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Frankly I believe the bubble homescreen is one of the weakest links in the  watch OS. It needs to go in the next iteration. It is of no use.
I am very much looking forward to an auto without a steering wheel, gear shift, pedals and dashboard. Just me, my iPad/iPhone and the  auto. No sarcasm intended.
Both the Air & mini should be compatible with the  pen. I expect them both to get the Force Touch treat. I call this rumour fiddlesticks!
And that is why the User Experience is such a disaster: Apple Music and iTunes are a 'Jack of all trades, master of none'. Concerning the bugs ... I have iTunes 12.12 installed over here. Not exactly a 1.0 product.
Does this mean you get more work estate on the 21.5 inch iMac?   It'd be great if the iMac comes with (1) a Butterfly Keyboard and (2) Force Touch Magic Trackpad. 
 It is related to peripheral vision. Although offering a less immersive experience than the 27 inch iMac, the smaller iMac is gentler to your vision because you have the borders (of the screen) in your view. 23 inch would be the max.  source: wikipedia
Parental Advisory? How's that going to work out with the Family plan?    Ok, on a more serious note:   Dr Dre's Connect is very much about his "Pharmacy" show. There's no mention or behind the scenes look of his upcoming album? This is a missed opportunity to make Connect relevant.  
Well, sometimes I'd like to look away from the screen when I am in a contemplative mood. It helps me to imagine better solutions, quicker. I tried the 27 incher in the Apple store and I really had to move my head in an awkward position to avoid staring in the humongous screen. Not so much with the 21.5 inch display. 
Is there any chance of a 23 inch iMac with retina display?   21.5 inch is a tad too small, 27 inch way too big.
My bet is on the 5CS. Mind you, the A8/M8 chips will put the 5CS firmly in the market for at least two years. Here's two more arguments in favour of the 5CS: No retooling required: The rear shell of the 5CS (see pictures) is very similar to the 5C. Differentiation: the 4 inch 5CS is smaller than the 4.7 inch iPhone 6.  It is a mystery why Apple would abandon this route? Everything is already there. 
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