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Looks like Dr Dre donated money instead of doing the Ice water bucket challenge? We're well over the 24hour mark …   Ah, shame Cook didn't nominate Craig Federighi! How awesome would that have been!?
 I am going to give myself a 4 week Appleinsider sabbatical because I want to be awed again. Last year was a bit miserable with all the 5C leaks. There were no surprises left.This year I am pleasantly surprised not having seen a finished (part of the) iPhone. We're completely clueless about the design, which is great.My money is on an unapologetic plastic 3.5" iPhone mini. Mint green would be totally awesome! (One can Dream). I imagine the 5.5" folks going mental  if the...
hello sog35,I was told they were engineered for mainly hiphop music. Low bass etcetera. Not my thing …I listen to jazz, classical, electronic and progressive (techno). I don't want the bass to be prominent. I want to hear the soundscape. Something Pono has been teasing us for a while.Do you have a Solo2? How do the headphones feel after prolonged use? Does it give ear cramps? I'm not a big fan of the current design either.I'd better wait until Ive's design team got their...
Now, beats take notice:   THIS is what Apple* design stands for: http://youtu.be/VpZmIiIXuZ0 (*) I do love Apple's new iOS and OSX direction. I dig the 5C too. It does feel nice in the hand. So, I am hoping the beats video is just a blip. If you are going to use animated robots, ask EVE. She is much better looking  
 That is because Apple hasn't really designed proper headphones. However, they do have the resources, engineers and design team in place to do so. Somehow it is not their priority. I hope they will go back to their music roots with the new iPod series. Perhaps with a little help of beats. I like what Pono did. Not the design of their music player but their approach to the music experience. Great vibes.
 In this case I am totally mystified by the added benefit of the beats deal: Apple knows how to do software.Apple knows how to do services.Apple knows how to do hardware. Or perhaps there is one thing Apple is not good at: Apple does not know how to be a social platform. Remember Ping? Perhaps this could be the added benefit of beats? To create the new myspace/soundcloud/mixcloud? But then again, beats didn't have a social platform either?  I am sorry beats, but I am not...
 It must be for Apple TV, don't you think? I really can't see the added value besides Iovine's connections in the music and movie industry. I am not too keen on the beats brand itself. This is the second clash already: First you had the deal that got leaked before the official announcement.  … and now we have this below par ad. What the heck was that?
So, despite the phablet fad sales remained flat … ??   One more thing: How much did they earn producing retina screens for Apple?  
 I'd beg to differ. Apple's vision of the desktop computer is translated in the Mac Pro: the computer as a central brain. The “everything crammed into one computer” model is going away according to Apple. In return you get a computer that is easy to iFixit ;) and much better to recycle. You don't have to throw away a good functioning screen when your computer is dead. I actually see no future for the iMac. It is neither sustainable* nor practical**.Here's hoping the new...
hello Developers out there,   Is Yosemite compatible with Ruby and Ruby on Rails? I don't want to mess up my development environment.
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