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You are stating this information as fact. Either you are in a position to know these things, in which case you are likely not in a position to comment without breaking your employment contract, or you are making assumption s, in which case you should not state them as fact. Regardless, believing that a battery's firmware cannot cause it to operate out of spec requires an unenviable dearth of imagination. Likewise believing that corrupt or malicious firmware cannot affect...
The Verizon iPhone has been out for a week. I think it makes sense to give AT&T users time for their contracts to expire before switching.
Expecting IGP to compete with a discrete solution is unreasonable. Sandy Bridge's on-die solution is very competitive with other IGP solutions.
Umm, I don't think that's how antitrust lawsuits work. It's not like 'calling dibs' or 'calling shotgun'.
If you were to google 'google latitude privacy policy', here's what you would see:I am one of those who believe that the government has no business knowing where I am. It boggles my mind that someone would feel otherwise. On the other hand if I decide, of my own volition, that I am willing to trade a small piece of personal information in exchange for a useful service, that seems like a reasonable deal to me.
Latitude does not let random people know when you are not at home. Latitude lets select people that you presumably trust know approximately where you are. You can choose to publish a precise location or a city-level location. I think it makes perfect sense to let my wife know exactly where I am. I obviously won't allow acquaintances whom I do not trust any access to my location.
That is a great point, actually. The problem with Latitude is that it requires one to have friends for it to be useful.
Incorrect. The purpose of Android is to ensure that an open platform exists. Carriers are free to integrate Microsoft collateral with android. Apple could modify Android to look and feel like iOS. But the core Android OS would remain open. This doesn't ensure google remains in a dominant position. It ensures that google and other companies are not locked out of the market.
While I fully agree with your last paragraph, I'll take issue with your first couple. First, just because you would not change your investing strategy in the face of a doubling of capital gains rates does not mean that others wouldn't and shouldn't. Investing strategy should always take tax rates into consideration. Few people in the top 1% have such little saved that it can all be tax deferred. The majority have significant assets in taxable instruments. This is...
You must be kidding. Intel is in no danger of losing the desktop or server market. Nobody doubts that all major OEMs will continue to use Intel chips for the foreseeable future. x86 rules this segment. There are no challengers. And there are only two suppliers of consequence of x86 chips: Intel and AMD. AMD only has the fabs to supply a small percentage of the market, and their products are at present uncompetitive. Bringing new fab capacity online costs many billions of...
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