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I don't understand? The very thin iPod Touch does have a round headphone jack. Unless the iPhone 7 is going to be thinner than the iPod?   EDIT: Ah, I got it. They want to further simplify the design by getting rid of the headphone jack. The lightning connector will be used for recharging && plugging in your headphones. Very neat!   This means they could get rid of the round headphone jack on the Macbook as well? Or replace it with a second lightning connector?   
If the Smartcase would have a slightly higher edge, then it will encompass the keyboard if you flip it over into the case. When you want to use the ipad, you flip out the keyboard.  I love the horizontal typing position. Especially during meetings, it is a lot friendlier than the laptops with their upright screens covering the face of the participants.
The iPad Smart Keyboard Cover should actually be a Smart Keyboard Case where the keyboard flips into the case when on the go. Notice how the flat cover would eridacte - if the keyboard sinks into the case - the unsightly bulge of the Smart Keyboard Cover you got now:    VS    The iPad should also be used flat -see picture -  at all times, not upright at a fixed angle. Flat surfaces offer a better affordance for touch interfaces, obliterating the need of a mouse....
As a bedroom item, it'd be great to have it in darker colors as well. And if they are going to keep it in white: why not making the object smarter? It'd be great to have it as a waking up light, slowly building up in intensity for gentle wake ups.
Can the USA please stop selling weapons to regimes that violate human rights?!?   You cannot simultaneously condemn and do business with corrupt regimes.   iMessage is not a threat to our freedom, it just is this twisted business model of the arms industry.
If you are going to integrate a keyboard, then the 'smart keyboard cover' should actually be a 'smartcase keyboard' where the keyboard flips into the case. This way the screen stays flat at an ergonomic angle, ideal for touch. But again, I am not a big fan of adding a subpar soft keyboard. The smartcase keyboard is only a solution to obliterate the need of a soft trackpad. The iPad should always be used flat, unless you're watching netflix movies.
Good point. The iPad Pro is not a Surface. It has its own iOS.It is the upright position of the iPad that necessitates a pointing device to solve the gorilla arm issue. But, you're right, iOS is designed for touch. There is a conflict between the hardware that wants to be vertical and the touch interface that wants to be horizontal.
 Personally I do believe that an iPad should always be used flat with a smart cover. It offers the best affordance for touch. It obliterates the use of a mouse or trackpad. So, if the iPad is going to have a smart keyboard cover, then the iPad should lay flat and not stand upright.
It is for those who want to use their iPad in upright position, like a laptop. Having said that. A big hurdle for my dad to use the laptop is the cursor and the keyboard. The touch interface is so much more intuitive to him. Adding a keyboard and pointing device would therefore clutter his iPad experience. So, I find Apple's sudden move to make the iPad look like a laptop somewhat strange. You're going to estrange a large demographic from the computer again.
Apple should make the iPad OS compatible with the magic keyboard and magic mouse. It is a very different story from making a dedicated iPad keyboard and mouse. They're both bad trade-offs. Put together, they look like a clumsy Macbook. And seriously, I cannot see a goofy tablet laptop replacing a superior Macbook which Apple refined over the years.
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