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Of course it's not. No one said it was. I was simply making a factual point.
It's certainly one of their most -- if not the most -- widely-advertised effort outside of search. Who reported that they're looking to 'partner' rather than buy? Also, there is no unequivocal answer to which strategy is better. It depends. Add: More to the point, they have a widely-advertised car project going, don't they? Why not answer the question, instead of focusing on the use of the word 'massive'?
Actually, Apple has so much cash that exceeds a maturity of one year that it is counted as "long term" under US GAAP. Look at Apple's Long Term Investments (which is pretty much as good as cash, since it can be converted very quickly). And look at the latest number (Jan 2015).
Really -- why? After all, they do have a massive, widely advertised car project going, don't they?
I don't think (s)he's wrong. The number of people with a pov ≠ its validity.
Who cares.   They'll offer it soon enough. Like next week, I am guessing.
People have suggested this before. If anything, I think it's far more likely we'll see an announcement from Google about buying Tesla.
Ugh. Can we stop hijacking this thread with a pointless argument. Apple most probably leaks strategically. We have no clue whether they did not or not in this case, but as sog35 and Rogifan pointed out, the fact that some major media outlets are into it suggests some sort of information coordination. The use of a phrase such as 'two people with knowledge' (both the WSJ and the NYT typically require at least two sources before they run with a story) suggests something is...
I don't understand all the angst either. Of course Apple plays the media like anyone does. I certainly hope so. They'd be foolish, and it would be weird/unusual on their part, not to.
For starters, give us iOS in the car?
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