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Huh? Did you forget the '/s' tag?
Good for you. /clap clap  (Next time, perhaps you could be a bit more specific than "....hidden tips and tricks for iOS 7" and perhaps add to your signature the fact that you're an iOS "techie".) Just out of curiosity, exactly what types of T&T were/are you hoping for?
It IS there. See above.
You can improve contrast (and if needed, even reverse colors) under 'Accessibility'.
Go into 'Accessibility' settings. You can increase default text size, and bold the font, for starters.
See #97 above. You ≠ World.
I guess you have to say '5 cees' and '5 esses'. Dumb, I know. :-/
His option trades have little or no impact on stock prices.
Final update: Apple Support asked me to take it in for service (to a local authorized service agent). They agreed that the 6.0 update fried mine. Luckily, I have my Gen 2....
New Posts  All Forums: