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Hmmm.... have you come across lots of examples of 'mixed reactions from fashionistas'? I thought -- anecdotally, of course, and from reading Apple fan sites -- that a vast majority of the reactions were actually positive? Before you post some random links (per usual), did someone do a survey of fashionistas?
But, according to your general philosophy, finding someone to do the same job at the same quality at a lower cost should be a no-brainier for a company, no? Regardless of whether they're domestic or 'imported?'
Gosh. Not at all. Not only the right side of the bed, but it has been a GREAT day. Despite this interaction. Thanks for asking.
Wow. How considerate you are, of AI readers...
Sure, I could have. But many others (in this thread alone) have already implied it, so why bother...
Ah, what a tangled web of a post. Typical. The EU 'forced' Apple? As I recall, Apple and four publishers said that they would not do what they were accused of doing, going forward, and the EU said fine. The EU approached this like an adult. No immature, intrusive idiots there like Bromwich and Cote. 'They wouldn't fight them'? Who wouldn't fight whom? Apple wouldn't fight the EU? If so, see the point above. The EU 'meddles' much more? See Cote and Bromwich point above. (I...
Now, delete your silly original post. Surprise us. Thanks.
First, if did not make sense, Foxconn or Apple would not do it. Second, I am sure their ability to make things happen in India is better than yours by a long shot, so one can't really extrapolate or generalize from your experience. Third, as I understand it, things are changing rapidly under Modi. Fourth, it'll probably be only assembly and shipping, not manufacture. Fifth, it makes sense to make in a country that might be a potentially huge market. Sixth, I don't know...
Gatorguy, I realize you're always out to prove that Apple is up to something nefarious (and Google never is), but I am having trouble understanding your post: what does hacking an account on iCloud have to do with iCloud being hacked?
Spot on. Summer's a time when none of these kids are remotely paying attention (unlike adults).Somehow, the demographic aspect of this seems all wrong. But I hope I am wrong.
New Posts  All Forums: