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We're all waiting for the 15" macbook air, aren't we?!
It's not the body, but the white face I am talking about. It's a blatant copy from Nokia's Lumia.
Compare the iPhone 5 to the new iPod Touch. It's tool (read: no magic crossover between the visual arts & technology) versus lifestyle. The Touch looks very inviting with rounded edges, like the original iPhone.   The nano is a different story. It looks like it has been designed by Apple's marketing department: "… youngsters, kids blablabla [spreadsheet] … colors blablabla [trendbook] … Nokia blablabla, et cetera et cetera." I am surprised they didn't rebrand the...
The (design of the) new iPod touch is brilliant.   The iPhone looks like a tool.   The iPod Lumia looks like a rip off. Both the interface & the hardware look uninspired. Good enough for Nokia, but below the Apple Design standard. Jony Ive can do better. Let's forget this version of the nano.
Andysol, mark my words because I think the new iPod touch is going to be a game changer! Yep, that's right. A game changer. Not the over-hyped iPhone 5 or iPad mini, but the iPod touch will change the entire industry of point-and shoot camera's.   At first I thought the iPod Touch was looking a bit juvenile. But its design has grown on me. I pre-ordered the silver/white one. It's way more beautiful than the iPhone and also way more cheaper if you compare it to a 32GB...
Here's hoping Apple replaces the OSX iPhoto Camera icon with the much sunnier iOS iPhoto Sunflower icon %u2026
I am Sorry Jonathan Ive: The iPod Lumia is a rip off. The iPod Touch looks juvenile. The iPhone looks like a tool. There's no magic crossover between the visual arts
I'd be happy if Apple calls it "the iPhone". Just like "the iPad". I've had enough of this iPhone "5" nonsense …
I hope they just call it "iPhone", like they did with the "iPad" name.
I am having troubles watching some of the youtube videos in Safari. The video never plays or attempts to play. Ultimately it is asking me to force reload the other open pages. I am now watching youtube videos on Firefox. No problems there. Yes I am using the latest Apple's operating system and I am doing regular updates.
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