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Um. You're rambling at this point, and don't even realize it. Debt has NOTHING necessarily to do with losses or profits. Don't confuse a level variable with a flow variable.If you don't get it, stop. Of course, you're welcome to ramble further, but at least stop accusing others of being ignorant (especially when you're close to being Exhibit A at this point).
Hate to expose your ignorance further, but it's neither. Actually, it's 'value added' that should be measured to compare. It's an impossible number to find. You said 'income' without specifying what you meant, so I helped out there. (As an aside, there is a net income definition if GDP as well, but that would add the wages and salaries paid to employees).Incidentally, until 2013, Sony was making losses for a number of years. Their 140,000 employees were destroying value...
Not sure if you should be accusing others of 'ignorance'. (NK's GDP is 10x that of Sony's net income).You could make your larger point without (ignorantly) dissing an entire thread.
Take your utterly moronic post elsewhere, e.g., politicalinsider.
Couldn't agree more. I avoid their products whenever I can.
Let me guess the DW movie: The Equalizer. Perfect check-your-brain-at-the-door action flick with lots of (predictable!) suspense where the good guys win in the end, the kind I totally love.I plan to watch it again over the weekend, this time on iTunes.Which PB movie?
Unless someone from the FBI can reasonably counter what the experts are saying, as well as tell us why the mounting evidence on links between GoP and the Lizard Squad doesn't suggest otherwise, it'll be another case similar to -- or at least, a lot of people will believe it to be similar to -- "trust us, we know Saddam was hiding WMD." The fact that you have a family member in the FBI who said "trust me" is far from proof. It is also far from a source of comfort: in the...
You have "no doubt"? What about the numerous security professionals who think otherwise? What about the links between GoP (not the party, before the right-wing illiterates pile on) and the Lizard Squad? Can you cite any credible link to back up your claim that they have "thousands of hackers that [sic] have been trained in China"? Moreover, what is the 'misconception' in my post? I said quite clearly that NK is likely behind it, but paid someone to do it. The larger point...
I agree with the posters above that it is doubtful -- not impossible, but improbable -- NK hacked Sony. It is unlikely that a country with a thousand IP addresses has this kind of skill.   It is, however, possible that they paid some hackers (Lizard Squad?) to do it.   In either event, God help us if all it takes is some backward country and/or a bunch of hackers operating on the dark web to pull off something of this magnitude. We're at their mercy, i.e.,...
I have no idea what your post is about, at this point.Here's wishing you a wonderful 2015.
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