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I ordered the dual 2.8 with the 8800 GT. I will order at least 4 GB of RAM and a 500 GB HD from OWC when I get the email from Apple that they have shipped my MP. Hopefully RAM will have fallen a bit more by then and HDs seem to be falling in price too.Delivery status widget says 41 days until delivered. Damn.If there is a new ACD announced at MWSF I will order it. If not I will stick with my formacs until they update the ACDs.
Well, onlooker, I did it. i ordered one with the 8800. Wont ship until Feb according to Apple, but I'm hoping for an earlier date. If they come out with new ACDs next week then I will just order them separately, it's all free shipping anyway. Cheers.
Screw it. I ordered one with the 8800 and no other options. I will get more RAM and a 500GB HD from OWC when they update their site with the new RAM chips. Only downside is I have to wait until February for it to ship because of the bloody NVidia card. Oh well, I have been waiting this long, what's another month or so. And I can always hope for an earlier shipment. If Apple comes out with new ACDs next week I will be giving them more of my money then.
Yeah, I'm seeing the same thing. I posted about it in the Current Hardware thread on this topic and someone said that it was the 8800 that was the hold-up. He said if you choose the ATI card it ships in a day-or-two. I'm now thinking about ordering the Mac Pro today with 8800, knowing that I will have the wait and then ordering the display separately if Apple rolls out some new ones at MWSF. If not, then I guess I will stick with my two Formac 2010's until there is...
Interesting, I guess there is a hold-up on getting these cards out the door?I have no problem with someone challenging another person's opinions, but it is a waste of time to respond to personal attacks that do not dispute any facts. If Wilco and Melgross want to insult each ad nauseum, they can do so in their own thread or via PMs, iChat or whatever. If Wilco wants to contribute something useful to this thread I would welcome it, whether or not it agrees with points made...
Anyone got any ideas on why there is a 3 - 5 week shipping delay? Intel claims to have shipped almost of million of these xeons already and I would have thought that Apple would have these systems manufactured and stockpiled for this announcement. Thoughts?
melgross, why do you feed him? Ignore him and move on. Please.
You could be right, but I expect it will be about this time next year before we see another Mac Pro update. I don't have the luxury of waiting any longer and this machine should meet my needs for several years to come so I'm buying next week after all other products are introduced. I am hoping for new displays as well.Store is up and it is a $500 discount if you go with the single 2.8 GHz xeon.
I wrote in another thread that I am also waiting for 8 days to see if there will be new ACDs. Seven days until the keynote and then the supposed surprise at the Final Cut meeting the day after. But I am definitely buying a new Mac Pro before the end of the next week. Didn't get everything I wanted, but it is a significant enough upgrade to make buying a used or refurbed box out of the question for me. Waiting, Waiting. Waiting.
Given Apple's recent cycles for the Mac Pro, you would be left waiting for a year (minimum) before seeing another version of the Mac Pro. I don't think anyone got everything they wanted with this update, but I will be buying it. I cannot wait for another year and there are significant enough upgrades in this version to keep me from buying a used or refurbished last gen Mac Pro.
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