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I am having troubles watching some of the youtube videos in Safari. The video never plays or attempts to play. Ultimately it is asking me to force reload the other open pages. I am now watching youtube videos on Firefox. No problems there. Yes I am using the latest Apple's operating system and I am doing regular updates.
I don't understand. Jonathan Ive & his team are doing a great job. Why having a big ego like STARK ruin the Apple aesthetic? There's no need for a marketing gimmick.
It is not the weak that die out, but those who are unable to adapt. This is a common misunderstanding of Darwin's theory.
Here's an idea for Microsoft: They should call their phone Microphone! Concerning Apple: I realize that the 4Steve phone is the iPhone 5. 1. iPhone 1 2. iPhone 3G 3. iPhone 3GS 4. iPhone 4 5. iPhone 4S { at present } … 6. iPhone 5 7. iPhone 5S etc. …
Steve Jobs Reality Distortion Field is needed right now …
Dark "green blue" would be my Dream colour
I am mystified why Apple isn't offering a great camera with their iPod Touch. It feels like Apple is not confident that the addition of a phone to the iPhone is not a big enough differentiator?
I wonder how the iPod Classic fits in the Post PC era? You still need a computer to activate your iPod?!
Yes, you're right. I can indeed but I am not sure what they mean with … "still photos (960 by 720) with back camera" How many megapixels is that? It clearly is not in the same league as the iPhone 4Gs?
How come you cannot take pictures with the iPod Touch
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