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I have a thread here that is specifically speculating on when we will see new ACDs, or whether Apple will abandon them altogether. The thinking right now is that if Apple is going to continue selling monitors, then we will see them at NAB in April. That will make it over 2 years since the last refresh. For me, that may be Apple's last chance to get another $2000 out of my pockets. My Formacs are going on 6 years old and I am in need of a new monitor. NEC's recently...
I really didn't expect a mention in the keynote. Instead I thought there would be a silent upgrade when the store came back online. Well, it's up and no new ACDs. So what does this mean for Apple's displays? According to the Mac Buyer's Guide they are approaching two years without a change other than the price drop last year. NEC just came out with a new high-end professional monitor that offer 102% NTSC gamut and 98% Adobe RGB gamut. And it's a 30-inch...
And if you're a member of NAPP then it is actually less than the Gateway at $1655.
While I would love it too, as I understand it, it is very unlikely that we will see LED backlit displays that large for quite awhile. Still, this thread is about wishes isn't it?C'mon Apple make my tech dreams come true.
A new 30-inch ACD with professional color specs for not more than $2000. I dropped $3000 on a new Mac Pro last week and I'm ready to go for broke, figuratively speaking. C'mon Steve, take my money.
Hey suneohair, I have already ordered my Mac Pro, now I am just waiting to see if I am going to be ordering a new ACD to go with it. Just about 1 day and 13 hours from now we will see what is what. Cheers
That is why I wish Apple would make the ACD with swivel capabilities. For Photoshop and Illustrator I love a wide screen for palettes and menus. But for InDesign and some word processing docs, I would love to be able to swivel the screen and use it in a vertical orientation for working on a whole page without having to scroll up and down to see margins, headers, footers and what all. BTW, I noticed on the Mac Pro page that Front Row and iLife are now included on MPs. Isn't...
Can you right click on them (or ctrl-click) and get a pop-up menu? If so, one of the options should be "Cut." Simply choose "Cut" and don't paste them anywhere, or if you use a clipboard manager, erase them after you have cut them. I found it odd that I had the same thing, but cutting them works for me. I guess if you have a lot of them, it could be a pain though.
Bare Feats posted a hard drive review over here. Check it out. And for what its worth they love the Seagate hard drives, and unless I hear something backed up with evidence, that what I plan on getting for my new Mac Pro. They also have links to OWC which has great prices and good service. You can order your extra RAM from them as well, it is about half the price that Apple charges. BTW, I ordered the 8800GT and it adds 3 - 5 weeks onto your order time, so I won't get...
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