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  The iPad screen shouldn't be used upright for typing.* It should lay flat at an ergonomic angle. That's why Apple offers the smart cover. It enhances the touch experience of the iPad.(*) The design concept of the smart keyboard cover is flawed. It is putting a touchscreen in upright position at a fixed angle, hence creating the need for a trackpad, because it is indeed too awkward to touch an upright screen with narrow base. I'd recommend you to get the Macbook (Air), it...
Wouldn't it be better to have a dedicated iPad OS that takes advantage of the pencil and magic keyboard?  OSX on iPad would fool people touching their Macbook screens. It is what Microsoft would do.
 The pencil is a great way to differentiate the iPad from the Macbook and iPhone/iPod. The iPad-Pencil combo offers a great canvas and a very natural way of making marks with high precision.
Any hints of making it even smaller, like, something in between 3.5 and 4 inch?
I do not like the current trend to turn the iPad into a Macbook with its floppy subpar keyboard. What's next? A smart keyboard with soft trackpad?     Key is to have a dedicated iPad OS. Something that fills the gap between iOS and OSX. The screen size with touch control and the pencil are great differentiators. The iPad OS should make full use of that.   watch OS iOS for iPod and iPhone iOS for iPad OSX for macs   ADDENDUM: While I am not in favour of the...
I am looking forward to  Watch 2.   They could actually just sell the watch body as most of the first generation buyers already have the watch band(s)?
My mistake: I meant 'smart keyboard cover', not 'smart cover' as you rightfully pointed out.
 The tragedy is that the iPad's smart keyboard cover validates Microsoft's weird vision of hybrid PC/tablets. I sincerely hope people would stop wishing the iPad to be a Macbook. There's a Macbook for that, only a fraction more expensive than an iPad pro with smart keyboard. EDIT: changed 'smart cover' to 'smart keyboard cover'
 Yes, this will be the case once the full iPad line-up is compatible with the  pencil and 3D touch.
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