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Look everybody! We've all got our low price stock now. Let spread some positive rumours and drive the price back up!
Can I have tabs on top back please? And +1 for the unified address/search bar.
Surely Apple would not need to store a separate version of each file for each individual customer. The content you've bought would just stream from shared resources in the data farm in the same way Apple TV rentals do. And so the storage allocation (for media anyway) would be (or at least seem to be) unlimited.
Bring it on.
Another in-development prototype involves a clever iPhone interaction system in which the controller is ... wait for it ... YOU. One simply has to set it on a surface with appropriate physical calibration, stand back, and well ... go for it! I hear you can like pet tigers and shit! I can't wait.
And I heard the iPad 2 can interface with up to four of them for touted "business collaboration" features.It's gonna sell like hotcakes.
He should sue whoever was responsible for surfacing the hard ground that his daughter dropped it on too. And he should sue his daughter for carelessness. And he should sue his wife for the bad genes which gave his daughter such weak grip. And he should sue the government for providing an inadequate education system which allowed him to grow up to be such a moron.
I've been renting HD films in the UK for a while now on my Apple TV. What is new? Are they for sale now as well as rent or something?
Any love for us Apple TV 1G owners ?
Hmmm... Right click on iTunes Store, Ping, a Playlist, whatever - something in the left hand side panel and choose "Open in New Window" It opens in a new window with a title bar, but still with the vertical traffic lights, with a space above them - I didn't mind the traffic lights until I saw that! With the blank title bar above them they just seem very wrong.
New Posts  All Forums: