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  Google maps supports offline usage. Portland has an awesome network of hiking trails in Forest Park. The Nexus 7 is small enough to fit in a large pant or coat pocket; I have the Forest Park region downloaded to google maps, and use it offline for wandering around the trails.
  In raw numbers the Play store has caught up, but the quality of many of those apps is suspect. This is more true of the Play store than the iOS store.   Further, while any app can run on the iPad with scaling, many of the apps in the play store won't install on the Nexus 7. For example, I can't install Washington Post or USA Today on my Nexus 7, but they work great on my Galaxy Nexus.   New app development generally seems to occur on iOS first, and then move to Android...
  Whew, I'm glad you bleeped that first expletive!!!!   :)
I'm going to go out on a limb, and guess that malfunction was the number 1 reason that iPads are returned as well. That's the reason I returned my first iPad. It's also the reason I returned my recently purchased refurbished asus transformer.   In fact, it's probably the number 1 reason given by consumers for returning anything...
He's leaving Apple now, not in 2010. Papermaster left in 2010.
The CEO doesn't have the authority to fire the board.
And the true believers will swallow this statement from Apple's PR department. Hook, line, and sinker.
  Are you jesting us? Have you forgotten the performance of the original iPhone address book? If you had more than a couple dozen contacts it slowed to a crawl. Have you forgotten the spinning beachball of death, present in the MacOS X finder for nearly a decade? Have you forgotten the time required for the iPhone to get a GPS lock up until the iPhone 3GS? Did you never use AppleTV, with its performance problems? Have you forgotten the original iPod, with its atrocious...
  Hmm, have you forgotten Snow Leopard already? An OS release which main function was to remove bloat and increase the performance of MacOS X.
What have you read? Mainly appleinsider?   It is generally true that judges have a better understanding of technology, than nerds have of the law.   And it goes without saying that Posner has a better understanding of the law than anyone commenting on this thread.
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