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That's silly. The S&P 500 has an annualized dividend yield of 1.92%. The NASDAQ 100 (to which Apple belongs), 0.99%. Apple's yield (2.3%) is higher than either.
I wish the US would help them in the US....
Corporate taxes were not introduced in the US until 1913.
You want him to cut and paste a copyrighted article from the WSJ with no regard for IP? Really?This sounds like the kind of thing that Google might do.
Greenpeace? The inept, second-tier, increasingly irrelevant, cheap-attention-seeking NGO 'verify Apple's claims'?Good one. LOL.
It is quite sad to see how a once-great brand name has become so tarnished. I mean Greenpeace.
Not at all. Electrical distribution (and even cable companies) is a good example. Essentially, these would be situations when a monopoly (or something close to it) is the most efficient organizational form. This is could happen in highly capital-intensive businesses, especially in smaller markets/geographies.
You can have natural monopolies.
Fingers crossed for LQMT.   I've been a patient (and thus far, disappointed) shareholder! 
What iPhone 6 design? (Oops. Just saw the other story).
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