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C'mon, that should be tecktard, not teckturd. Get your FSJ on and get with it solipsism.
I think we are talking about two different monitors. I am talking about the 30-inch professional grade LCD monitor, not the wrap around gaming monitor, which I think you are talking about. I have no interest in gaming. So that monitor wouldn't be on my list.
I don't know Takemura. As I understand it LED-backlighting is every expensive and unlikely to turn up in larger displays for quite awhile. Although that is a dramatic improvement, there are other improvements that are appealing too. For instance the NEC display boasts 102% of NSTC and 98% Adobe RGB color gamuts with a 1000:1 contrast ratio. These offer impressive color reproduction capabilities for those of us who work in color managed environments. And that is something...
Hmm, is it Samsung that makes Apple's displays for the ACD?That is a good point though. We need to keep an eye out for new display panel announcements. I agree that it is unlikely that we will see Apple unveil new ACDs with old panel tech.Anyone know who makes the panels for the ACDs?
I can see it happening at MWSF 09, but not before. Apple is not going to obsolete the Mac Pro after a few months.
Well, I must admit the iBank 3 took me by surprise. I really thought that was permanent vaporware. If they fix the most important problems I had with it when I tried it -- insane account reconciling scheme and problems with account histories -- then I will happily move over to iBank. And Quicken is promising what exactly? That they will have half a product a year after its original due date? And we're supposed o be excited about it?
So the new Mac Pros will have to get new video cards in order to run your new ACDs???? And that will happen in 3 -4 months???? I don't think so. Apple may well offer what you propose next year sometime, but I would be surprised if it happened this year. I expect something more inline with the new NEC display demo'ed at Macworld this past week. It may have the same resolution as the ACD does currently, but everything else is a substantial upgrade. And it doesn't make...
I agree. I think that their Mac support must consist of one guy/girl and all the expressos he/she can consume. I mean, really, we were told that Quicken 2008 for Mac would come out after Leopard because there were issues with Leopard. Ok, so they're not alone in that situation (see Adobe), but now we have to wait until Fall '08 (another year in total). And we're told we're waiting for a product that may not even have the functionality of the old version. I think that is...
Akac, if you do get a beta version and you're not forced to sign a NDA, post your experiences here please. I would be interested to know if it is worth waiting for Intuit's new product or not.
Honestly, do you want to beta test financial software? Do you want to trust your bank accounts and credit card numbers to beta software, especially beta software with an internet portal? Anyway, I guess we will all have to wait and see. In the meantime, iBank3 might actually, finally be real and I always have the Quicken 2007 PC version which works under boot camp. I guess I won't be buying anybody's software for a while.
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