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Can someone comment on speed and improvements with these latest betas.   I am reluctant to update from ios 9.1 and os 10.11 Gm. I have found my older ipads feeling very slow since ios 9.   iphone 6s plus seems great with 9.1 and i hate to slow it down.  10.11 is great on imac with ssd.   An honest  review would be appreciated.
Is beta faster or slower than GM?   GM has been good hate to mess with it. 
are the betas faster or are you talking about the gm 10.11
public beta 3 just out now also.  hope its good.
is 8.3 beta smooth and faster than 8.2.    i would like to try but am happy with 8.2 so far.  is it worth the trouble to update?  looking for someone that actually installed the beta.
runs smooth and fast on on mid 2010 27 inch imac.  best os to date.
Any slowdowns with update?
anyone download yet?  like to make sure it does not slow down.  beta 3 very stable.
it really does
is anybody going to get the update and then discuss it
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