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They're lucky Apple Music has major UX issues. Basically, Apple screw up.
A 23 inch retina iMac would be awesome. If not, I'd settle for a 21.5 inch model. It is a tad too small, but 27 inch is just too big for me.
Yes. Apple's fiscal 2015 third quarter ended June 27, 2015. This means that the launch of the massively updated iPod Touch (July 15) is not taken into account. So, very impressive indeed as they were selling yesteryears iPods at the time.
I cannot believe how smug they are on the complexity of their hybrid systems. What's next? Hydrogen? LMAO And don't get me started on the complexity of their UX, let alone dashboard: How many drive modes can a Sportscar have? They're lucky that the baby boomers (60+) have lots of money to spend.
Ha! You forgot to mention Apple removing the steering wheel, gears and break pedal. Apple working on a car/auto actually stems me hopeful. The current breed of tailpipe cars really belong in the 20th century. They are designed by a bunch of bozos. I can imagine them making car noises when drawing their juvenile cars.
Please make it an Auto, not a Car. I'd like to do stuff other than working a steering wheel, changing gears and paying attention to the traffic (jam). NOTE: A Car is driven by a human being. An Auto is a self driving vehicle. Autos clearly are the future:  
You know. An iPod Touch could always be used as an iPhone. The magic of Continuity allows you to answer phone calls from your sexy thin iPod. Imagine those stupefied faces of your iPhone peers Why would you do that? Well, why would you toast your brain with a bunch of iPhone antennas? Answering phone calls while leaving your iPhone in the bag is a no brainer for those concerned with radiation issues. And, you only have to upgrade your cheaper iPod every now and then...
Yes, you're right. Here's a user's guide video of the Shuffle, skip to 3:35 It was a poor user interface at the time because - as you said - it was a one way conversation between the device and the user. Siri however could put a whole new spin on this concept ...
   Apple already released a voice controlled Shuffle at $79 (source: PCMag). It was ahead of its time, three years before Siri. The Third Generation Shuffle: source wikipedia
1. Have a look on Apple's website: http://www.apple.com/ipod-touch/ Scroll down and you'll notice they mention Music before Games. The layout reveals Apple's interest in emphasizing the iPod Touch as a gateway to the recently launched (free) Apple music service. Having said that, I agree with you that Apple Music isn't that impressive.  2.  Adding Siri to the iPod Shuffle would significantly improve the user experience. Apple could easily increase the price to $79 for a...
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