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  Romney's tax rate is a result of the lower tax rate applied to capital gains, not overseas tax shelters.   But your larger point is valid. That anybody (or any company) who follows the law should not be lambasted for following the laws. It's particularly rich when the complaint comes from a member of congress. The body solely responsible for the ridiculously complex structure of our tax system.
An updated version of the Apple Battery Charger. That line is overdue for a refresh.
No offense to Apple, but they're following here, not leading.
Of course you're right. As an Apple customer and shareholder, though, this bums me out because I personally don't want to frequent businesses that behave this way, and I suspect that some portion of the population agrees with me. I certainly recognize their right to do it. But it will cause me to take my business elsewhere.
I think Apple has shown that there are margins available in even cutthroat businesses for exceptional products. PCs operate on razor thin margins, but the margins on Macs are quite good. LCD monitors have razor thin margins, but the Apple Cinema Display has great margins. Just about the only company making good money on smartphones is Apple. I think it would be more correct to say that the margins on commoditized TVs is low. By differentiating itself, Apple could probably...
Agreed that it's an extraordinary accomplishment, but your example (Ford) puts things in perspective. For many, many years Ford has had the best selling vehicle in the US (Ford F-150). Yet what percentage of cars on the road are F-150s? Clearly "best selling product" and "overall marketshare" are very different things. While celebrating the iPhone's success, it's important to keep that difference in mind.
As an Apple stockholder, I think this is great news. But another way to read the headline is: Apple customers pay far more beyond above unit cost than customers of competitive phones. Nothing inherently wrong with that, just pointing out that most of us are Apple customers. Why would a consumer celebrate the profit generated at his expense?
I was contacted by a recruiter for one of the companies involved, who quickly followed up with "I'm sorry, I just learned that we're not allowed to active recruit from your company." I'm certainly not a 'high-level' employee.It hurt all employees in the industry by hindering mobility and therefore depressing wages. Granted, as an industry that has largely escaped the recession and is compensated at above average rates to begin with, this is hardly a particularly...
From reading the Jobs biography (and from being an Apple customer/Mac fan for the last 27 years), Jobs was not exactly an "honorable businessman" either. Neither of them seem to have been above lying, cheating, and stealing. There is no doubt that Jobs' eye for aesthetics, good design, and elegance far surpassed Gates complete lack thereof. But trying to extrapolate that further is of questionable utility.
Not so fast. We've got another year of tax-advantaged status for dividends.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dividend_tax#United_States
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