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Except that, this year, January, March and April also joined the seven months. (They can have February and May, though).  
Lots of places ban them, and rightly so. http://www.cntraveler.com/galleries/2014-11-04/no-selfies-social-media-bans-at-landmarks
There are far fewer tall people than selfie sticks in these types of events, I am guessing.
Most of the world will not need three years. If you'd like to wait until then, you certainly should, but honesty on your part then would also mean that you refrain from giving us your opinion until all the data have come in. Battery life is a red herring: Apple's claims in the past have always been spot on, and there's no reason to suspect it this time. Unless you can provide some evidence otherwise, which you can't. Anyone with half a brain could partake of the abundance...
There are a whole bunch of people here who simply cannot abide the fact Apple has another hit on its -- I mean, our -- hands. It truly must suck to be them. I feel quite badly for these people, honestly. NOT : please continue to post your vapid nonsense so that we can point and laugh. After all, it would be rather boring on these threads if we all agreed with each other all the time.
What issues, and how are they addressed? Sounds like a disaster from the comments prior to yours....
Oh please. Just quit it with this tired, old, discredited BS.
Yeah, Apple has a history of doing stuff like that.....ᵢ
The demonstration effect from people wearing the AppleWatch is going to be huge. We won't really see it take off until this holiday season, and even more so in 2016.
I am guessing that's the sort of thing that'll be easily fixed over time with a software update.
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