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Take this crap elsewhere -- e.g., PoliticalInsider.
I guess you must have missed this one: http://www.people.com/article/ebola-nurse-breaks-quarantine-maine
Good choice, but let's also recognize the needless panic and public health costs created by a subset of the self-righteous ones (and their teary-eyed supporters) bringing the virus back to their home countries.
My 160GB Classic has been an outstanding music system for my car. When it finally gives up, I'll truly miss it (unless CarPlay comes with massive storage -- I am thoroughly frustrated by the bugginess and syncing issues of iTunes Match on my iOS devices; I am using iTM less and less).
I have no idea what you're saying. What does a site being 'progressive' (what does that mean anyway?) or not have to do with the first sentence I originally wrote (i.e., the one to which I was referring)?
The fact that this is the list of sources you're dredging up (to validate a statement on which you're directionally right) does not make your case very well. It's a rather piss-poor list.But it does explain a lot about your views.
Did you read the first sentence I wrote?
I am not surprised that you wouldn't think that anyone here has.
The case has less than zero merit. It's been discussed in depth, here and in countless other forums, why. Moreover, if the there was a class of '8 million' potentially aggrieved (as the plaintiffs have claimed), finding two credible people to go to trial with, after ten years of it, should have been a non-issue.That is sufficient proof that this case is useless to begin with. I can't believe that Apple's lawyers seem to be almost rubbing their hands in glee that the case...
Except, it's going to come at a cost....
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