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This is a damn no-brainer. Something like a 5%-10% tax rate would be appropriate. A number in the range would make the effective long-run tax rate for foreign income of US corporations about the same as that for corporations in the other major economies.   Otherwise, this nonsense will just continue....   Given the estimates I've seen ($1.5T stashed outside), even half of it brought back to US soil would generate $37.5B - $75B for the US government. Not to mention the...
Nothing much will likely come out of this, except some bogus 'fine' so that they can declare a moral victory. Waste of time.
I find it quite remarkable that I didn't wince when I read the words 'Apple' and 'moral obligation' in the same sentence.   Under normal circumstances, the association of the notion of 'morality' with a corporate entity would strike me as total bs.
Yeah, that, and then there's the tinfoil hat stuff....
Please stop, with your obsessive-compulsive drivel.
'Parasitic'? Ok... (Not sure you know the meaning of the word) Understand the word 'rarely'?
I rarely read the actual articles anymore. I mostly come here to read and comment on the comments.
I have found, however, that simply flagging the post (bottom left) with a comment that says 'trolling' gets the Mod's attention. It probably gets the poster at least a warning, I am guessing, if enough people flag it. I don't think the Mods necessarily read everything that gets posted.
Yeah.... can you imagine advertising without (INPO) Jordan, Ali, Federer, Pele, Shumacher, Woods, Bird, Bradman, Laver, Maradona, Nicklaus, Ruth, Gretzky, Beckham..... I could go on forever.
No offense, but your type (and age) is a diminishing, uninteresting demographic.  Except in internet forums....
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