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Mine do, and I find it irritating. When a station is deleted in one, it gets deleted in all. I wish there was a way to set it at a device level rather than at the iTunes account level.
If you haven't experienced it, you should shut up. Really. Thanks.
Thanks. I'll try this. But I am not holding out much hope. :-/
Definitely not a good release. Atrocious, in fact. Fortunately I have a Gen2 in the basement that I rarely use, and hopefully, I can manage with that until Apple puts out some type of fix.
Followed instructions to a 'T'. Multiple times. The appletv does not show up under devices. Quite frustrating!
If you figured out how to do that reset, please post. Thanks. (There is some info provided in the Apple Support Communities, but fairly useless thus far).
I get a screen image that asks to connect a mini-USB-to-USB connection to iTunes. (3rd gen @TV).   Ugh. Who has one of those? What TF is up with that!?   Update: I found the cable, connected it to my laptop, opened iTunes, nothing.... can anyone help?
It has now been available for more than a week online, so it's not surprising that the lines would be shorter for the 5C.
It takes one to know one. So I am sure you're spot on.
Where's Woz?
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