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Apple should simply shut down iBook.   It's not worth the hassle, and the DoJ and its lackeys can have/stuff it.
I'll assume you were missing the "/s" tag. If not, replace the above sentence with: grow up.
That observation amounts to a hill of beans. Apple just changed the industry on that front: watch what these guys'll be doing in a couple of years.
What does that mean?
Conservation Fund is about as credible as an NGO gets. They are widely used by companies as a major source of external verification of environmental efforts. Your point about recycling well-taken, but the problem is, only about one-third of the fiber needed by paper companies comes from recycled material (even though recycling has come a long way in the US -- over 55% of the paper in the US now recycled). I think that experiments such as the one Apple is getting involved...
I've been saying for a while that Apple should create something that is the equivalent of Bell Labs to further cutting-edge corporate innovation. While not quite in the same league, it is becoming more and  more apparent that environmental sustainability is the area in which Apple has decided to make a significant innovation push.   A company of Apple's size and resources can make a significant dent in this arena for (relatively) small commitments.    Kudos, Mr. Cook,...
What kind of files would you want to transfer to a watch? Why?
It's nice if the prediction comes true, but how does he come up with this number? There is no methodology (even the broad contours of one) provided. I had predicted 2 million a few weeks ago, but I know how where that came from. How do we know Kuo did not produce it from the same place?
Meh.   A little too much of the fasionista stuff for my taste....
Actually, I think it's about both.
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