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What a great ad something like this would make (instead of some of the self-absorbed nonsense that's currently being trotted out by Apple)!
Sounds like typical Microsoft cr4p. I'll wait a couple of weeks, thanks.
1) I am not sure you understand where the ß comes from or what it means in terms of the type of risk that it measures. (Hint: it's not volatility.) 2) Apple had declining revenues and profits, and the market was worried about its growth prospects. We should not have been surprised that the price fell.
Apple is by no means 'very risky.' Indeed, look at its ß -- it's less than than of the market.
Not necessarily. It depends on how well you think the market might do.
Can pazuzu, Rogifan, and drblank can please show up and spout their obligatory nonsense, so that we can get on this thread? The suspense is killing me.
Don't follow. Who's making this happen? Why?
Your logic escapes me. If you are saying that governments are -- in this instance, three EU member states -- doing the right thing, and Apple has paid every euro it owes to the government, what the heck is 'dodgy' or 'weasel-y' here?
Agreed. Not to mention that most of the corporate taxes are ultimately mostly or wholly passed on to us, the consumer. We simply pay a higher price. This is one area where the Europeans are light years ahead of the tax luddites in the US: value-added tax, low corporate taxes, and a territorial (as opposed to a worldwide) system of taxation of foreign income (i.e., a system where you are presumed to have paid your fair shares of taxes abroad regardless of what the foreign...
One, India is in Asia, the last time I looked. Two, I must have missed the news that there were lots of aid workers tying to feed hungry children in India (leave alone their getting kidnapped, raped, and arrested). Talk about a pathetically homogenized and ethnocentric worldview.... 
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