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What should they do instead? Write poetry?
Thousands of companies already report that, if you'd care to look it up. Look up 'Reporting under GRI 3' if you'd like to learn more. Also look up Apple's Supplier Responsibility and Corporate Responsibility Reports.
Using whose standards? Sweden's? If so, the working conditions in many American companies would be pitiable by comparison.
For reasons discussed in the prior thread, the BBC is both a shameless, and shameful organization. They could(n't) care less. All Apple can do is put its viewpoint out there, and let it fall where it may. The usual suspects who think that 'corporate decency' is an oxymoron will spring out of the woodworks, and there's not much anyone can do about it.
Of course Apple is fair game. If they're all talk and no action. But few companies have gone father than Apple in addressing such issues. For all we know, they could have solved it 98 out of 100 times, but not caught a couple of them. If/when they find out about it, should they fix it? Yes, they should. And they will.To expect that the company can catch these throughout the sprawling supply chain all the time is unrealistic. Journalists whining about these issues never...
I think it's fair to say that my anger over your apologia for the BBC -- however faint -- clouded my judgment.Nevertheless, the company's looking the other way, and arguably, its lame attempt at an internal investigation -- remember all the hirings and firings of directors, etc.? -- were a travesty. As far as I am concerned, the BBC has no moral authority to pronounce judgment on anything. They're a shameful organization.
It's as clear as glass that you worry more about the possibility of worker overtime abuse in China than the reality of child sexual abuse in your own country.I really don't know what to say about your seemingly perverted sense of priorities.
Quit it.What he does with HIS money is none of your damn business.
Of course not. But China is not America. Poor is not rich. East is not West. To think that everyone everywhere should have the same working conditions as America -- which, btw, has worse working conditions than France or Germany -- is really quite naive, and arrogant.A company can only do so much. If you have a problem with it, put your money where your mouth and principles are, and go buy someone else's product. Come back and tell us how your due diligence of their supply...
That's obvious. As I said, I find it to be totally implausible. In nearly four decades of existence, Apple has done the exact opposite with every one of its products, starting with PCs.
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