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Where/how do you think the people that prognosticate on where "the stock will be in year" get at that number? (Hint: I gave you the answer in a prior reply, when I said that analysts estimate price as Price = EPS*PE).
I guess we can debate the degree of 'direct'ness until the cows come home, but the point is that markets are not valuing what you did for me in the last quarter/year/decade. They are valuing what they think you can do for me in the future. Forming expectations of about that future does not require one to be a diviner, not by a long shot.Profits that have been 'actually counted' matter in only two ways, really: (1) Whether and what it tells us about the management's ability...
That was, indeed, a pathetic pos op-ed. Most of his op-eds are.
Of course they're connected. Through the expected future growth in profits. That's why Google's PE ratio is ~30, while Apple's is ~13. (Price = EPS*PE)Rightly or wrongly, the market expects much faster profit growth out of Google. It also expects that Apple's profits won't grow as fast as even that of the average company in the market, let alone Google.Apple just has to prove them wrong. And they will, for those who wait.
Obfuscation, conflation, cherry-picking of data, mis-attributions, mis-information etc. are standard OP for the climate-skeptic/-denial crowd. Best not to try and engage them.They're like the Hare Krishnas of science and public policy. They won't -- can't -- let go.
Groan.They're here too....
Comparing large hydro to small hydro is like comparing Samsung to Apple.
Two words: MAJOR FLOP.
Oh stop. Samsung is Apple's most direct competitor (and perhaps Apple's biggest IP thief), so news about their strategies and tactics is highly relevant. If you don't care much for it just pass on it. (I'd much rather read about this than recycled analyst pap).
Thank you.
New Posts  All Forums: