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Wait a minute.... did Jobs invent or design anything at Apple? I thought he had inventors and designers to do that, and then bought lots of startups and companies to incorporate their ideas into his product line.... kind of like Microsoft did....
Wow, Sony making an unimaginative choice - who woulda thunkit? Maybe they should call it "The Social Network 2".
The picture in the article makes the AppleTV $66 cheaper than the full system on the left, but: won't you need an audio receiver to power the sound going to the speakers anyways? (or is piper jaffray implying the Apple product will have an integrated amplifier?) Can you really compare BluRay to iTunes' 720p? Doesn't Comcast have cheaper plans than $85? Especially since the Comcast $85 plan probably has absurdly more channels than the Apple product will...
Didn't Android have wireless synching a couple years before iOS, among other features? Are Apple products 100% original ideas that Jobs pulled out of his ass with no influences? Hypocrite much?
I think I saw this as an 8-audio cassette home learning program a couple years back.
Is it just me or do those pictures of the white iPhone make the screen look absolutely puny? Lot's of wasted space there - hopefully fixed on iPhone 5!
Additionally, and maybe most importantly, airlines avoid a 1000% increase in air rage incidents by people sitting next to assholes who talk on their phones at the top of their lungs for entire 6-hour flights. Back to the "article" - does anyone really trust every plane/airline/pilot/maintenance worker to keep the iPad charged? A paper manual would be a pretty useful backup in the case of minor electrical/computer failures... an uncharged iPad? Not so much... I wouldn't be...
Wait, I thought the ipad was going to kill notebook sales.
I've ripped a lot of CDs to 320 kbps. Does this mean my music will be downgraded to 256 AAC in the iCloud? Should there be a checkmark and box for that on AI's informative box? Because with Amazon and Google, my higher-quality rips won't be downgraded. Also, I'd bet money that google's service will allow the FLAC format, which will never exist in the iCloud. And shouldn't the informative box also tell us that if iTunes doesn't find an exact match to your CD rip for...
iTunes doesn't access the internet? Outlook?
New Posts  All Forums: