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Pay me $400M and I'll tell you how.
Sigh. Typical of the vapid response I expected from guys like you.You're welcome to live in your own planet.
Meh. Already factored in.
He means ex ante, not ex post.
People are caterwauling on both sides of the fence, and not looking at the real picture here. I am not responding to any specific comment, but I believe that Cook and Oppenheimer have failed terribly. Not because they haven't grown the business. Not because they don't have serious innovations in the pipeline. Not because they're not passionate about the company or its products or its customers. Not because they aren't anything but superb managers of many aspects of the...
It’s just silly to read about the constant claims of ‘stock manipulation’ in these forums.   Give up, guys. Stock prices are all about expectations. If you don’t meet them, your stock will, in all likelihood, fall. You can’t legislate or wish away how people form their expectations for the future. Cook and Oppenheimer have a job to manage expectations, if they think it’s too optimistic or pessimistic. For better or worse – typically for worse – they never do.   If it’s...
Every time Tim Cook uses the word ‘incredible’, the stock seems to drop 10 points.   Can someone please get him a speech coach?
'Dip' must be the new pc term for a frackin' massacre.
LOL. (Hint: If you actually read what you cite, you can sometimes avoid embarrassing yourself.) Here’s what the author of that piece in Forbes says: “So I set up a quick poll using the Polar app to see if I could get a sense of what proportion of users thought Touch ID “works great,” and what proportion was experiencing “too many fails” (see image above.) You can vote on it yourself through the app by searching #iosprints or by going to that tag page on the Polar...
Oh boy.... I will give you this: you guys are relentless, and keep coming....
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