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Thank you guys It's Hi8, have not connected my jvc to the iMac need a cable, but I'll also need software ... right? the model number is not listed as compatable with imovie2 ???? Think this be a problem ??
I hope this is in the right section, I would know how to transfer my 8mm videos to i movie. We have an Epson digital camera that when plugged in to the computer via software provided, can recognize the pictures and jpeg files. Is there software available that will make transfering my 8mm videos as easy as my digital camera? Thanks. P.S. I did buy a new digital jvc mini dv camcorder
If the cable is bad , will the printer show up in the window to the right of the chooser ???? Where it says: chose a printer port? would someone disconect there cable at the printer go to the chooser and tell me if it shows the printer port? Thanks
[Hmmm] I need a scanner to scan all my photo's... I just ordered the epson perfection 1650,... any thought's on this purchase??? It's a 48 bit 1600 /3200 ... was wondering how long will it take to scan a photo??? A friend who has a hp pc said it takes longer depending on the res. ????
won [Hmmm]
Is it possible to explain briefly how a lcd screen works?? [Skeptical]
macsRgood4U , thank you for that in depth explanation. Thatwasgood4me
I was hoping that if you had, any information on the iMac's progress in production, you could post it on this thread. The latest I've heard is that the support arm is a possible problem area ??? According to my macmall sales rep.
Would anybody's name bew Speilberg? [Laughing]
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