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On what planet?
I don't mean to burst your bubble or come through as being snarky in the least, but anyone -- anyone -- who tells you "what" and "when" at the same time vis-a-vis stock prices, given the known state of finance theory and forecasting, is either clueless or lying. Short of astrology or some such thing, nothing in known economics enables them to do so!
I have heard it many times, in fact, numbers as high as $1.5B (http://www.crunchbase.com/organization/beats-by-dr-dre). And, it would be revenue.
Spot on. (Sounds like the arguments -- ironically -- that most Androiders make on Apple sites about why/how their products are superior!) Audiophiles making a big deal about headphone quality listening to lossy MP3/AAC music on their iDevices are simply revealing their aural snobbery. You just can't tell the difference at that level of sound quality. Moreover, for those who complain about the excessive bass on Beats, I've wondered, why don't they simply choose the 'Bass...
You would seriously believe any answer to that question? By anyone?
I plan to take 20% of my AAPL off the table, take the tax bite (20%!), and leave the cash there for if/when the price somehow gets to below (pre-split) $560. I am sure a lot of people have a psychological (pre-split) $700 price point for whole or partial sale, so I am guessing that it'll be stuck at that level for a good while because of the selling pressure.
Just to clarify -- although I am fairly sure that you did not at all intend to imply it -- I am not saying, as some here and many in the analyst community have, that the $3B is trivial for Apple. The only argument I have is over whether Apple gets at least $3B in value from the Beats purchase, that's all.  
You're worth all of $544?
I never said or implied that in any of my posts.
Again, as implied by my reply to Rogifan above, let me ask you: you think you have better data on this than Apple does? Really? C'mon, be serious. Please.
New Posts  All Forums: