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Super cool.
I don't think so.
I am going to wait at least a week before trying it out.   The last time Apple issued an AppleTV update, both of mine got completely bricked. Took way too much time and effort to get it all going again.
One minor, weird thing that is a bit jarring: the bottom tray (with the gray background) on the home screen now has black lettering on my 5S (all else it white).   However, on a 4 that I simultaneously updated, the text stays white (btw, it's quite amazing how much faster the 5S is compared to the 4).   Anyone else have this issue?   Add: Other than that, I am loving the update. I have switched to the lady with the English accent. She seems to pronounce my name...
You certainly don't sound like it in your posts.
.... and less than 17 from that for you to -- ever so faithfully and predictably -- point it out.  
I was not making a blanket statement for an entire nation. I was specifically talking about high-population corridors such as Boston-DC and LA-SF (please take another look at my original post). The point I was making -- apparently, not very successfully -- was somewhat different. I was not referring to the cost at all, but rather that the speed and quality of what we get even in densely populated places in the US is poor compared to some of the other countries out there.
I think you're totally missing the point. Taxes and cross-subsidies are much higher in Europe.Perhaps the truth is as simple as, we're not as good as we think we are. On a related point, see this: http://theweek.com/article/index/257404/why-is-american-internet-so-slow
I am not sure that the population density in, say, the Paris - Geneva corridor is that different from the Boston - DC or LA - SF corridor.
Perhaps but afaik, real estate is more expensive in Europe, labor is more expensive in Europe, and equipment is more expensive in Europe.
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