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Well said. Further, the long commute is not exclusive to lower-paid public servants. Many highly paid employees enjoy multiple-hour daily commutes because, like lower-paid employees, the lifestyle they desire requires them to live outside of an expensive metropolitan area.
 Nor I, but I do believe I've seen very strong correlations between the degree acquired and the resulting job prospects. There are many English majors struggling at minimum wage jobs. There are very few engineers doing the same. So yes, a diploma is not a magical document that confers a 6-figure salary. One must put some thought into the program one chooses.
Everything you have written here is wrong. It makes absolutely no sense. Semi-serious question; are you a member of the "occupy" movement?
There is no "slam dunk" index. The S&P 500 has selection criteria, and a rational weighting scheme. Funds that follow the S&P 500 (or any other index) have very low fees; VFIAX has an expense ratio of 0.05%. An index should mean something. The Dow is virtually meaningless. It's a random assortment of companies, whose stock price is combined in an arbitrary fashion, to create an arbitrary number.
There is certainly some prestige associated with being a DJIA component, but no serious investor cares about the DOW, and while there are funds that track it, those are trivially small relative to funds that track real market-weighted indices.   Thanks to its market cap, AAPL is already represented very strongly in the indices that matter, such as the S&P 500.   So I wouldn't expect this to have much of an impact on AAPL's stock price. I work for a company that was...
Perhaps you can explain how federal income tax, which this clearly refers to, affects local utilities?
 Actually Google pays quite well. And has great benefits as well.
The exact quote from her email was "I cannot actively recruit anyone currently at xyz. I'm really sorry, I didn't realize this when I first contacted you." My interpretation of that is that an agreement was in place restricting her from actively recruiting from my employer. Perhaps there's another way to interpret it. Honestly, I didn't think much of it at the time, but it was only a few months later that the anti-poaching issue was raised. "Suffer" is a strong word but...
 Several years ago I worked for one of the companies involved. A recruiter from another contacted me about an opportunity. After a couple email exchanges she sent me a note "I'm sorry, but I've just been informed that we are not permitted to recruit from 'xyz'". I was not a high-level employee, yet clearly the "anti-poaching" agreement did apply to me. I suspect it was blanket across all employees.
 The Tylt vu was for sale for $35 or so on BF: I picked up two; one for the nightstand and one for my desk at work. The design isn't as elegant as what you show, but they work fine. I really appreciate the ability to just plop my phone down when it's dark, and I don't want to wake my wife by fumbling for a cord and plugging it in. At work I have plenty of light, but picking up the phone when I walk around is just that much easier. Apple's elegant lightning connector helps...
New Posts  All Forums: