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If you're talking to me: no. He can hold a dozen, for all I care.Of course, it's more likely you completely missed my point.
I have a huge problem with this. Given the rocky history with Schmidt on the board, and all the legal tussles now between the two companies, it is weird that someone could be an officer at both companies. After all, he has access to any information he wants about Apple, and a lot about Google (at least in their plans for health). Health care is potentially a massive area of growth for Apple. Witness, for instance, the increasingly ubiquitous use of the iPad by doctors and...
I really have trouble comprehending the analogy between an exogenous event like a once-in-a-hundred-years flood, and a planned event that happens every few years.
There will always be capacity constraints during peak service times. Think electrical grid at 2 PM on a July afternoon, Friday night cable bandwidth, airline overbooking, parking lots on a Monday morning... That is not the issue. Intelligent management of situations like this is.
That's all there is to it. They could, for instance, easily stagger it by geographic area of IP address looking to download and inform users that they will be doing so, with a rough map. I am sure there are dozens of more sophisticated, equally inexpensive ways. Sometimes, I get the feeling that Apple simply does not do a good job of managing some basic stuff like this. 
Give me a frickin' break, with your condescending crap. Perhaps Apple should simply figure out a damn way to manage this better.
I'll wait until the weekend to do this, and not OTA.   That said, what happened to all the fancy NC and NV data centers/server farms that Apple was building? And, when will Apple ever figure out that, with every iteration, their supply of bandwidth -- whether for ordering (except for the iPhone 5C) or for software downloads in the first 24 hours -- quite regularly falls short of demand?
Was there any particular reason you needed it today?
Disagree. It is much more greyish than chrome.
Looks like Liquidmetal?
New Posts  All Forums: