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Much as I am offended and saddened by the likes of Jackson and Sharpton, their tactics, and their role in public discourse, it is even more offensive and sad to see the level of bigotry that pops up here on the AI boards every time there's a story involving a black person, a poor country, Obama, gays, or women. And it's the same list of posters that pops up every single time. Everyone knows who they are.... Figure out a way to deal with this, AI. Otherwise your site runs...
I've said this before and I'll say it again: judges like Gonzales, Koh, and Cote are making the term "US Justice System" an oxymoron. What a shame.
And then, Doomed.™
OK, I'll re-introduce the word: nonsense
Please. How many times has it been brought up here? 1) Gaming (no, AirPlay is not enough).2) Apps (no, AirPlay is not enough).3) Better -- at least, updated -- interface (no, a font change doesn't count). Skimming through and choosing from my collection of thousands of artists/songs is a total pain.4) Improved remote functionality (one or two more buttons wouldn't hurt).5) Amazon streaming (not my thing, but I can see why it will be useful to millions; and no, the fact...
The "only thing"? Sorry, but that's nonsense simply not true.
What part of my sentence "...add.. functionality" don't you get?
Get with it, Apple. Forget the grand design. Just add some functionality to set it apart from the copyists -- who are, for all practical purposes (except for AirPlay and iTunes Match), offering what you have now cheaper -- and put it out there.
While that's certainly probable, it is also possible that some new twist/turn could emerge.It's often a good strategy for a company, even one with deep pockets like Apple, to avoid litigation when it can. Think about the eBooks case and Cote/Bromwich, for example.
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