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That's precisely what is happening.
Are you suggesting that the Better Business Bureau "shut down" the carriers? That ridiculous suggestion aside, Apple chose to release a phone that does not support LTE? The carriers are supporting high-speed data, but Apple chose to adopt a protocol that nobody in the US uses.Your angst is misdirected.
Sprint had 4G (WiMax) back then. Yes, it was not available everywhere. But where it was available it was quite nice.
Your expert legal opinion? Surely Via's attorneys have thought of that?Perhaps you're not aware, but the issue of fraudulent iTunes transactions with little response from Apple has been going on for well over a year.
What an odd perspective. Intel is not a division of Apple. Intel is not beholden to Apple. Intel provides building blocks. To Apple, and to Apple's competitors. Consumers like you and me benefit from additional competition in the smartphone space. Phone makers like Apple benefit from additional competition in the building block space. Additional competition for building blocks help Apple control its own destiny. Perhaps you don't remember ADB, NuBus, 1394, or countless...
That's a heck of a con-game, constructing a nearly functional macbook, including case mods, out of a bunch of "3rd party bits".
Proper protocol generally involves notifying the vendor and giving them a reasonable amount of time to distribute a fix. It does not require withholding the exploit until a fix has been distributed. The article states:It's not clear when he notified Apple, but there is ample precedent for releasing details of an exploit when a vendor seems to be sandbagging on a fix. Notably, this has happened to Microsoft in response to IE exploits.
You are stating this information as fact. Either you are in a position to know these things, in which case you are likely not in a position to comment without breaking your employment contract, or you are making assumption s, in which case you should not state them as fact. Regardless, believing that a battery's firmware cannot cause it to operate out of spec requires an unenviable dearth of imagination. Likewise believing that corrupt or malicious firmware cannot affect...
The Verizon iPhone has been out for a week. I think it makes sense to give AT&T users time for their contracts to expire before switching.
New Posts  All Forums: