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You missed the part where I said "remove the blinders".
I was comparing the actual price someone would pay for these. Amazon sells the 4GB clip for $51, and the 1GB 2G shuffle for $45.
You missed where I said "compelling". Remove the blinders, and then compare the 1GB 2nd gen Shuffle for $45 to the 4GB Sansa Clip for $51, and you'll see what I mean. Oh, and in case it wasn't obvious, the Clip supports (collective gasp) *playlists*! And you can see the song on its (collective gasp) *screen*.
IMO the shuffle is the chink in Apple's armor. Apple does not currently offer a compelling low-cost iPod. Of course no vendor wants to be pigeon-holed in the low end of the market. But I'd take a $50 Sansa Clip with a screen over the new shuffle and its proprietary controls, even if the new shuffle were $10 cheaper.
How so?
Actually, it seems quite likely to me that she showed up, participated in the 'market research' study, which was to find a 17" laptop for under $1000. That might not have been filmed. Afterward, they filmed a less spontaneous "reenactment". Really, though, who knows or cares.. It's an ad.
Sheesh. Next thing you know, they'll tell us that Justin Long and that fat "I'm a PC" guy didn't actually have those spontaneous conversations.
Which Apple are we talking about again? I thought that we were talking about the one with $26 billion in the bank, that rakes its customers over the coals charging a substantial premium over other vendors for displays, keyboards, computers, mice, RAM, etc.. Don't get me wrong. I have no problem with this. As long as customers continue to pay, that's good business. But make no mistake about it. Steve Jobs doesn't care about his customers, he cares about his company's pile...
Maybe, maybe not. Yes, Apple builds a lot of Shuffles. But the number of shuffles built and sold, particularly 3G shuffles, absolutely pales in comparison to the headphone market as a whole. And good headphones don't get a very large slice of the pie to begin with. I suspect that there will be a wide selection of crappy headphones that work with the shuffle, and they'll be artificially expensive. Meanwhile you won't be able to use better headphones with the shuffle. And...
New Posts  All Forums: