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Agreed. What better use do they have for $100B?
What? Where did you hear this? Since when do our employers control our likeness? I would expect that to belong to Jobs' estate.
Whether it's a tribute or not is irrelevant. What is relevant is whether it is legal. I'm disappointed that won't be tested.
Garamond is a Serif font. Note that I'm not suggesting they copied the font on Apple's slide, just that they used the font that was, for decades, associated with Apple:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Typogra...Apple_Garamond
Is it just me, or did they even use Garamond for their font?
In principle I agree with the folks saying that it's nobody's business who Steve Jobs donates his money to. Except that... He *sought out* a biographer to write the story of his life. The story includes intimate details about his relationship with his family, his drug use, his business successes and failures, his moral foibles.. honestly his views on philanthropy seem pretty tame compared to what he revealed to Isaacson. So yes, his charitable donations are his own...
This is a puzzling assertion. It is completely legitimate to quote the OS share numbers, just as it is legitimate to point out that Windows has ~85% OS marketshare in desktop computers. It's not at all clear what you are objecting to from the report.
The voice calling Apple had previously was somewhat akin to the voice dialing that has been available on bargain basement phones for years. Android's voice actions raised the bar considerably, turning voice recognition into a genuinely useful function. Google's voice recognition hardly sucks. In fact, it's remarkably good. I use it daily, particularly for navigating, but also for sending email, text messages, or controlling the music player. I've not yet had the pleasure...
That's an interesting perspective; Android has had voice recognition for well over over a year. Yes, Siri is an improvement over what Android offers. And no doubt Google will respond by improving Android. Let's not try to pretend that Apple introduced voice recognition. In the smartphone realm they're a late player to the game.
New Posts  All Forums: