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Dude, iTunes is 32-bit as well. If 32-bit apps drive you to extreme nerd rage, the least you can do is spread it around a bit between Apple, Adobe and Microsoft.
Wow, who needs polls when we've got island hermit and his special "people who make under $40,000 a year (and didn't get their iPads as gifts from their parents)" vision. Nielsen and Gallup can go ahead and fire all of their pollsters, and replace them with island hermit and his amazing powers of observation that trump everything on the internets.
Again, my opinion is that the idea of the iPad "cannibalizing" netbook sales is bull. The economy was worse a couple years ago, and as always happens, people in lower income brackets had their disposable income much more severely limited than people in upper income brackets - therefore a major slowdown in Netbook sales (aimed at people with little buying power) while at the same time the iPad came out, which is geared at the people who weren't as severely affected, and was...
"The first Yahoo! iPad users were 94% more likely to be affluent consumers with solid wealth and strong incomes than typical U.S. Yahoo! users."http://ymobileblog.com/blog/2010/05/...user-analysis/ "iPad, iPhone Users Trend Younger, Wealthier"http://www.marketingcharts.com/direc...althier-13778/
Right, you know a lot of minimum wagers with iPads, I take it? Also a lot of people who have been foreclosed on who waited in line for one? Blue-collar workers?
Uh, 50% adoption is 50% less than what they get with print, which is actually a big reduction. We're talking about 95% of most print magazine/newspapers' revenue stream (advertising), so losing that much of their lifeblood is a pretty big deal.
Do all of these "cannibalization" reports take into account the fact that the American, British, Irish, Icelandic, Japanese, Portugese, Spanish and Greek economies are in the shitter right now? Uh, didn't think so... The iPad is aimed squarely at upper-middle class and above. I'd say most iPad owners also own Macs and iPods, and probably also iPhones. That's a segment that has done relatively okay in the economic downturn, while the kind of people who buy netbooks...
Uh, the $8 Billion is for the users and brand, not the client. Skype has over 663 million users, according to wikipedia. Windows users, Apple Users, iPhone owners, Nordea owners, Android owners, etc. etc. Combining Skype with Microsoft Messenger and Windows Live messenger will probably give them a "phone company" with close to 1 Billion users, which is pretty damn impressive. In terms of clients, FaceTime is basically useless compared to Skype - single platform, wifi...
You might make a better skype client, but how long, and how much money will it take to get the number of users Microsoft is getting?It think this is pretty genius - Messenger is a dying platform, so folding it into Skype makes a lot of sense.In terms of computer Chat, I think the less options, the better - universality is the most important thing. The more people you can call, the more useful the service is.
8. All employees must sign a contract stating they won't commit suicide. 9. All employees must have protective netting installed under their dormitory windows, just in case they decide to violate said contracts. 10. All employees must work 60 hours per week + 16 hours legally allowed overtime + 12 voluntary "bonus" hours every time Apple releases a new product and 4 months thereafter. 11. All employees must be genetically bred to withstand exposure to harmful chemicals...
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