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No you missed my point, which is that I don't think we will see Nehalems in a mac Pro until this time next year. That is what I was commenting on being similar to the Penryn situation. Everyone was expecting them much sooner than they arrived. I think we will see the same thing with Nehalem.
Just read through MWSF exhibitors list and Intuit is going to be there. Their website is pushing their online Quicken beta, as if I'm going to put my financial data online in a BETA program!!!!!!?????? That said, the price is right $2.95/month, although I didn't read the details as to storage and all because of the beta issue, but it is a lot less than updating every year at $70 a pop. If they can convince me of its security, add investment tracking and have a...
Oh c'mon, it's gotta be the iBong Just read the recent posts in FSJ's blog and you'll see all the hints laying it all out.
That sounds suspiciously like what we were hearing about Penryn all through 2007. Given Apple's recent track record with the Mac Pro, I would be surprised if we see a newer version before the year is out. But we will see.
You may well be right. I expect to see new Mac Pros at about the same time next year with the new chips and MBs. We will all know for sure then. In the meantime, I am looking forward to my Mac Pro. February can't come fast enough. Of course, I wouldn't mind if Apple shipped it earlier than that. Wouldn't mind a bit. BTW, for those that haven't seen it, Bare Feats has a buyer's advice article up over here with their take on the new Mac Pro and which video card you should get.
Hey it's all good.
Cubit we know about the Mac Pros--and several of us have ordered them already--we were discussing the possibility of new ACDs at MWSF.
LOL, the worst part of it is I wanted the 8800 so I have to wait until February for the system I ordered to ship. Now that is the definition of hell in my book.From an architecture point of view you are right. Whether or not it will be a performance revolution is yet to be seen, and I am more affected by performance than architecture.
No such thing. But I have ordered one because it should offer a good platform to carry me at least 3-5 years into the future. I expect that at this time next year we will be looking at new Mac Pros with Nehalem, and they will look awfully good. But again the change will be evolutionary not revolutionary. Just like this one.
Maybe, maybe not. I would be curious to know if anyone who has ordered a new Mac Pro with an ACD has received it yet? While I agree that the chances are slim, there is one, unmentionable reason for holding them back for MWSF. If that unmentionable becomes mentionable, then I could see new ACDs being announced in tandem with it. I could also see SJ saying that anyone who has recently purchased an old version, and who wants to trade up, can for the price difference, which...
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