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Brilliant ad.    All too rare from Apple these days, unfortunately.
I understand that Cisco is at least as big as Apple for them. Their drop could very well be driven by Cisco's sales growth decline.
Nice to see you back, bmeister! I thought you had thrown away all your Apple products in disgust after iOS7......
Why would Google lie? Especially if it makes Apple look good? (Three crashes).
Cook should tell Obama that he's busy with Bromwich.   This government is a damn waste of corporate time.
What is this -- Stupid Day?
Google has no experience with or ability to pull off high quality manufacturing. Despite Motorola and other forays such us Nexus and dongles. I am very skeptical that this will pan out for them. May just end up destroying a very exciting, innovative company.
I am guessing at least 20 million. Easily.
I guess you missed the point of the post.What else is new.
New Posts  All Forums: