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I'm not sure what you're hoping it links to? Much like P/E, PEG is just another tool for comparing valuation. P/E can be useful for comparing like companies. But the example given earlier was trying to the P/E of Apple vs. Amazon. In those cases, PEG is another widely used tool.
I was around during the 80s and 90s. It's farcical to argue that Windows 3.1, which was the first commercially successful windows version, bore any resemblance to MacOS. I assume most of us have read the Jobs biography. It's quite clear that theft and questionable ethics were practiced by all parties in the 80s, including Mr. Jobs.
If Apple pays me $1, and I pay 15% on it and use the resulting $0.85 to buy Apple stock, I have 85% as much stock as I do if Apple had just bought $1 worth of stock instead of giving me the dividend. *If* Apple continues to grow at this rate, then our money is better off staying within the company. On the other hand, keeping it invested elsewhere (cash, and other investments) seems to an outsider like an odd choice. It is being used neither to grow the business nor...
Let's say we have two companies, identical in every respect, except that company G has $10B in the bank and company A has $100B in the bank. I think we can all agree that the extra $90B in the bank adds value to company A. Put another way, you could buy Apple for $400B +/-, deposit the cash in your bank account, and then re-sell the company. Clearly the resulting sale would be worth about $100B less. It is quite common to subtract the cash and calculate the resulting P/E...
Agree on your first point, but your second point highlights the weaknesses of trying to broadly apply P/E. Of course the alternative many use is PEG, and on that metric AAPL is still quite undervalued, at least if you use trailing growth However, I suspect analysts are assuming that the growth rate simply cannot continue in perpetuity, or even for much longer. It's hard to maintain a 100% growth rate! My concern is that so much revenue and profit rides on a single...
Agreed. What better use do they have for $100B?
What? Where did you hear this? Since when do our employers control our likeness? I would expect that to belong to Jobs' estate.
Whether it's a tribute or not is irrelevant. What is relevant is whether it is legal. I'm disappointed that won't be tested.
Garamond is a Serif font. Note that I'm not suggesting they copied the font on Apple's slide, just that they used the font that was, for decades, associated with Apple:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Typogra...Apple_Garamond
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