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a) Anything is possible. b) You'd be far from the first person to have called it. Speaking for myself, I'd be fine with a slightly larger phone if it's thinner. I am also quite happy with the current size.
Blah ads.
This Misek guy is beginning to sound almost as pathetic as the apoplectic fandroids on cnet.com and theverge.com. (You should wander over and browse -- it's hilarious).$425, buddy?He's an embarrassment to Jefferies & Co. How can anyone remotely trust that company's research, if this is the kind of nonsense they trot out?!
I'd actually then start paying attention to him/her. We don't want that. Who'd we have to dump on? 
Good call (pun intended).
My 5S gold arrives 5-7 days earlier than originally promised! Now, that's execution: underpromise, overdeliver. Add: Stock up $30 pre-market. Yikes.
Way to go, Apple! And, take that, you maroon analysts.....
Apple just announced: 9 million units!!!!! WOW!
If anything close these proportions are true, Apple will have to cut 5C prices to start at $449 unlocked. Some of us predicted it on keynote date.
Yoo hoo! Mine delivers on Wed, Sept 25. That's nearly a week earlier than indicated at purchase time.
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