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Where's Woz?
Where's Woz?
Stopped reading right there.
You do, obviously.
3.03 AM EST. iOS Apple Store. 64GB Champagne. Done.   Ships 1 - 3 days.   Yawn. Back to be...
Cool. No one's stopping you. You're happy. iOS7 customers are happy. What's not to like?
Let's hope this is not iMac redux.
Who gives a hoot. Do you think the anti-Apple sentiment will go away if they act like a bunch of nice guys? Get real. Glad to see them showing some guts, for a change. Let's hope that they stick with it, and that it also gets reflected in their advertising strategy. 
It is great to hear Cook et. al discuss strategy.
My sincere sympathies. It all sounds horrendous. There's been no follow up in the news about the missing hundreds?That makes it all the harder for me to understand why you'd want to trivialize it.
New Posts  All Forums: