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Yes, I guess this should now be moved to the CURRENT HARDWARE forum. Thank you Apple. Now, if I could have some new displays please....
YES! YES! YES! Finally! Now I will wait until MacWorld only to see if there will be new displays, but I will be ordering a new Mac Pro within 8 days. Thank you Apple for making me a poorer and happier man. And on a more sober note: Should we read anything into this:Is it implying that we will be able to change out video cards in the future?
onlooker how do you know that? I remember reading the rumors, but I never saw any follow-up. I hope you are right because it would mean that we are definitely going to see some new Mac Pros ASANW (as soon as next week).
There is an article up over at CNet (link) that states:Intel is closing in on shipment totals of 1 million 45-nanometer chips after launching its first such processors last November.So I started looking around to see what is going on with the "1 million 45-nanometer chips" out there in the wild. At Dell it says that the processors will be available in Jan 2008. And I couldn't find anything on the HP website other than an Intel roadmap. So where are these Penryns hanging...
Yeah that's it. Wow you are so helpful. Thank you for all your kindness and insight. It has really helped me a lot.
Yes, I know that and checked to make sure that it was loaded. But as I stated in my OP, I thought that these were supposed to be Universal apps, instead I find the Proxies running under Rosetta. I was wondering if you, or anyone else knew anything.
I have the 6980 Inkjet which is using the HP 4.0.2 driver. Anyone seeing this? Teedoff, thanks for the info.
Try this:Right click on the Time Machine icon in your dock and choose Time Machine Preferences It should show you what the time and date of your last backup was To test Time Machine, keep the preference panel open and right click on the Time Machine icon in the dock again, this time choosing Back Up Now You should see the progress bar appear on the Time Machine preference pane and you should be able to see it progress through the whole process If you do not see the...
I have a question for anyone who has Leopard and HP Inkjet printers, do you still have the HP IO Proxy and Proxy 2 running under Rosetta? It shows up in Activity Monitor as a PowerPC app on my MacBook under Leopard 10.5.1 I thought we were supposed to have all Universal drivers from HP after the upgrade. Did I do something wrong, or have they not updated it? Thanks.
I wish there were an alternative to Quicken, but there isn't. MoneyDance comes the closet in my tests. iBank looks good, but has real problems and can't handle large account histories. The one feature that no one seems to be able to do is automated account reconciliation like Quicken does. I suspect this is because Quicken has locked up the banks and locked out everyone else. So I am waiting--with Quicken 2007 running on a PC that I keep around only for that--to see if...
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