking). Neither you nor I know that. Patents are often valued using Real Options valuation techniques. And, as to whether Google is ‘offensive’ on the patent front, I’ll gladly admit that I don’t keep track, but I vaguely recall there was a case or two (in the EU?) that were swatted down when MM (which, at that time was owned by Google already) asserted some patents? Maybe I am...
Huh? All you showed me is a filing (from the time of purchase) that says "we attributed $5.5B to acquired patents and developed technology" at the time they bought MM. That could be worth a hill of beans today (or for the matter, even then). Is there anything that points to the fact that it's still worth $5.5B or that Lenovo did not buy it? Perhaps you're the clueless person here?
(Aside from the fact that most of those patents don't have a lot of worth) cite, please?
I spent a couple of hours with GG yesterday. It's the dumbest, clunkiest, most inconveniently designed product ever. A solution in search of a problem. I am willing to bet that Samsung will sell more smart watches than Google its Glass....
And, imho, Oppenheimer does not have a financial savvy to run a company of this size. They desperately need a new CFO who thinks like a strategist.
Frugality is not always good business. Sometimes, you have to spend a lot upfront to get back even more later.
Fascinating chart! Apple is sitting on so much unrealized value.... ugh.
The only problem is, they are incredibly low-valued (low P/E) businesses. Apple's valuation will look even worse....
I use Paypal occasionally (esp. for foreign payments), but it has absolutely the worst interface of any website (except for Amazon's).   Gives me a headache every time I use it. Nothing could be more un-Apple-like.
Wow. Talk about an utterly shameless lack of strategy. Quite predictable, but pathetic nonetheless. As a signal of management quality, this should have sent the stock into a tailspin. But apparently it's Opposite Week.
New Posts  All Forums: