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  So it's not just AI... it's psychic? It knows if I plan to walk, cycle or drive, or if I have any plans to stop on the way or if I want to arrive early?
"I think there's a number of Android tablets out there" Is that a transcription error or is Larry Page living under a rock? How can he not know that there are a number of Android tablets?
I'll admit I don't have the urge to post messages on Internet forums very often. I, too, noticed it was my first post on AI, and I was a bit surprised. Looking at the timestamps on the e-mail messages there was 8 hours between the "Action Required" e-mail and the "Account validated" e-mail, so I presume there was some delay in e-mail or the activation. So by the time I could post, that particular urge had passed.
> "Vista-like Ribbon UI" There aren't any ribbon UIs in Windows Vista. Perhaps you are thinking of Windows 7 (which has a ribbon UI in, for example, MS-Paint) or MS-Office 2007.
New Posts  All Forums: