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Please stop being such a pedant.
Yeah, like it's even a remotely serious or material business for Apple.
Care to prove this? I dare you.  Well, let me be charitable: since you can't, will you please shut up already with this kind of cheap, cr4ppy baiting of other posters?
You may be right about that. Although, I honestly cannot think of a single instance in which Apple has entered even a single domain in which it appears to have said, "Google is in, or is thinking of getting into, that business, so I must."
 Frankly, he has nothing to prove to you (or anyone else). It's a damn internet forum with anonymous posters, for heaven's sake! How in the heck do we know that you're not making up everything about yourself? If we can't take each other at face value here, there's not much of a point, is there?
I don't normally cite Wikipedia, except when it is too obvious: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virgin_Mobile
How successful have they been with any of those, other than throw things at the wall and generate a lot of bogus buzz? If anything, that's Exhibit A for why Apple shouldn't.
Getting into the MVNO business would have been ill-advised. It's a low margin, zero-growth, dog of a business best left to useless companies like Virgin and no-name start-ups.   Quite apart from that, Apple would have ticked off some of its most important business partners worldwide.   In fact, rather than get into more such vertically integrated stuff, I'd love it if Apple could hive off its content (books, music, movies, TV shows) business at least as a separate...
I am really not quite sure of what you mean. Perhaps you could explain how such a transaction will work?(Btw, I was being very optimistic in my earlier estimates for the amount of debt, since that did not include a premium -- often in excess of one-third in going private transactions -- that Apple will have to pay to its existing shareholders to take the company private.)
Not a realistic option. It would have to float too much debt to do so. The typical going private transaction is done with about two-thirds debt relative to enterprise value (i.e., net of cash), so we're talking about the company and its private equity sponsors having to raise something like $450B to finance the repurchase.Not going to happen.
New Posts  All Forums: