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I've never heard of this band.
Holder's team is absolutely out of control. And, he's one pathetic, clueless bureaucrat.
What do you think is the intrinsic value for AAPL? Why?
The simplest and cheapest approach is to open an account with someone like Schwab.com, and put in a buy order. You can buy as few or as many as you want with cash you've transferred into the account. (I think the minimum needed to open an account is $1,000 with Schwab; others may be lower or higher) They charge $9 per trade. So, in order to minimize transaction costs, it pays to buy a couple more, than less (if you were planning on buying more in the near future).
Hmmm.... how many years ago was that? ;-)
Hmmm... do you seriously think that Apple will put out something that did not address such basic issues!?
The BBC?! Yikes, the home of condescending liberals. (Sorry, off-topic. But couldn't resist).
With all due respect, you sound like a home user with delusions of tech grandeur.But I am glad the future of file structures work for you.
Hmm.... What a brilliant idea. I am sure no one has thought of it.Why don't you write to Congress? Maybe they'll listen to herbapou.
Why don't you share it with us in your own words?The previous explanation I got in this thread didn't help much at all.
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