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I don't think Cook should have bothered to dignify the book with a comment.   But considering he did, I am pleased with his pithy choice of words.
I am not sure that Amazon is going to be particularly successful at this, but I agree with you that the streaming/subscription model is something that Apple should (and could) have adopted ages ago. Additionally, they could be working harder and faster to get international rights. Their tardiness on both fronts is both disappointing and surprising.
I am just pointing out -- especially to those who have not been in the forum for too long -- that your classic MO as a poster is to redefine the premise of the questioner to suit your agenda. That's all. I personally have little or no interest in his (or your) question.
Er... his question was a very simple one. I'll repeat it. He asked: "Can you cite any court cases where Apple was found to violate a Samsung patent?" Can you? If you can't, say 'no, I can't.' The rest is bs.
Heh heh... classic GG response: deflect the question, meander, and obfuscate. freediverx, we all know you got the answer to your question!
That's unbelievable. Just unbelievable.
It was trademarked here at AI.Sadly, reflecting the times -- whence not many people seem to give much of a hoot about IP issues -- no one bothers with the 'Apple is doomed™' any more.
A rumor (supply chain issues) about a rumor (sapphire) about a rumor (timing) about a rumor (12.9" iPad).   Got to hand it to these guys.
Wouldn't you be much better off just getting a mount for an iPad connected by BT to your car's audio?
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