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Meh... The Egyptians were putting together things like the Pyarmids and the Sphinx then....
I was going to say, "fair enough", but going to also point out that you said: "...maybe the easiest way to put it into perspective is to view the stock market as legalized gambling." This is, in my view, is an incredible overgeneralization about a phenomenon (the stock market) whose value is driven primarily by fundamentals. Fads and momentum can certainly matter in the short run, but there is an intrinsic value to the assets that constitute the stock market. Then, above,...
Perhaps the most overrated actor out there today.
Sorry, but that's BS. If you truly think that's the case, you understand nothing about diversification, dollar-cost averaging, and investing for the long haul. Good luck with finding the resources for things such as your retirement and your child's college education.
Calling them 'speculators' makes it sound like they're up to something shady, and like engaging in illegal gambling.   This sounds to me like a perfectly rational, smart group of folks who are, based on an evolving news story, looking for the possibility of getting a higher return by taking on higher risk.
Judge Koh and this case have become a pathetic embarrassment. She's a poster child for why the U.S. justice system -- an oxymoron -- is in the toilet. Cote is another one. Put it to bed already.
I am sure that Apple ][ can weigh in for himself, but I have no clue what you're saying here. How is 'malware' loaded on a product -- which could just be corporate bloatware as far as the retailer knew, but something that was allowed in because it subsidized the price of the product -- the same as selling a counterfeit product!?(Now that they have been made aware of this, it would be interesting to see what they do with the information and whether they change anything....
For many years now, people like Mossberg have been railing against the third-party bloatware and company installed junk that comes with purchases of Windows and Android devices. It was surely a matter of time before some fell into the category of malware.Somehow, people think that free really means free. You don't seem to get the larger point that's being made, that 'free' means all kinds of junk, including things that are bad for you, that come with it.
No one 'deserves' it. They should *expect* it.Unless they choose not to, or are stupid.
Unfortunately, 'cheap' often goes with 'harmful.' There are all kinds of good reasons for why the two are associated.
New Posts  All Forums: