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I expect one larger-sized phone (e.g., 4.8 inch). And the 5S and 5C to continue. The former as the high-end smaller form factor, and the latter as the lower-end (replacement for the 4S). The larger form factor phone will likely have 128GB (finally).   No way that Apple is getting rid of the 5C or introducing two larger phones.
Self-conscious, pretentious. Atrocious narration. These ads (as did the previous one) make me wince.
That is, unfortunately, pure silliness.Sog35's examples could have been better (e.g., his assertion that it 'could have put it into the market that gained 30% last year' makes no sense -- it could also have been put into a market that lost a half its value in 2008-09). But the concept of 'opportunity cost' is not some 'Wall Street' conspiracy.It is simply an Econ 101 concept that says, 'if you put your investment in A, you're foregoing the opportunity to earn a return from...
Maybe, but, overall, it's not looking good for Samsung, wouldn't you say?
New York's finest...
Maybe they don't want to destroy their non-Apple handset-maker relationships.
Buh-bye, Mr. B.
Fantastic idea. Can't wait to check it out.   (Hope the same guys that made the decision to go with Huddler aren't the ones making this happen...)
At this point, you're just rambling.Call it a day.
If you think the pre-iPhone 'smart'phones were similar to the iPhone in the way that CRTs are similar to flat-panel TVs, I really don't know where to start.
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