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 Yes, I am not an Apple Insider. I recommend you reading noivad's post. It gives you great background information: 
I'm just wondering:   Could this turn of events relate to Iovine's quote of "backstabbing people" a few weeks ago?   Was he already referring to the pending Monster lawsuit?
 Yes, as Rogifan mentioned before: this is something Apple already got in abundance. And now, it appears Beats does not know how to engineer audio hardware. They asked Monster to do their homework. Seriously, I really cannot see the Three Billion Value here.
Yes, and now Apple has got to pay for their legal affairs as well. It appears Beats didn't engineer their products ... the voguish Beats headphones are actually a lame white-product with a gangsta bass.
Dr Dre and Iovine are shrewd Business Men. Not Innovators. So, I am a bit left in the dark on how they are going to re-imagine iTunes? Selling exclusive content on iTunes won't do.   Back on topic:   Their Beats headphones might be fashionable right now, but it just isn't working for me.   I am finding them ... monstrous.
Well, you could have a subtle haptic poke on your wrist. It's going to make you feel less stressed, like someone tapping your shoulder when you should really leave. It would work for me as I am always running late for meetings.  Intelligent time - and not fitness - is the killing feature in the  watch for me. I am surprised it is not very prominent in Apple's communication. It is a watch, right? Perhaps it is because of iCal that needs to be re-imagined? 
I hope 2015 will be the year that everyone keeps their phone in their bag.   It is just plain annoying when you are talking to someone who is constantly glancing at his phablet. And speaking of phablets, they take up the whole friggin' table space! Very rude.   For that alone, I'd like the  watch to be a huge success: Wearing your digital life on your sleeve is less offensive than putting it on the table.
A colourful iPhone mini is going to look great in tiny - not fully grown - teenage hands.
 That's pretty scary. Who knows what is going on in the Samsung factories? The BBC should take an undercover look ... 
CNET reports that Apple will cease production of the 5C in mid 2015. It looks like Apple is planning to already phase out the 32bit architecture.Also, the current 5C doesn't have Touch id and  pay. It would make sense to design a new small iPhone from the ground up.
New Posts  All Forums: