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 I really cannot see Clarkson presenting a Self Driving Car without making fun of it. He ridiculed a Human controlled (!) electric car already. Just ask Elon Musk.  Seriously, Clarkson is king of the Petrolheads: the more horsepower the better. He's great entertainment for the bored English white middle class. 
Disoriented Alienated Bored Disconnected Flashy without substance   The ad captures the  music experience rather nicely. 
This man was living his Dream according to Re/Code. He even has the 'Next' logo tattooed on his leg. I can hardly imagine him giving up his Dream at the first hurdle? 
I'd like to give a monthly fee to my favorite artist in exchange for access to his music and creative endeavours. Just like with Patreon. It encourages diversity. This clearly is the way to go for 'Connect'.
Neither are favourable, nor realistic, but I am surprised Apple has joined the rat race to the bottom (at the expense of the artist).
 The streaming model is corrupt indeed:I wonder how Apple is ever going to pay two micro cents - 0,02c - to an artist?  Seriously, anything money related should start from 1 cent (1,00c). 
Frankly, the iTunes User Experience was a disaster way before Apple Music.   I really wanted Apple Music to be a hard reset for iTunes, but it wasn't ... Perhaps there are too many egos involved in the creation of Apple Music?
   That'd be a great use of Force Touch 
Notice the shift, from insurance companies to Apple's Family plan. And by-the-by, Apple's 'Find my car' is going to make theft insurance redundant as well. You could actually just phone your car and ask it to drive itself home  Basically, car insurance companies are going to be toast.
Nick Hayek learns about the  watch 2 during a livestream keynote event of Apple ...   source: the Devil's advocate
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