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I don't understand all the angst either. Of course Apple plays the media like anyone does. I certainly hope so. They'd be foolish, and it would be weird/unusual on their part, not to.
For starters, give us iOS in the car?
Get a bigger living room.
First it was the Financial Times. Then the Wall Street Journal. Now the New York Times is reporting on this, citing "two people with knowledge of the company's plans". There may be something here.....
I guarantee that it will be.
GL has to be one of the most over-rated, overpriced, over-crowded stores anywhere in the world. Reminds of Macy's or Bloomingdale's in Manhattan: these were must-shop-at destinations once upon a time, but they're now overrun with foreign -- in the case of GL, Japanese -- tourists.   Everything is haphazardly displayed, lines are long, bathrooms are filthy, and there's no place to sit anywhere.   I don't go into one of these places anymore.
As far as I can recall, the person who started to bring up, and berate, PC makers on this issue was Walt Mossberg, the former tech reviewer for WSJ. I recall his fulminations on this from least a couple of decades ago. (He also used to praise Apple for not doing this, and as a result, would take much online abuse from the great unwashed....)
Um... I've had similar problems with visits to AI using Safari on my iPad: it ends up hijacking me repeatedly to a gamer's website. I'd think that I was navigating to the 'next' page of comments, but instead takes me somewhere else.   It happens off and on. (For example, I haven't had the problem in the past couple of weeks).   Anyone else have this issue?
Apple current PE is 17.4x. It's PE ex-cash (i.e., the value of its operating assets, since cash earns just about zero) is 13.2x. Apple's Forward PE is 14.1x, and FPE ex-cash is 10.7x. Yes, it's at the low end, but you want to get your basic numbers right before correcting someone else.
That's exactly right. Apple may have lost a major opportunity there to pounce.Otoh, it might have been far cheaper to hire a few execs who wanted to go on to the most successful company in the world, rather than work for a company in bankruptcy being acquired by someone unknown.
New Posts  All Forums: