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I rarely read the actual articles anymore. I mostly come here to read and comment on the comments.
I have found, however, that simply flagging the post (bottom left) with a comment that says 'trolling' gets the Mod's attention. It probably gets the poster at least a warning, I am guessing, if enough people flag it. I don't think the Mods necessarily read everything that gets posted.
Yeah.... can you imagine advertising without (INPO) Jordan, Ali, Federer, Pele, Shumacher, Woods, Bird, Bradman, Laver, Maradona, Nicklaus, Ruth, Gretzky, Beckham..... I could go on forever.
No offense, but your type (and age) is a diminishing, uninteresting demographic.  Except in internet forums....
This is happening. I am sure of it.
Agreed. It can't get much more lackadaisical than the current crop of ads. Uninspiring, to say the least.Whatever they do, I hope they don't put Schiller in charge of copy-editing.
Your blithe comparison of something trivial and secondary for Apple like Ping, with something core like an operating system for Microsoft, tells us little more than that you're a bit clueless.
The issue is not whether you were 'surprised.' I was surprised too. But quite differently from the negative way in which you were. People complaining about how this sort of thing is somehow not becoming of a 'Southern Gentleman' or a company like Apple need to grow a pair. Boo hoo hoo. My problem with Apple -- whether with the Cotes/DoJs/Kohs, with regulators, with the media, with investors, or with its competitors -- is that it has been too timid. No more.
Cr4p foisted upon consumers should be called out for what it is.   I am quite glad that Tim Cook does not hesitate to do so.
Looks like you will have a lot of groceries (and VERY clean house).
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