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I really love the Milanese loop  watch.
Here's another creative use for your iPad. This time it is for videographers. It is time for Apple to get serious about creatives again. Why can't we have those accessories on the Apple store      To end with controversy: A 12" iPad would certainly trash the 11" Macbook Air.
In the mean time creatives are using their iPad more as a replacement for their wacom tablet.
I solved the issue by restarting my computer. The corrupted files are no longer on my desktop.
I still have an issue with Dropbox:   Dropbox regularly creates corrupted files after I have taken a screenshot picture. Some of my screenshot pictures end up on my desktop instead of my screenshots dropbox folder.  > I cannot view and delete the screenshot pictures on my desktop. > The screenshot pictures that ended up on my desktop do not show up in Finder either. > They even don't show up as hidden files in my terminal window.    I have the latest OSX Yosemite...
This is lame ... What's next? ISIS?
Somehow related:   The app that got banned from the Google Play store because it protected the user against hackers and trackers.   The same app got accepted by the Apple App store. It shows how much Apple cares about privacy.   Interesting fact: the banned app was developed by an ex Google employee who was involved in developing Doubleclick.
I do believe it is the way to go if Apple is serious about "Continuity". The 6+ feels like an anomaly to me.
Well, on the contrary!  However, I must say that "Flow" is a better word than "Continuity".
I just hope Apple is working on not one, but three social platforms:   music + music store to compete with soundcloud, mixcloud, myspace video + video store to compete with youtube and vimeo photo to compete with pinterest and flickr   Don't mix them up. Just let it do one thing very well.   Ah, and don't listen to Bono. His idea of having the band members in 3D is just plain silly. It is about the music. I have no desire to play with a 3D Bono. Keep It dead...
New Posts  All Forums: