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Yeah, but the product has to not suck, like Safari does.I don't understand the second part of your post.
1) I disagree. All we have to look at is what making iTunes platform-agnostic did to sales of the iPod, iPhone, iPad, and Mac. (Note that you do not need any Mac hardware to run iTunes). It catapulted the company into the major leagues.   You’re not giving Apple’s hardware nearly enough credit. Once people see what Apple’s software can do, I claim that it actually makes them want – even aspire to – Apple’s hardware. I’d even go a step further and suggest that Apple sell...
I am with dasanman69 and knowitall (ugh) on this one. Just as it has with AppleTV, iPad, iPod, iPhone, iTunes, and Safari, it’s way past time for Apple to make its communication/networking offerings – e.g., FaceTime, iMessages, iCloud – platform-agnostic. Such products and services have even more value when users, especially Apple users, can communicate and network with more, rather then fewer, people. It's simply a question of positive network externalities. Arguments to...
Spot on.
The biggest differentiating for me with @TV is Airplay.   How is this Amazon thing going to do that for me? No platform-independent (read: OSX/iOS-compatible) Airplay substitute, zero interest.
Other than for reasons #7 and #9, the rest look like a personal rant.
Thank you.
There’s a slight problem with your analysis: you’re ignoring something as basic as time value of money. $19B today is nowhere near equal to ~50 years of $400M. At a growth-adjusted discount rate of, say, 10% (which is quite generous), basic arithmetic shows us that even forever won’t get us anywhere close. In fact, it’ll never get past $4B in value today (present value = 400M/.1 = 4B; that is just the sum of an infinite series). PS: I am moving on with this, at this point....
LOL. That's what makes it worth $19B (or $16+B, or whatever). Got it.
New Posts  All Forums: