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I guess you missed the point of the post.What else is new.
He's not mad at AAPL.
More nonsense conspiracy. There are ~900M shares outstanding.
Beyoncé, AI!? I'll even take Samsung news any day.
Same thing happened to me. Earlier today, in OSX safari as well. AI's website has become truly crappy. I've complained to them, but let's see if something happens. Otherwise, I am giving up on it.
I am sure it'll get better, but at the moment, I am completely underwhelmed by the content in iTunes Radio. Little improvements like this don't matter all that much if the content is not up to par.I find that the selection in jazz, world, classic rock, and Indian classical are limited and repetitive. Moreover, the radio suddenly tends to stop after a couple of dozen songs have been played. This despite the fact that I have iTunes Match and am, therefore, not...
Heck, they're scared to even report quantities sold. Why would they bother with more sophisticated metrics?
Heh heh. Is anyone surprised? ('Cagy' or 'cagey'?).
I have the commercial-free version..... 
Has anyone had an issue where iTunes Radio suddenly just stops after playing a few songs? Also, it seems to keep playing the same set of songs over and over (across days)?
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