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Why is the on/off button positioning not consistent with the new iPhone design?   (For the record, I prefer it on top).
The truth needs to come out on what happened here. Let the chips fall where they may.
Yikes, apparently not. The update sounds like crap. I'll wait. Apple really needs to focus their software efforts on getting right the less sexy stuff like iTunes and Mail -- basic things that a vast majority of consumers use a great deal of time -- instead of silly eye-candy tweaks ("flat, translucent surface") and geek-functionality upgrades ("application launching spotlight") to OSX and iOS.
Let's hope it's a significant improvement (i.e., back to where it once was) compared to the unmitigated disaster that is iTunes 11.4 with OS10.9.5.   I cannot tell you how much time and effort I've wasted, given my fairly large music library, in the process of switching to the iPhone 6. So much so that I've gone back to my trusty old 150GB iPod Classic (sniff) for my music listening.
Wow. That's quite a price for the UK, no?
Who said it's a television? It's simply a large display with a little $99 box (and HDMI port) in it....  
Meh.... no new AppleTV.    The store front still shows the old one, and the pricing says "Just $99" (as opposed to "Starting at...") I was hoping for a quiet bump in functionality/storage/etc....
My guess would be £2,499. You guys are taxed too much, unfortunately....
Damn... why don't they take out the computer in it, put in an AppleTV instead, make it a little bigger -- say, 55-60 inches -- and sell it as a high-priced "AppleTV w/5K Display". I'll plonk down $5K for something like that....
Um.... shouldn't the headline be "...more than $101M?"
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