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Wow. Cook finally starting to come out swinging. More, sir, more. Show 'em.
Um, as an Icahn acolyte that swallows his lack of analysis wholesale, all I can say is that he gets rich off people like you!And I say, as long as there are sheep waiting to get fleeced, why not. ;-)
I did. A couple of times. I guess you meant to say "...at least as equally interested..." instead of "very"?
The fact that he has money and is not the nicest person in the world does not mean he can't express his opinion?! Perhaps you're more scared (or jealous) of the fact that people might actually be persuaded by him? It's Cook's job as a CEO to articulate a counter-argument. (For the  record I remain suspicious of his motives, and I don't think that a debt-laden repurchase of the size he's recommending at this price -- or above -- makes much economic sense for Apple.)
That's not what he said. Read it again.
Sure.  One, it’s rather heavy, and in a lopsided way. The right side (where the GG is) is much heavier and thicker, and does not slide between the ear lobe and the cranium in an easy way. I did not feel comfortable at all, since it seemed heavier on one side, and felt like it could slip and fall any time. The ‘viewing’ glass itself is about an inch long, half an inch wide and tall, and kind of sits there like a weird, clumsy-looking attachment to the glass. Two, the entire...
Never thought of that part of the world as a 'learning' hub.
Not seeing anywhere near one yet, except that she wants to be a Google-wannabe....
'Hands-free' to do what (in a driverless car wearing GG)? 
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