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I hope 3D touch will bring the scroll wheel back to the iPod/iPhone.   Right now skimming a one hour dj set is near impossible. I am missing the fine grain control I used to have with the iPod classic. A virtual scroll wheel would be a very welcome addition to  music.
Forgive me my excitement, but the Future is really near, like, November 2015.  It is happening (in the Netherlands).
+ most of the time your car is idle, waiting for its driver.Instead, a self driving car could ... Pick up your children from school and bring them home. Collect your grocery shopping. Drive itself to a charging station to charge itself. Drive you to the theatre and return home* by itself. When the play is finished, it could wait for you right in front of the building. (*) This implies that the same car could be shared by different family members for different purposes on...
 I fully agree with David Pogue's User Interface suggestions for watchOS 3.   I hope Apple take note. The  watch does have a Future. It'd be a shame if it would be jeopardised by a bogus interface.
Yes. It looks like we are heading to a semi-autonomous Siri operated car, very much like the iconic Kitt car.  
The main issue is that you still have to drive/operate them. It seems trivial, but just ask those mothers that have to leave work early to pick up their kids from school.
If Apple doesn't develop a self driving car, than Google will. Such is the game. It'd be foolish of Apple to play by the rules of the traditional car manufacturers. They'd be up against BMW, Porsche and Audi, to name a few. Those brands have a monoply on the 'Driving' experience. Well, 'Time' is more precious to me than the pleasure of working your car, hence my preference for the Self Driving Future.Remember Apple's mantra? It is "Think Different". It is not "Think...
 Wait? Did they all install the 'Move to iOS' app? Or can you write a review on Android without having purchased the app? Which wouldn't make sense 
A subtle Art Nouveau hint - like the building itself - would've been nice.
Please keep the argument on topic and tell us why iTunes is 'awesome'. There's no need for a personal attack. I encourage you to read the Appleinsider guidelines.
New Posts  All Forums: