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Yes it does. So does right clicking with my mighty mouse. But what I would like to do is to make opening links behind mail the default action for clicking on a link. That would be better for my workflow.
I was ignoring both points. But thank you though. I appreciate your help. Maybe someone will have figured this out. I will also try Mac OSX Hints. If I find out anything I will post back here. Cheers.
I was referring to Mr Me, whom I quoted in my response. I never ran Panther so I guess it is not in there. It is in Leopard Mail, however. It is a great function that allows me to open links in emails behind the mail app so that I can keep on reading my mail while still having all the links I want to check out opened in Safari. I guess it is a Leopard only feature. Anyone else got any ideas how to make this the default link behavior in mail?
Only that there have been several new negative votes, whereas before there were none. Not implying that there is a groundswell.
Hmmm, seems like the negatives in the poll are climbing slightly. I guess there are some who really don't think we're getting some Mac Pro loving come the 15th.
What don't you understand? The "open link behind mail"? Or something else? If you don't know what "open link behind mail" is, just right click (control click) on a link in a mail message and you will have the opportunity to open the link behind mail instead of having your default browser open on top of mail. If there is something else you are referring to, you will need to be more specific.
Macworld just ran an article about this, among other things. Check it here.
Obviously I hope so too. And I don't care if it makes it's debut in the keynote or just shows up in the store when it comes back online after SJ exits the stage. But, as I noted above, I am getting used to disappointment.\
Good luck. Sorry I couldn't help more.
you see a whirly thing? kind of like the spokes of a wheel lighting up one after the other going around in a circle? If you see that, try leaving it running without doing anything. Just let it be for awhile, like 30 minutes and see if it will start up. Sometimes if you terminate in the middle of an operation OSX needs to repair files before it can restart. And leave the OSX disk in the CD drive. Just let it run for 30 minutes. If it never progresses beyond the "whirly"...
New Posts  All Forums: