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Force - horrible name that is - Touch is paving the way for the iPad pro &  pen.
 Good catch! And what a contrast with Macrumors: their discussion thread is seven pages already, without anyone taking notice of the anomaly ...
+ The picture is a turnoff as well. I never take my iPhone in the bedroom.
It is a shame she sold a valid concept - eating non processed whole foods - with a lie.   She ought to seek professional help as her whole life is a web of lies.
Is the glass surface of the trackpad level with the body? The picture suggests it has sunken down a bit, which is bad news as dirt will garner around the borders.
The Macbook has the comfort of a full size tangible keyboard and OSX, which an iPad hasn't. The 12 inch Macbook is more catered to the regular computer user, which covers most of the people (facebook, mail, word, exel, powerpoint and internet). Anandtech wrote a great article about the concept behind the Macbook. 
 Anandtech wrote a compelling article about the new Macbook.  The Macbook is a complete new product category that is a perfect fit for 85% of regular computer users (facebook, internet, pages, numbers and keynote). It is actually a clamshell iPad - hence the colours and one port philosophy - with a keyboard and OSX.  Expect the Macbook to be the industry standard in two years time. 
12 inch is the new 13 inch because of the Retina Display. Same for the 15 inch, it is the new 17 inch.
 Yes, that was strange indeed. They didn't show the Gold video. Which is a shame as it is very beautiful.
 Actually, doesn't it even out? You need to buy an iPad mini AND iPhone, instead of just a 6+. The profits will be fairly similar, if not better: iPhone 6 + iPad mini versus iPhone 6+ only.
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