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I think it's probably fair to say that, at this point, we have no clue. It could be iCar. Or just Maps.
The moronicity of your overall post is only exceeded by the idiocy of the assumption that Apple must be pretty stupid if it were to do this....Most Apple online purchases come from iOS devices? Give me a (halfway) credible cite. I'll wait.
LOL -- "peak car"? Seriously? Do you know that 2014 is the year in which the largest number of cars ever sold in the US? Who came up with this? The same geniuses that came up with "peak oil"?
Couldn't agree more. I think that BMW would be an excellent buy. Lots of opportunities for product rationalization too (or spin those off to someone else). (Approx. $80B in market cap, on which a 25% premium would mean a purchase price of $100B; even at that price, the forward PE of the purchase would be ~12x. I am guessing that Apple could easily create >$20B in synergies).
What do you think the guys in Cupertino do when they see s*** like this!? Have a belly laugh? Don't know whether to laugh or cry?   I simply can't believe how everyone's just gone to town on what is essentially a sketchy rumor, at best. Now I am waiting for news about AppleCar recalls, and pending USDoT investigations....
Really, biometrics can 'almost always' be faked? Say more?
LOL. $3,000 speakers? I am impressed.... /s Add: Have you tried the Wireless Studio Beats? If not, just move along.
You have no clue.
My Beats Studio wireless headphones are the best I've owned. Period. The build quality is excellent too.
I worry about how the 'bell can be unrung' vis-a-vis all the information this unethical bozo is sucking up....   Gosh, as an economic competitor, the US is its own worst enemy.
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