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 Why don't you make your own version? All you need is an iPhone 6 and a friend with an iPhone 6+. I like Justin's star wars theme. But I am looking forward to your version 
 Its message - which I like - is too much linked to "Dead Poets Society". It could be either perceived as a great tribute to the late Robbie Williams or as a lame attempt of Apple to exploit dead people. I am happy Apple has chosen to focus on a new ad campaign. I like the new ads of Apple. They are witty, simple and informative. It has the potential to go viral on Youtube (when people start making their own versions).
I hope Apple x Bono x Beats do a Pono.   If they are serious about music.   It is all about the sound.   Blow me away Apple.
Requiem for the iPod. It is cruel to witness how Apple is killing its iPods one by one ...   2014 iPod Classic >> iPhone 6 Early 2015 iPod Nano >>  watch Early 2015 iPod Shuffle >>  watch Fall 2015 iPod Touch >> iPhone mini? 2016 The end of the iPod era. Shame, as its click wheel is still a relevant design concept.
 He's talking about the skeuomorphism trend of iOS6 to imitate real world objects to ease people into new experiences by making use of familiar references. It was advocated by Scot Forstall E.g.: a leather bound calendar, a gaming table in felt, a wooden bookcase, etc.In the end it resulted in a lot of bloatware, unnecessary slowing down simple common tasks and thus resulting in a bad user experience. The same applies to the digital crown: It adds complexity because it is...
I am a bit confused with Apple. They have this great "Continuity" technology which lets you have/make phone calls from any Apple device.I thought "Continuity" was going to shrink the size of the iPhone. The idea is that you rarely take your iPhone out of the bag and instead use a bigger (iPod/iPad) screen. It is a win win to Apple. You get the iPhone for Connectivity, iPod/iPad for productivity.Instead Apple launched the iPhone 6+ which offers Connectivity and Productivity...
[concerning the Unrumored Products]   No one seems to talk about the iPod. Yet, it still features prominently in the header of Apple's revamped website. It is very telling that the iPod is positioned in between iTunes and iPad. The iPad is actually a bigger screen iPod Touch:   Are we going to see a bigger screen for the iPod Touch? 5.5 inch does make sense here. With a much needed processor upgrade? And will it get a better camera? Last time the new iPod Touch was...
 I'd combine it with a "clickwheel": direct input = Siricontrol = "clickwheel"discrete input = iPhone The clickwheel is the (outer edge of the) watchface. It is ideal for both left and right handed use.Covering the watchface with your hand could be the home button.
 People back then (2007) were lusting for a widescreen iPod. Apple surprised them by doing the unthinkable. They offered: A phone, a widescreen iPod and an internet communicator.A phone, an iPod and an internet communicator.A phone, an iPod and ... you get it ?Its touch based interface was revolutionary as well. Just like the clickwheel was for the original iPod.What do we have now?A watch that looks like a mini tablet strapped on your wrist. Shame as its interface could...
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