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I wish...
Companies are smarter than you think. This is why they employ Chief Risk Officers.
Hmmm.... I don't know: http://www.secc.co.kr/eng/html/index.asp
Last I looked, they were all dealing with real currencies. Do any of them deal with bitcoins?
When a CEO boasts, as Cook did in the interview “….it’s really hard to do hardware, software and services and to link all those things together. That’s what makes Apple so special,” he’d better deliver on it. Btw, if anyone needs to unclench, go look in the mirror. You’ve been getting bent out of shape as though some family member of yours has been slighted in a major way….
Not just any product, but basic browser software is perhaps the most mature of the lot, at this point...
Could have been phrased better. It was meant in the spirit of "people who don't vote shouldn't whine about public policy that does not go their way."
See above.
From Netscape’s IPO Documents, 1995:"Netscape Communications Corporation provides a comprehensive line of client, server, and integrated applications software for communications and commerce on the Internet and private Internet Protocol (IP) networks. … Designed with enhanced security code, these software products provide the confidentiality required to execute financial transactions and to sell advertisements on the Internet and private IP networks. ….Incorporating both...
Netscape was giving it away for free before Microsoft, which simply adopted Netscape’s strategy.  And it was Netscape’s complaint to the DoJ that started the whole investigation that led to the finding of monopoly.
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