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Meh.   A little too much of the fasionista stuff for my taste....
Actually, I think it's about both.
Ah, cue the "why-do-we-need-gender-race-etc-etc-diversity-when-young-white-men-can-do-it-and-there-are-plenty-available" crowd....   Another useless shouting match in the making.
Yikes. I actually thought that you might have a quasi-cogent response. My mistake.
Ok, 'forced.' So what? That was the quid pro quo.Incidentally, what is solution that you would have proposed for the 'bad mistake'?
Apparently, you don't see that your first sentence and second sentence are connected! The reason for this quid pro quo is because many of the incumbent carriers were quasi-(local) monopolies. Moreover, they got much of their legacy bandwidth assets for basically free (now they do have to bid for it), and were asked to share a bit of it.
Instead of insulting people, you should tell us why courts are unimportant. (Indeed, it's ironic, since that's exactly what ATT and Comcast are planning on). Also, you'll be well-served if you looked up the difference between "law" and "regulation."
Your post is so full of bullshit, that I find it somewhat laughable you accuse others of it. 1) I have no idea what the lack of "aggressiveness" to use military force has resulted in. Perhaps you can elucidate, instead spouting off silly political talking point? I do know what the aggressive use of military force by the previous admin resulted in: a fractured, violent Middle East, expanded Al Qaida, the creation of ISIS, and a resurgent Iran. 2) You say "If you want change...
I have absolutely no idea what you mean by "in the spirit of competition," but your Apple analogy is dumb.
You can accuse Obama of a lot of things, but 'ignorance' is not one of them. Compared to Bush and his lackeys, and most especially today's Congress, the guy's an Einstein. (But that may not be, in an absolute sense, saying all that much given how far down the low end of the scale goes).
New Posts  All Forums: