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Or you can reread in context, and try and figure it out.Or not.
Not sure you understood my post. Not for the first time.
I doubt that you're going to get any.
Oh, Apple is not the only company needing energy-efficient displays. Moreover, it's a credible signal of quality.
Hope so. Bought some today.
I am waiting patiently for Apple to show some love to LQMT..... 
Something like this, even if patented, should be given away to all comers when/if implemented. Just as Mercedes-Benz did with the airbag. I had in mind anti-lock brakes: http://bit.ly/P46r4q
Um... you can be dismissive, but Corning does know a thing or two about glass. It's a pretty classic and classy -- and, I might add, in the field of glass, an amazingly innovative -- company that has been around since 1851. Apple or not, I don't think they're going away any time soon.
Wow. You must get up off the wrong side of the bed a lot. Best. Add: I realize that I am being somewhat nasty, but that was an incredibly annoying thing on your part to say. It also does to take into account the fact that C123 may not be posting just for you, but for people in the Forum in general, many of whom might actually like the way he signs off.
Unless Samsung is claiming that the inadvertent public posting on the internet was their source (and hence, could not have been a leak of a confidential document), I don't see where they're going with this or how it matters. Apples and samsungs, as far as I can see.
New Posts  All Forums: