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Hmmm..... NYT: "Apple Tops Analyst Forecasts" WSJ: "Apple Reports Strong iPhone Sales" Bloomberg: "Apple Posts Second Straight Profit Gain as iPhone Sales Jump" CNBC: "Apple Profit Beats Estimates, Revenue Slightly Short"   AI? "Apple Falls Short of Expectations".  
Of course it is web usage. But Chitika themselves start to use this data to draw inferences about sales shares.... read the whole article.
I'll believe this when Amazon puts out actual data. I'll even take 'shipments.'   Until then, it's all speculation.
That's a puzzling statement. Are you suggesting that Apple is advertising for itself, and not its customers?
Your math is exact! 
Edgy. Excellent. A bit too dense, however.... maybe it's my age, but I thought I was going to get vertigo....
We're a touchy bunch around here. You'll get used to it....
I have seen dozens.
 Sounds brave, but the issue isn't whether you think you have anything to hide, it's whether the NSA thinks you have anything to hide.
I don't envy Maestri his first guidance. How could one possibly forecast sales for an entirely new slew of products, and possible new product categories!?
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