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I agree with the posters above that it is doubtful -- not impossible, but improbable -- NK hacked Sony. It is unlikely that a country with a thousand IP addresses has this kind of skill.   It is, however, possible that they paid some hackers (Lizard Squad?) to do it.   In either event, God help us if all it takes is some backward country and/or a bunch of hackers operating on the dark web to pull off something of this magnitude. We're at their mercy, i.e.,...
I have no idea what your post is about, at this point.Here's wishing you a wonderful 2015.
I happen to know about iCloud. The salient issue in this entire thread is about what an iOS device offers as usable space versus what is advertised. And a lot of it is based off Malax's point about what should be advertised. If Apple would like us to treat iCloud as an appendage to storage, I believe it should: (i) say so; (ii) offer some minimal amount of iCloud storage, say 5GB, with each device (rather than each user account). Otherwise, the issue of iCloud is...
Hmm, you may have missed a point in the argument being raised by the plaintiffs...
Yet, Apple prides itself on -- and is anal about, as I know from first-hand experience -- curation. If developers are sloppy, then get them to behave or throw them out. App management on iOS devices (and between the device and the Mac) has become something of a pain, and Apple has to take an axe to it -- but that's another topic.
Apple is not, and has never been, any computer maker. It has been a game-changer in so many ways in the last 3+ decades, in everything from the product, to services supporting the product, to how it's sold, to how it's produced, to its suppliers, to its advertising, and just about everything else. Much of the industry have copied or followed (or have disappeared trying).There's no reason Apple can't lead on something as trivial as this.
There sure are a lot of knee-jerk, nitpicky responses to Malax's very reasonable, and considered comments on this. He did not say (at least in the first few that I read) that the lawsuit has a lot of merit, but rather, that companies should do a better job of being more transparent about the way they represent this. I couldn't agree more. Many people aspire to own Apple products, but not all can afford it. For many not so well-off people, getting the basic model -- so...
Please enlighten us.
Rest assured. You are. Very.
What 'freedom of speech'? There are laws against yelling 'fire' in a crowded theater (and both sides of the political extreme are full of nut cases), or threatening the life of a President.(Incidentally, name-calling is disallowed on AI. I will not report you this time).
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