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The only thing 'strange' is impressions you form of people on the Internet, whom you've never met. Like I said, please come back and let us know when all these fancy names have their version of smartwatches, and when you have some sense of how they're doing out in the actual wild.(Fixed typos).
Yeah, sure.Come back and let us know (1) when they do; and (2) when you have some (reasonable) sales estimates.In the meantime, let's stick to the real world.
You're ignoring Watch band sales. Sure, it may not get to $750 ASP, but it's likely closer to his numbers than yours.
I am not. It's a rather simple and obvious question, and happens to stocks all the time. I could give you dozens of examples (but won't).Btw, pulling out one data point of ImClone and Martha Stewart does not empirical evidence make.
Um... You're overthinking this.Say you bought a stock for $10. Which option would you prefer? Option 1: It goes to $12. Option 2: It goes to $5 and then goes up up o $7. (There's only one correct answer).
We have an analyst in our midst! Yea!!
Clueless post.Read spheric's post #63 above, and educate yourself.
Huh? Watches are not big business?More watch units are sold annually worldwide than pre-iPod, non-MP3 music players were.
For starters, the stock price will fall, and there will be wealth loss. Once you're a public company, your stock price -- actually, the PE ratio -- reflects assumptions about a certain amount of growth. Unfortunately, a company's performance has to meet or beat those assumptions to maintain, let alone grow, its stock price.
I've owned different models of both (and currently own one of those). I honestly think BMW's interiors are by far the most elegant -- clean lines, simple layout, everything proportionate, almost Applesque -- but both Audi's MMI and BMW's iDrive are pretty mediocre at best (and annoying, at worst).
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