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  This. Really, whoever wrote this article didn't know that? Or just writing a lazy article they know will get lots of people to write "Microsoft Sucks" and "I stopped using Office 400 years ago" comments in?
Wow, Apple and/or Google lobbies a senator with who knows what gifts/lunches/all expense paid trips to see their operations and nearby golfcourses, donates a bunch of money to his campaign. In turn, he stands up and expresses the carefully worded statements about the "public's best interests" which were crafted by Apple and/or Google's lawyers and PR people.   Hurray for american politics and the $100 billion lobbying industry that turns elected officials into...
Guess you'll have to stop buying Apple products; Samsung supplies a lot of the screens and memory chips in Apple products....
I'd disagree. With Lion's iOS features and the general dumbing down of Apple's "pro" applications, I could really see Apple blowing up the MacBook and betting their fanbase/iPhone base won't blink. The only people that would mind would be the .01% who do more than facebooking and emailing, especially once iCloud gets the kinks worked out. Remember, Apple is all about profit margins, and switching to ARM will significantly increase those margins!
Yes, because Apple pioneered downloading software of the internet
What a great read! And so unbiased. Next I will go to www.playstationsuperfanboyclub.com and read their unbiased review of the latest legend of zelda game!
I'm sure this movie will have higher per-ticket profit margins than any other film studio's movies.
Uh.... Google decides whether or not Siri gets its search results. If they want to force Siri to read ads for each search, they can, and all Apple will be able to do is switch to Bing...
Now that Stevesie is out of the picture, TimCo can fulfill his lifelong dreams: 1. Replace Mac Pro with beige plastic mid-size tower 2. Replace the Unibody concept with beige plastic injection molding process 3. Square iPad 4. iPhone:the wristwatch 5. Bring Pearl Jam Bootleg series to iTunes
Statcounter shows both Opera and Android ahead of iOS in terms of mobile browser usage... http://gs.statcounter.com/#mobile_br...-201010-201110 The disparity is because each of these studies collects data from a different set of sites. Without a deal more transparency as to which sites are monitored, neither of these studies is very useful. Were only english-speaking sites considered? Was apple.com or google.com monitored? How many sites and how did they choose...
New Posts  All Forums: